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Thinking Through the Environment, Unsettling the Humanities

Author(s): Deborah Rose | Thom van Dooren | Matthew Chrulew | Stuart Cooke | Matthew Kearnes | Emily O'Gorman
The safe insertion of peripheral intravenous catheters: a mixed methods descriptive study of the availability of the equipment needed

Author(s): Franklin Bryony | Deelchand Vashist | Cooke Matthew | Holmes Alison | Vincent Charles
The effect of real-time CPR feedback and post event debriefing on patient and processes focused outcomes: A cohort study: trial protocol

Author(s): Perkins Gavin | Davies Robin | Quinton Sarah | Woolley Sarah | Gao Fang | Abella Ben | Stallard Nigel | Cooke Matthew
The Beta Agonist Lung Injury TrIal (BALTI) - prevention trial protocol

Author(s): Perkins Gavin | Park Daniel | Alderson Derek | Cooke Matthew | Gao Fang | Gates Simon | Lamb Sarah | Mistry Dipesh | Thickett David
Whey protein isolate attenuates strength decline after eccentrically-induced muscle damage in healthy individuals

Author(s): Cooke Matthew | Rybalka Emma | Stathis Christos | Cribb Paul | Hayes Alan
Effects of Beta-Alanine on Muscle Carnosine and Exercise Performance: A Review of the Current Literature

Author(s): Julie Y. Culbertson | Richard B. Kreider | Mike Greenwood | Matthew Cooke
Creatine supplementation enhances muscle force recovery after eccentrically-induced muscle damage in healthy individuals

Author(s): Cooke Matthew | Rybalka Emma | Williams Andrew | Cribb Paul | Hayes Alan
A national survey of services for the prevention and management of falls in the UK

Author(s): Lamb Sarah | Fisher Joanne | Gates Simon | Potter Rachel | Cooke Matthew | Carter Yvonne
The effects of prophylactic protease supplementation on markers of muscle damage prior to and following intense eccentric exercise: preliminary findings

Author(s): Buford Thomas | Cooke Matthew | Hudson Geoffrey | Shelmadine Brian | Redd Liz | Curts Cecelia | Walker Breanne | Vela Faryn | Willoughby Darryn
Effects of acute and 14-day coenzyme Q10 supplementation on exercise performance in both trained and untrained individuals

Author(s): Cooke Matthew | Iosia Mike | Buford Thomas | Shelmadine Brian | Hudson Geoffrey | Kerksick Chad | Rasmussen Christopher | Greenwood Mike | Leutholtz Brian | Willoughby Darryn | Kreider Richard
Effects of arachidonic acid supplementation on training adaptations in resistance-trained males

Author(s): Roberts Michael | Iosia Mike | Kerksick Chad | Taylor Lem | Campbell Bill | Wilborn Colin | Harvey Travis | Cooke Matthew | Rasmussen Chris | Greenwood Mike | Wilson Ronald | Jitomir Jean | Willoughby Darryn | Kreider Richard
Managing Injuries of the Neck Trial (MINT): design of a randomised controlled trial of treatments for whiplash associated disorders

Author(s): Lamb Sarah | Gates Simon | Underwood Martin | Cooke Matthew | Ashby Deborah | Szczepura Ala | Williams Mark | Williamson Esther | Withers Emma | Mt Isa Shahrul | Gumber Anil
A coding polymorphism in matrix metalloproteinase 9 reduces risk of scarring sequelae of ocular Chlamydia trachomatis infection

Author(s): Natividad Angels | Cooke Graham | Holland Martin | Burton Matthew | Joof Hassan | Rockett Kirk | Kwiatkowski Dominic | Mabey David | Bailey Robin
Preface Volume 3, No 2, 2005

Author(s): Stapleton, Andrew | Cooke, Matthew
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