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Author(s): Kaur Inderpreet | Arunmozhi R | Arfath Umer, Department of Physiotherapy, Sardar Bhagwan Singh Post Graduate Institute of Biomedical Sciences and Research, Balawala, Dehradun, India.
Marginal Lands: Concept, Assessment and Management

Author(s): Shujiang kang | Wilfred M. Post | Jeff A. Nichols | Dali Wang | Tristram O. West | Varaprasad Bandaru | Roberto C. Izaurralde
The role of phosphorus dynamics in tropical forests – a modeling study using CLM-CNP

Author(s): X. Yang | P. E. Thornton | D. M. Ricciuto | W. M. Post
Detection of Onchocerca volvulus (Nematoda: Onchocercidae) infection in vectors from Amazonian Brazil following mass Mectizan™ distribution

Author(s): Verônica Marchon-Silva | Julien Charles Caër | Rory James Post | Marilza Maia-Herzog | Octavio Fernandes
A discriminated conditioned punishment model of phobia

Author(s): Bloom CM | Post RJ | Mazick J | Blumenthal B | Doyle C | Peters B | Dyche J | Davenport DG
Design of Attitude Control Systems for CubeSat-Class Nanosatellite

Author(s): Junquan Li | Mark Post | Thomas Wright | Regina Lee
The Unified North American Soil Map and its implication on the soil organic carbon stock in North America

Author(s): S. Liu | Y. Wei | W. M. Post | R. B. Cook | K. Schaefer | M. M. Thornton
Evaluation of CLM4 Solar Radiation Partitioning Scheme Using Remote Sensing and Site Level FPAR Datasets

Author(s): Kai Wang | Jiafu Mao | Robert E. Dickinson | Xiaoying Shi | Wilfred M. Post | Zaichun Zhu | Ranga B. Myneni
Behavioral assessment of visual deficits in the taiep mutant

Author(s): Bloom CM | Post RJ | Anch AM | Davenport DG
Odd Fish Finish First

Author(s): Karen Post
Recognition of human faces through genetic algorithm

Author(s): B. Alencar de Arruda | G. Arantes Carrijo | G. Post Sabin
Endothelial cell senescence is associated with disrupted cell-cell junctions and increased monolayer permeability

Author(s): Krouwer Vincent J D | Hekking Liesbeth H P | Langelaar-Makkinje Miriam | Regan-Klapisz Elsa | Post Jan
Familial gastric cancer: detection of a hereditary cause helps to understand its etiology

Author(s): Vogelaar Ingrid P | van der Post Rachel S | Bisseling Tanya M | van Krieken J Han JM | Ligtenberg Marjolijn JL | Hoogerbrugge Nicoline
Prevalence and factors associated with severe vitamin D deficiency in HIV/hepatitis C co-infected patients

Author(s): Surah S | Samarawickrama A | Campbell L | Kulasegaram R | Post F | Fisher M | Peters B | Fox J
High rates of viral suppression in HIV/TB patients treated with NNRTI-based antiretroviral therapy

Author(s): Campbell LJ | Samarawickrama A | Bailey AC | Hamlyn E | Ashby J | Winston A | Post FA
O412 Factors associated with poor clinical outcome among HIV-infected patients with tuberculosis (TB) in Europe and Argentina. The HIV/TB collaborative study

Author(s): Podlekareva D | Mocroft A | Post FA | Riekstina V | Miro JM | Furrer H | Bruyand M | Panteleev A | Girardi E | Toibaro JJ | Caylá J | Miller R | Obel N | Skrahin A | Malashenkov E | Lundgren JD | Kirk O
The distribution of soil phosphorus for global biogeochemical modeling

Author(s): X. Yang | W. M. Post | P. E. Thornton | A. Jain
The Unified North American Soil Map and its implication on the soil organic carbon stock in North America

Author(s): S. Liu | Y. Wei | W. M. Post | R. B. Cook | K. Schaefer | M. M. Thornton
Causes of variation in soil carbon predictions from CMIP5 Earth system models and comparison with observations

Author(s): K. E. O. Todd-Brown | J. T. Randerson | W. M. Post | F. M. Hoffman | C. Tarnocai | E. A. G. Schuur | S. D. Allison
Recovery of eGFR in patients who develop renal complications on tenofovir

Author(s): Jose S | Hamzah L | Campbell L | Sabin C | Post F
Left Atrial Appendage Closure for Stroke Prevention in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation and Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia

Author(s): Sebastiaan Velthuis | Martin J. Swaans | Johannes J. Mager | Benno J. W. M. Rensing | Lucas V. A. Boersma | Martijn C. Post
High-resolution projections of surface water availability for Tasmania, Australia

Author(s): J. C. Bennett | F. L. N. Ling | D. A. Post | M. R. Grose | S. P. Corney | B. Graham | G. K. Holz | J. J. Katzfey | N. L. Bindoff
Nanomaterials for the Local and Targeted Delivery of Osteoarthritis Drugs

Author(s): Parthiban Chinnagounder Periyasamy | Jeroen C. H. Leijten | Pieter J. Dijkstra | Marcel Karperien | Janine N. Post
Geospatial Analysis Application to Forecast Wildfire Occurrences in South Carolina

Author(s): Joel A. Feltman | Thomas J. Straka | Christopher J. Post | Stephen L. Sperry
High-resolution projections of surface water availability for Tasmania, Australia

Author(s): J. C. Bennett | F. L. N. Ling | D. A. Post | M. R. Grose | S. C. Corney | B. Graham | G. K. Holz | J. J. Katzfey | N. L. Bindoff
The rediscovery of the ‘French Blue’ diamond

Author(s): Farges François | Vinson John | Rehr John J. | Post Jeffrey E.
Role of lipoxygenase products in the effects of angiotensin II in the isolated aorta and perfused heart of the rat

Author(s): J. P. M. Dam | E. van den Worm | W. Vleeming | M. J. Post | A. J. Porsius | J. Wemer
Cyclic-AMP mediated drugs: differential or global reduction of eicosanoid synthesis in the isolated rat lung?

Author(s): Mark J. Post | Jan Dirk te Biesebeek | Johan Wemer | Hans H. van Rooij | Freek J. Zijlstra | Arijan J. Porsius
Labour and Neonatal Outcome in Small for Gestational Age Babies Delivered Beyond 36+0 Weeks: A Retrospective Cohort Study

Author(s): K. E. Boers | J. A. M. van der Post | Ben W. J. Mol | J. M. M. van Lith | S. A. Scherjon
The Metabolic Syndrome and Biochemical Recurrence following Radical Prostatectomy

Author(s): Jennifer M. Post | Jennifer L. Beebe-Dimmer | Hal Morgenstern | Christine Neslund-Dudas | Cathryn H. Bock | Nora Nock | Andrew Rundle | Michelle Jankowski | Benjamin A. Rybicki
Stress Induced Effects for Advanced Polarization Control in Silicon Photonics Components

Author(s): D.-X. Xu | W. N. Ye | S. Janz | A. Delâge | P. Cheben | B. Lamontagne | E. Post | P. Waldron
Subwavelength Grating Structures in Silicon-on-Insulator Waveguides

Author(s): J. H. Schmid | P. Cheben | S. Janz | J. Lapointe | E. Post | A. Delâge | A. Densmore | B. Lamontagne | P. Waldron | D.-X. Xu
Endoscopic ultrasound in the pre-therapeutic staging of gastroesophageal adenocarcinoma: the diagnostic value in defining patients eligible for a neoadjuvant chemotherapy regimen

Author(s): Wilko Staiger | Ulrich Ronellenfitsch | Ralf-Dieter Hofheinz | Philipp Ströbel | Miriam Hahn | Stefan Post | Peter Collet | Georg Kähler | Matthias Schwarzbach
Book Reviews

Author(s): Rogier Busser | Peter Post | H.J.M. Claessen | Arne Aleksej Perminow | Aone van Engelenhoven | René van den Berg | Will Derks | Wolfgang Marschall | Michael Kaden | Krishna Sen | Nico Kaptein | Mona Abaza | P. Keppy | Chris Manning | Anke Niehof | Jan-Paul Dirkse | Hetty Nooy-Palm | Michale C. Howard | Harry A. Poeze | Hans van Miert | Ger P. Reesink | Verena Keck | Ger P. Reesink | Jürg Wassmann | K. Tauchmann | Reimar Schefold | Reinout Vos | Barbara Watson Andaya
Book Reviews

Author(s): M.A. van Bakel | A. Ysebaert-Deen | Gerard J. van den Broek | Georges Condominas | H.J.M. Claessen | Adam Kuper | H.J. Duller | Jeroen H. Dekker | M. Hekker | J. van Baal | Fokko P.C. Kool | Dick A. Papousek | Adrianus Koster | L.D. Meijers | Peter J.M. Nas | I. Box | S.A. Niessen | Toos van Dijk | Cees L. Post | Jacques Le Goff | N.E. Sjoman | Wim van der Meer | Pieter van de Velde | Fritjof Tichelman | Torben Anders Vestergaard | Jonathan Wylie

Author(s): Peter Post | Elly Touwen-Bouwsma
Expression of Transketolase like gene 1 (TKTL1) predicts disease-free survival in patients with locally advanced rectal cancer receiving neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy

Author(s): Schwaab Juliana | Horisberger Karoline | Ströbel Philipp | Bohn Beatrice | Gencer Deniz | Kähler Georg | Kienle Peter | Post Stefan | Wenz Frederik | Hofmann Wolf-Karsten | Hofheinz Ralf-Dieter | Erben Philipp
Comparative supragenomic analyses among the pathogens Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus pneumoniae, and Haemophilus influenzae Using a modification of the finite supragenome model

Author(s): Boissy Robert | Ahmed Azad | Janto Benjamin | Earl Josh | Hall Barry | Hogg Justin | Pusch Gordon | Hiller Luisa | Powell Evan | Hayes Jay | Yu Susan | Kathju Sandeep | Stoodley Paul | Post J Christopher | Ehrlich Garth | Hu Fen
Effects of aerobic exercise therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy on functioning and quality of life in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: protocol of the FACTS-2-ALS trial

Author(s): van Groenestijn Annerieke | van de Port Ingrid | Schröder Carin | Post Marcel | Grupstra Hepke | Kruitwagen Esther | van der Linde Harmen | van Vliet Reinout | van de Weerd Margreet | van den Berg Leonard | Lindeman Eline
Distributional Benefit Analysis of a National Air Quality Rule

Author(s): Ellen S. Post | Anna Belova | Jin Huang
Two-Variable Wilson Polynomials and the Generic Superintegrable System on the 3-Sphere

Author(s): Ernie G. Kalnins | Willard Miller Jr. | Sarah Post
Driver Rostering for Bus Transit Companies

Author(s): K. Nurmi | J. Kyngas | G. Post
The South Carolina Digital Watershed: End-to-End Support for Real-Time Management of Water Resources

Author(s): G. W. Eidson | S. T. Esswein | J. B. Gemmill | J. O. Hallstrom | T. R. Howard | J. K. Lawrence | C. J. Post | C. B. Sawyer | K.-C. Wang | D. L. White
A State Machine Sensor Network for Ephemeral Stream Detection

Author(s): Michael A. Murphy | Christopher J. Post
Home: The place the older adult can not imagine living without

Author(s): Gillsjö Catharina | Schwartz-Barcott Donna | von Post Iréne
Staff Scheduling for Bus Transit Companies

Author(s): K. Nurmi | J. Kyngas | G. Post
Generating tsunami risk knowledge at community level as a base for planning and implementation of risk reduction strategies

Author(s): S. Wegscheider | J. Post | K. Zosseder | M. Mück | G. Strunz | T. Riedlinger | A. Muhari | H. Z. Anwar
Tsunami risk assessment in Indonesia

Author(s): G. Strunz | J. Post | K. Zosseder | S. Wegscheider | M. Mück | T. Riedlinger | H. Mehl | S. Dech | J. Birkmann | N. Gebert | H. Harjono | H. Z. Anwar | Sumaryono | R. M. Khomarudin | A. Muhari
A multidisciplinary cognitive behavioural programme for coping with chronic neuropathic pain following spinal cord injury: the protocol of the CONECSI trial

Author(s): Heutink Matagne | Post Marcel | Luthart Peter | Pfennings Lilian | Dijkstra Catja | Lindeman Eline
Multiple displacement amplification as an adjunct to PCR-based detection of Staphylococcus aureus in synovial fluid

Author(s): Kathju Sandeep | Lasken Roger | Satish Latha | Johnson Sandra | Stoodley Paul | Post J Christopher | Ehrlich Garth
Cost-effectiveness of recurrence risk guided care versus care as usual in women who suffered from early-onset preeclampsia including HELLP syndrome in their previous pregnancy (the PreCare study)

Author(s): Delahaije Denise | van Kuijk Sander | Dirksen Carmen | Sep Simone | Peeters Louis | Spaanderman Marc | Bruinse Hein | de Wit-Zuurendonk Laura | van der Post Joris | Duvekot Johannes | van Eyck Jim | van Pampus Mariëlle | van der Hoeven Mark | Smits Luc
An economic appraisal of the Australian Medical Sheepskin for the prevention of sacral pressure ulcers from a nursing home perspective

Author(s): Mistiaen Patriek | Ament Andre | Francke Anneke | Achterberg Wilco | Halfens Ruud | Huizinga Janneke | Post Henri
10-Year cardiovascular event risks for women who experienced hypertensive disorders in late pregnancy: the HyRAS study

Author(s): Hermes Wietske | Franx Arie | van Pampus Maria | Bloemenkamp Kitty | van der Post Joris | Porath Martina | Ponjee Gabrielle | Tamsma Jouke | Mol Ben | de Groot Christianne
Implementation of the external cephalic version in breech delivery. Dutch national implementation study of external cephalic version

Author(s): Vlemmix Floortje | Rosman Ageeth | Fleuren Margot | Rijnders Marlies | Beuckens Antje | Haak Monique | Akerboom Bettina | Bais Joke | Kuppens Simone | Papatsonis Dimitri | Opmeer Brent | van der Post Joris | Mol Ben Willem | Kok Marjolein
Transmural care in the rehabilitation sector: implementation experiences with a transmural care model for people with spinal cord injury

Author(s): J.H.A. Bloemen-Vrencken | L.P. de Witte | J.P.G.M. Engels | W.J.A. van den Heuvel | M.W.M. Post
Organizational factors and depression management in community-based primary care settings

Author(s): Post Edward | Kilbourne Amy | Bremer Robert | Solano Francis | Pincus Harold | Reynolds Charles
Assessment of perinatal outcome after sustained tocolysis in early labour (APOSTEL-II trial)

Author(s): Roos Carolien | Scheepers Liesbeth | Bloemenkamp Kitty | Bolte Annemiek | Cornette Jerome | Derks Jan | Duvekot Hans | van Eyck Jim | Kok Joke | Kwee Anneke | Merién Ashley | Opmeer Brent | van Pampus Mariëlle | Papatsonis Dimitri | Porath Martina | van der Post Joris | Scherjon Sicco | Sollie Krystyne | Spaanderman Marc | Vijgen Sylvia | Willekes Christine | Mol Ben | Lotgering Fred
Pessaries in multiple pregnancy as a prevention of preterm birth: the ProTwin Trial

Author(s): Hegeman Maud | Bekedam Dick | Bloemenkamp Kitty | Kwee Anneke | Papatsonis Dimitri | van der Post Joris | Lim Arianne | Scheepers Hubertina | Willekes Christine | Duvekot Johannes | Spaanderman Marc | Porath Martina | van Eyck Jim | Haak Monique | van Pampus Marielle | Bruinse Hein | Mol Ben Willem
Cost-effectiveness of fibronectin testing in a triage in women with threatened preterm labor: alleviation of pregnancy outcome by suspending tocolysis in early labor (APOSTEL-I trial)

Author(s): Vis Jolande | Wilms Femke | Oudijk Martijn | Porath Martina | Scheepers Hubertina | Bloemenkamp Kitty | Bolte Annemiek | Cornette Jérôme | Derks Jan | Duvekot Johannes | van Eyck Jim | Kwee Anneke | Opmeer Brent | van Pampus Maria | Lotgering Fred | Scherjon Sicco | Sollie Krystyna | Spaanderman Marc | Willekes Christine | van der Post Joris | Mol Ben
Assessment of human immediate response capability related to tsunami threats in Indonesia at a sub-national scale

Author(s): J. Post | S. Wegscheider | M. Mück | K. Zosseder | R. Kiefl | T. Steinmetz | G. Strunz
A conceptual vulnerability and risk framework as outline to identify capabilities of remote sensing

Author(s): H. Taubenböck | J. Post | A. Roth | K. Zosseder | G. Strunz | S. Dech
Circulating CD34+ Cell Count is Associated with Extent of Subclinical Atherosclerosis in Asymptomatic Amish Men, Independent of 10-Year Framingham Risk

Author(s): Lawrence F. Bielak | Richard B. Horenstein | Kathleen A. Ryan | Patrick F. Sheedy, II | John A. Rumberger | Keith Tanner | Wendy Post | Braxton D. Mitchell | Alan R. Shuldiner | Patricia A. Peyser
Predictors of subclinical diastolic dysfunction measured by MRI: multi-ethnic study of atherosclerosis (MESA)

Author(s): Qadir Sadia | Post Wendy | Hundley Gregory | Pearson Gregory | Sinha Shantanu | Lima Joao | Bluemke David
Structure Theory for Second Order 2D Superintegrable Systems with 1-Parameter Potentials

Author(s): Ernest G. Kalnins | Jonathan M. Kress | Willard Miller Jr. | Sarah Post
Characterization of biofilm matrix, degradation by DNase treatment and evidence of capsule downregulation in Streptococcus pneumoniae clinical isolates

Author(s): Hall-Stoodley Luanne | Nistico Laura | Sambanthamoorthy Karthik | Dice Bethany | Nguyen Duc | Mershon William | Johnson Candice | Ze Hu Fen | Stoodley Paul | Ehrlich Garth | Post J Christopher
Serum screening with Down's syndrome markers to predict pre-eclampsia and small for gestational age: Systematic review and meta-analysis

Author(s): Morris Rachel | Cnossen Jeltsje | Langejans Marloes | Robson Stephen | Kleijnen Jos | ter Riet Gerben | Mol Ben | van der Post Joris | Khan Khalid
Subwavelength Grating Structures in Silicon-on-Insulator Waveguides

Author(s): J. H. Schmid | P. Cheben | S. Janz | J. Lapointe | E. Post | A. Delâge | A. Densmore | B. Lamontagne | P. Waldron | D.-X. Xu
Stress Induced Effects for Advanced Polarization Control in Silicon Photonics Components

Author(s): D.-X. Xu | W. N. Ye | S. Janz | A. Delâge | P. Cheben | B. Lamontagne | E. Post | P. Waldron
High genetic diversity among Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex strains from Sierra Leone

Author(s): Homolka Susanne | Post Erik | Oberhauser Barbara | George Abu | Westman Lars | Dafae Foday | Rüsch-Gerdes Sabine | Niemann Stefan
The Amsterdam Studies of Acute Psychiatry I (ASAP-I); A prospective cohort study of determinants and outcome of coercive versus voluntary treatment interventions in a metropolitan area

Author(s): van der Post Louk | Schoevers Robert | Koppelmans Vincent | Visch Irene | Bernardt Clemens | Mulder Niels | Beekman Aartjan | de Haan Lieuwe | Dekker Jack
Identification of differentially expressed genes in fibroblasts derived from patients with Dupuytren's Contracture

Author(s): Satish Latha | LaFramboise William | O'Gorman David | Johnson Sandra | Janto Benjamin | Gan Bing | Baratz Mark | Hu Fen | Post J Christopher | Ehrlich Garth | Kathju Sandeep
Models for Quadratic Algebras Associated with Second Order Superintegrable Systems in 2D

Author(s): Ernest G. Kalnins | Willard Miller Jr. | Sarah Post

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