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Evaluation of Selenite Effects on Selenoproteins and Cytokinome in Human Hepatoma Cell Lines

Author(s): Fabiola Rusolo | Biagio Pucci | Giovanni Colonna | Francesca Capone | Eliana Guerriero | Maria Rita Milone | Melissa Nazzaro | Maria Grazia Volpe | Gianni Di Bernardo | Giuseppe Castello | Susan Costantini
CytReD: A database collecting human cytokinome information

Author(s): Marco Miele | Ankush Sharma | Francesca Capone | Raffaele Raucci | Eliana Guerriero | Giovanni Colonna2 | Giuseppe Castello | Michele Di Stasio | Susan Costantini
Human Cytokinome: a new challenge for systems biology

Author(s): Susan Costantini | Giuseppe Castello | Giovanni Colonna
CytokineDB: a database collecting biological information

Author(s): Susan Costantini | Francesca Capone | Eliana Guerriero | Giuseppe Castello | Marco Miele | Giovanni Colonna | Maria Napolitano
Effects of Lipoic Acid, Caffeic Acid and a Synthesized Lipoyl-Caffeic Conjugate on Human Hepatoma Cell Lines

Author(s): Eliana Guerriero | Angela Sorice | Francesca Capone | Susan Costantini | Pasquale Palladino | Marco D'ischia | Giuseppe Castello
On new challenge for the Bioinformatics

Author(s): Susan Costantini | Ida Autiero | Giovanni Colonna
ESBRI: A web server for evaluating salt bridges in proteins

Author(s): Susan Costantini | Giovanni Colonna | Angelo M. Facchiano
CALCOM: A software for calculating the center of mass of proteins

Author(s): Susan Costantini | Antonella Paladino | Angelo M. Facchiano
Evaluation of the structural quality of modeled proteins by using globularity criteria

Author(s): Costantini Susan | Facchiano Angelo | Colonna Giovanni
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