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Effect of deuterium depleted water and pi water about in vitro germination of mature caryopses of some species

Author(s): Adriana PETRUŞ-VANCEA | Cristian-Felix BLIDAR | Iuliu LADÁNYI
Research on the growth intensity of the Zea mays L. plantlets aerial parts under cadmium treatment

Author(s): Lucia MIHALESCU | Oana-Elena MARE-ROŞCA | Monica MARIAN | Cristian-Felix BLIDAR
Taxonomic spectrum of macroinvertebrate communities in Săsar River (NW Romania)

Author(s): Oana-Elena MARE ROŞCA | Lucia MIHALESCU | Monica MARIAN | Cristian-Felix BLIDAR
The reactivity of Cymbidium hybridum protocorm-like bodys vitrocultivated in liquid medium, depleted in microelements

Author(s): Cristian-Felix BLIDAR | Gheorghe-Emil BANDICI | Ildikó SZABÓ | Felicia CODOBAN-SCHIOP | Nicoleta GROZA-GANEA
The antimicrobial activity of the Cnicus benedictus L. extracts

Author(s): Ildiko SZABO | Annamaria PALLAG | Cristian-Felix BLIDAR
Research on the water quality of the Sasar River (NW Romania) using the normalized global biologic index (NGBI)

Author(s): Oana-Elena MARE-ROSCA | Lucia MIHALESCU | Monica MARIAN | Cristian-Felix BLIDAR
The influence of cytokinine on the nitrogen deficiency of corn seedlings

Author(s): Lucia MIHALESCU | Monica MARIAN | Oana-Elena MARE-ROSCA | Cristian-Felix BLIDAR
Influence of cadmium on the respiration intensity of Zea mays seedlings

Author(s): Lucia MIHALESCU | Oana-Elena MARE-ROSCA | Monica MARIAN | Cristian-Felix BLIDAR
In vitro reactivity of Cymbidium hybridum L. protocorms, on bistratified culture media, using various supernatant sucroses solution

Author(s): Cristian-Felix BLIDAR | Gheorghe-Emil BANDICI | Ildiko SZABO | Lucia MIHALESCU | Oana-Elena MARE-ROSCA
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