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Oxygen Selective Membranes for Li-Air (O2) Batteries

Author(s): Owen Crowther | Mark Salomon
Generic Modelling of Faecal Indicator Organism Concentrations in the UK

Author(s): John Crowther | Danyel I. Hampson | Ian J. Bateman | David Kay | Paulette E. Posen | Carl M. Stapleton | Mark D. Wyer
Conservative management versus open reduction and internal fixation for mid-shaft clavicle fractures in adults - The Clavicle Trial: study protocol for a multicentre randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Longo Umile | Banerjee Sughran | Barber Julie | Chambler Andrew | Cobiella Carlos | Corbett Steven | Crowther Mark | Drew Steven | Francis Andrea | Lee Marcus | Garlick Nicholas | Packham Iain | Pearse Yemi | Richards Andrew | Roberts Chris | Tennent Duncan | Tims Emily | Ahrens Philip
A team-based approach to warfarin management in long term care: A feasibility study of the MEDeINR electronic decision support system

Author(s): Papaioannou Alexandra | Kennedy Courtney | Campbell Glenda | Stroud Jacqueline | Wang Luqi | Dolovich Lisa | Crowther Mark
Beware of glenoid dysplasia mimicking bone trauma in the injured shoulder

Author(s): Seagger Robin | Loveridge Jeremy | Crowther Mark
Quality of anticoagulation and use of warfarin-interacting medications in long-term care: A chart review

Author(s): Verhovsek Madeleine | Motlagh Bahareh | Crowther Mark | Kennedy Courtney | Dolovich Lisa | Campbell Glenda | Wang Luqi | Papaioannou Alexandra
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