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Submonolayer Quantum Dots for High Speed Surface Emitting Lasers

Author(s): Ledentsov NN | Bimberg D | Hopfer F | Mutig A | Shchukin VA | Savel’ev AV | Fiol G | Stock E | Eisele H | Dähne M | Gerthsen D | Fischer U | Litvinov D | Rosenauer A | Mikhrin SS | Kovsh AR | Zakharov ND | Werner P
Influence of the Vehicle on the Penetration of Particles into Hair Follicles

Author(s): Alexa Patzelt | Heike Richter | Lars Dähne | Peter Walden | Karl-Heinz Wiesmüller | Ute Wank | Wolfram Sterry | Jürgen Lademann
Prevention of H-Aggregates Formation in Cy5 Labeled Macromolecules

Author(s): Jing Kang | Oliver Kaczmarek | Jürgen Liebscher | Lars Dähne
System Architecture of a Mixed Reality Framework

Author(s): Helmut Seibert | Patrick Dähne

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