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Mensuração da rentabilidade do crédito comercial: aplicação em um caso atacadista-distribuidor

Author(s): Dany Rogers Silva | Karem Cristina de Sousa Ribeiro | Hsia Hua Sheng
Compatibility of Isaria fumosorosea (Hypocreales: Cordycipitaceae) Blastospores with Agricultural Chemicals Used for Management of the Asian Citrus Psyllid, Diaphorina citri (Hemiptera: Liviidae)

Author(s): Pasco B. Avery | David A. Pick | Luis F. Aristizábal | James Kerrigan | Charles A. Powell | Michael E. Rogers | Steven P. Arthurs
Fostering Complexity Thinking in Action Research for Change in Social–Ecological Systems

Author(s): Kevin H. Rogers | Rebecca Luton | Harry Biggs | Reinette (Oonsie) Biggs | Sonja Blignaut | Aiden G. Choles | Carolyn G. Palmer | Pius Tangwe

Author(s): Nobuo Takeshima | Mohammod M. Islam | Michael E. Rogers | Nicole L. Rogers | Naoko Sengoku | Daisuke Koizumi | Yukiko Kitabayashi | Aiko Imai | Aiko Naruse
Cloud-scale ice supersaturated regions spatially correlate with high water vapor heterogeneities

Author(s): M. Diao | M. A. Zondlo | A. J. Heymsfield | L. M. Avallone | M. E. Paige | S. P. Beaton | T. Campos | D. C. Rogers
Valuing ecological resources through stakeholder participation

Author(s): George O. Rogers | Eric K. Bardenhagen
BMP signaling in mesenchymal stem cell differentiation and bone formation

Author(s): Maureen Beederman | Joseph D. Lamplot | Guoxin Nan | Jinhua Wang | Xing Liu | Liangjun Yin | Ruidong Li | Wei Shui | Hongyu Zhang | Stephanie H. Kim | Wenwen Zhang | Jiye Zhang | Yuhan Kong | Sahitya Denduluri | Mary Rose Rogers | Abdullah Pratt | Rex C. Haydon | Hue H. Luu | Jovito Angeles | Lewis L. Shi | Tong-Chuan He

Author(s): W. Patrick Carney | Arbain Joesoef | Virgil Rogers | N. Tibuludji | I. Gede Seputhra | Hoedojo Hoedojo
The City: Grazing Lands for Our Schools

Author(s): Eulalia Bosch translated by James Rogers
Social Capital and Walkability as Social Aspects of Sustainability

Author(s): Shannon H. Rogers | Kevin H. Gardner | Cynthia H. Carlson
Overcoming maladaptive plasticity through plastic compensation

Author(s): Matthew R.J. MORRIS, Sean M. ROGERS
Contribution of toll-like receptor signaling pathways to breast tumorigenesis and treatment

Author(s): Kidd LR | Rogers EN | Yeyeodu ST | Jones DZ | Kimbro KS
Does Playground Improvement Increase Physical Activity among Children? A Quasi-Experimental Study of a Natural Experiment

Author(s): Erika E. Bohn-Goldbaum | Philayrath Phongsavan | Dafna Merom | Kris Rogers | Venugopal Kamalesh | Adrian E. Bauman
Comparison of mixed layer heights from airborne high spectral resolution lidar, ground-based measurements, and the WRF-Chem model during CalNex and CARES

Author(s): A. J. Scarino | M. D. Obland | J. D. Fast | S. P. Burton | R. A. Ferrare | C. A. Hostetler | L. K. Berg | B. Lefer | C. Haman | J. W. Hair | R. R. Rogers | C. Butler | A. L. Cook | D. B. Harper
Aerosol classification from airborne HSRL and comparisons with the CALIPSO vertical feature mask

Author(s): S. P. Burton | R. A. Ferrare | M. A. Vaughan | A. H. Omar | R. R. Rogers | C. A. Hostetler | J. W. Hair
Redesigning an intensive insulin service for patients with type 1 diabetes: a patient consultation exercise

Author(s): Ozcan S | Rogers H | Choudhary P | Amiel SA | Cox A | Forbes A
A retrospective study: osteoporosis and hormone replacement therapy

Author(s): H. June Kuczynski | Mary L. Rogers
Descriptive epidemiology of African horse sickness in Zimbabwe

Author(s): Stuart Gordon | Charlotte Bolwell | Chris Rogers | Alan Guthrie | Forgivemore Magunda | Petronella Hove
Art of Judgement

Author(s): Nicole Rogers | Greta Bird
Guest Editorial: Gait coordination protocol for recovery of coordinated gait, function, and quality of life following stroke

Author(s): Janis J. Daly, PhD, MS | Jessica P. McCabe, MPT | Jennifer Gansen, DPT | Jean Rogers, PT | Kristi Butler, MPT | Irene Brenner, MSPT | Richard Burdsall, PT | Joan Nethery, MA, PT, NCS
The role of molecular strategies in the evaluation of surgical margins in oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma

Author(s): Anastasios N. Kanatas | Andrew T. Harris | Michael Messenger | David Houghton | Simon N. Rogers
Alteration to the SWI/SNF complex in human cancers

Author(s): Vanessa S. Gordon | Colin Rogers | David Reisman
Ecology of Subglacial Lake Vostok (Antarctica), Based on Metagenomic/Metatranscriptomic Analyses of Accretion Ice

Author(s): Scott O. Rogers | Yury M. Shtarkman | Zeynep A. Koçer | Robyn Edgar | Ram Veerapaneni | Tom D'Elia
Efficacy and safety of a hyaluronic acid filler in subjects treated for correction of midface volume deficiency: a 24 month study

Author(s): Callan P | Goodman GJ | Carlisle I | Liew S | Muzikants P | Scamp T | Halstead MB | Rogers JD
Aerosol classification from airborne HSRL and comparisons with the CALIPSO vertical feature mask

Author(s): S. P. Burton | R. A. Ferrare | M. A. Vaughan | A. H. Omar | R. R. Rogers | C. A. Hostetler | J. W. Hair
Future Arctic marine access: analysis and evaluation of observations, models, and projections of sea ice

Author(s): T. S. Rogers | J. E. Walsh | T. S. Rupp | L. W. Brigham | M. Sfraga
Noninvasive ventilation in acute respiratory failure

Author(s): Raine Richard | Martin TJ | Hovis JD | Costantino JP | Bierman MI | Donahoe MP | Rogers RM | Kreit JW | Sciurba FC | Stiller RA | Sanders MH
Nasal nitric oxide is useful in an Australian Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia clinic

Author(s): Morgan L | Buddle LJ | Rogers PG | Seccombe LM | MacKenney KA | Hughes LJ
Epigenetic remodelling of brain, body and behaviour during phase change in locusts

Author(s): Burrows Malcolm | Rogers Stephen M | Ott Swidbert R
Method: a single nucleotide polymorphism genotyping method for Wheat streak mosaic virus

Author(s): Rogers Stephanie M | Payton Mark | Allen Robert W | Melcher Ulrich | Carver Jesse | Fletcher Jacqueline
Chemokine Ligand 5 (CCL5) and chemokine receptor (CCR5) genetic variants and prostate cancer risk among men of African Descent: a case-control study

Author(s): Kidd LaCreis R | Jones Dominique Z | Rogers Erica N | Kidd Nayla C | Beache Sydney | Rudd James E | Ragin Camille | Jackson Maria | McFarlane-Anderson Norma | Tulloch-Reid Marshall | Morrison Seian | Brock Guy N | Barve Shirish S | Kimbro Kevin S
Response of neural reward regions to food cues in autism spectrum disorders

Author(s): Cascio Carissa J | Foss-Feig Jennifer H | Heacock Jessica L | Newsom Cassandra R | Cowan Ronald L | Benningfield Margaret M | Rogers Baxter P | Cao Aize
Diabetes foot disease: the Cinderella of Australian diabetes management?

Author(s): Lazzarini Peter A | Gurr Joel M | Rogers Joseph R | Schox Andrew | Bergin Shan M
Extraction of DNA from plant and fungus tissues in situ

Author(s): Abu Almakarem Amal S | Heilman Katie L | Conger Heather L | Shtarkman Yury M | Rogers Scott O
Assessment of gene order computing methods for Alzheimer's disease

Author(s): Hu Benqiong | Jiang Gang | Pang Chaoyang | Wang Shipeng | Liu Qingzhong | Chen Zhongxue | Vanderburg Charles R | Rogers Jack T | Deng Youping | Huang Xudong
Interaction among apoptosis-associated sequence variants and joint effects on aggressive prostate cancer

Author(s): Lavender Nicole A | Rogers Erica N | Yeyeodu Susan | Rudd James | Hu Ting | Zhang Jie | Brock Guy N | Kimbro Kevin S | Moore Jason H | Hein David W | Kidd La Creis R
Description of a multicenter safety checklist for intraoperative hemorrhage control while clamped during robotic partial nephrectomy

Author(s): Nepple Kenneth G | Sandhu Gurdarshan S | Rogers Craig G | Allaf Mohamad E | Kaouk Jihad H | Figenshau Robert S | Stifelman Michael D | Bhayani Sam B
Centro Beaubourg París – Francia

Author(s): Piano, - | Rogers, - | Arup, Ove
IRCAM, Centro Pompidou París – Francia

Author(s): Piano, - | Rogers, -
Future of Policing in the UK: Understanding the Economics

Author(s): Colin Colin Rogers | James Gravelle
Algunas especies de hypoxylon (Pyrenomycetes, Xylariaceae) de México

Author(s): Felipe Eduardo San Martín | Yu-Ming Ju | Jack D. Rogers
Análisis de la ira en pacientes con cardiopatía isquémica de la ciudad de Medellín (Colombia)

Author(s): Andrea Ochoa Ochoa | Clara Isabel Herrera Vargas | Mariantonia Lemos Hoyos | Juan Carlos Arango Lasprilla | Heather L. Rogers
Necesidades familiares y su relación con las características psicosociales que presentan los cuidadores de personas con demencia

Author(s): Jhon Alexander Moreno Moreno | Juan Carlos Arango-Lasprilla | Heather Rogers
Modelo de inmunodeficiencia: el ratón BALB/c.Cg-Fox1nu

Author(s): F. Maschi | G. Principi | E. Rogers | M. Ayala | P. Cagliada | C. Carbone
El marco teórico y la teoría de sistemas

Author(s): John Farrand Rogers
Telenovelas para el desarrollo de la india

Author(s): Everett M. Rogers | Arvind Singhal
Role of Bacterial Lipopolysaccharide in Enhancing Host Immune Response to Candida albicans

Author(s): Helen Rogers | David W. Williams | Gui-Jie Feng | Michael A. O. Lewis | Xiao-Qing Wei
Microbial Analyses of Ancient Ice Core Sections from Greenland and Antarctica

Author(s): Caitlin Knowlton | Ram Veerapaneni | Tom D'Elia | Scott O. Rogers
Securing Bank Loans and Mortgages Using Real Estate Information Aided by Geospatial Technologies

Author(s): David Kuria | Moses Gachari | Patroba Odera | Rogers Mvuria
Bladder Bulge: Unifying Old and New Sonographic Bladder Wall Abnormalities in Ureterolithiasis

Author(s): Scott Bomann | Michael Seman | Darrell Sutijono | Bridget Rogers
Proactive Management of the Equine Athlete

Author(s): Chris W. Rogers | Charlotte F. Bolwell | Erica K. Gee
The Effects of Bariatric Surgery Weight Loss on Knee Pain in Patients with Osteoarthritis of the Knee

Author(s): Christopher Edwards | Ann Rogers | Scott Lynch | Tamara Pylawka | Matthew Silvis | Vernon Chinchilli | Timothy Mosher | Kevin Black
The changing radiative forcing of fires: global model estimates for past, present and future

Author(s): D. S. Ward | S. Kloster | N. M. Mahowald | B. M. Rogers | J. T. Randerson | P. G. Hess

Author(s): Matthew W. Rogers | Nauris Tamulevicius | Stuart J. Semple | Zarko Krkeljas
Overburndened and Underfunded: California Public Schools Amidst the Great Recession

Author(s): Rhoda Freelon | Melanie Bertrand | John Rogers
Future Arctic marine access: analysis and evaluation of observations, models, and projections of sea ice

Author(s): T. S. Rogers | J. E. Walsh | T. S. Rupp | L. W. Brigham | M. Sfraga
Validación en Colombia del cuestionario MOS de apoyo social

Author(s): Nora Helena Londoño Arredondo | Heather L. Rogers | José Filadelfo Castilla Tang | Sara L. Posada Gómez | Nohora Luz Ochoa Arizal | Miguel Ángel Jaramillo Pérez | Martha Oliveros Torres | Jorge Enrique Palacio Sañudo | Daniel Camilo Aguirre-Acevedo
Overview of the 2010 Carbonaceous Aerosols and Radiative Effects Study (CARES)

Author(s): R. A. Zaveri | W. J. Shaw | D. J. Cziczo | B. Schmid | R. A. Ferrare | M. L. Alexander | M. Alexandrov | R. J. Alvarez | W. P. Arnott | D. B. Atkinson | S. Baidar | R. M. Banta | J. C. Barnard | J. Beranek | L. K. Berg | F. Brechtel | W. A. Brewer | J. F. Cahill | B. Cairns | C. D. Cappa | D. Chand | S. China | J. M. Comstock | M. K. Dubey | R. C. Easter | M. H. Erickson | J. D. Fast | C. Floerchinger | B. A. Flowers | E. Fortner | J. S. Gaffney | M. K. Gilles | K. Gorkowski | W. I. Gustafson | M. Gyawali | J. Hair | R. M. Hardesty | J. W. Harworth | S. Herndon | N. Hiranuma | C. Hostetler | J. M. Hubbe | J. T. Jayne | H. Jeong | B. T. Jobson | E. I. Kassianov | L. I. Kleinman | C. Kluzek | B. Knighton | K. R. Kolesar | C. Kuang | A. Kubátová | A. O. Langford | A. Laskin | N. Laulainen | R. D. Marchbanks | C. Mazzoleni | F. Mei | R. C. Moffet | D. Nelson | M. D. Obland | H. Oetjen | T. B. Onasch | I. Ortega | M. Ottaviani | M. Pekour | K. A. Prather | J. G. Radney | R. R. Rogers | S. P. Sandberg | A. Sedlacek | C. J. Senff | G. Senum | A. Setyan | J. E. Shilling | M. Shrivastava | C. Song | S. R. Springston | R. Subramanian | K. Suski | J. Tomlinson | R. Volkamer | H. W. Wallace | J. Wang | A. M. Weickmann | D. R. Worsnop | X.-Y. Yu | A. Zelenyuk | Q. Zhang
The global 3-D distribution of tropospheric aerosols as characterized by CALIOP

Author(s): D. M. Winker | J. L. Tackett | B. J. Getzewich | Z. Liu | M. A. Vaughan | R. R. Rogers
CRH receptor genetic variation in a developmental primate model relevant to the risk to develop anxiety and depression

Author(s): Ned H. Kalin | Andrew S. Fox | Jonathan A. Oler | Gloria Fawcett | Jeff Rogers
Sexual Transmission of XMRV: A Potential Infection Route

Author(s): Prachi Sharma | Kenneth A. Rogers | Suganthi Suppiah | Ross J. Molinaro | Nattawat Onlamoon | John Hackett | Gerald Schochetman | Eric A. Klein | Robert H. Silverman | François Villinger
Serious Violence Victimization and Perpetration among Youth Living in the Slums of Kampala, Uganda

Author(s): Monica H. Swahn | Lindsay Gressard | Jane B. Palmier | Rogers Kasirye | Catherine Lynch | Huang Yao
Revues anglophones 1

Author(s): Rebecca Rogers
Revues anglophones 2

Author(s): Rebecca Rogers
Dominique Loiseau, Marre d'être sages!

Author(s): Rebecca Rogers

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