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Supercritical technology as an alternative for biotechnological xylitol purificationTecnologia supercrítica como uma alternativa para purificar xilitol biotecnológico

Author(s): Diego Tresinari Santos | Arturo Fernández Sotelo | Boutros Fouad Sarrouh | Lilia Masson Salaue | Nalda Romero Palacios | Silvio Silvério Silva
Image fusion approach with noise reduction using Genetic algorithm

Author(s): Gehad Mohamed Taher | Mohamed Elsayed Wahed | Ghada El Taweal | Ahmed Fouad
3D versus 2D Systematic Transrectal Ultrasound-Guided Prostate Biopsy: Higher Cancer Detection Rate in Clinical Practice

Author(s): Alexandre Peltier | Fouad Aoun | Fouad El-Khoury | Eric Hawaux | Ksenija Limani | Krishna Narahari | Nicolas Sirtaine | Roland van Velthoven
The Influence of Cigarette Smoking on Gingival Bleeding and Serum Concentrations of Haptoglobin and Alpha 1-Antitrypsin

Author(s): Fouad H. Al-Bayaty | NorAdinar Baharuddin | Mahmood A. Abdulla | Hapipah Mohd Ali | Magaji B. Arkilla | Mustafa F. ALBayaty
Role of Dietary L-Arginine in Poultry Production

Author(s): A.M. Fouad | H.K. El-Senousey | X.J. Yang | J.H. Yao

Author(s): Hicham Khebbache | Belkacem Sait | Fouad Yacef
Mathematical Model for Photovoltaic Cells

Author(s): Wafaa ABD EL-BASIT | Ashraf Mosleh ABD El–MAKSOOD | Fouad Abd El-Moniem Saad SOLIMAN
Evolved Representation and Computational Creativity

Author(s): Ashraf Fouad Hafez Ismail
Class Representation of Shapes Using Qualitative-codes

Author(s): Ashraf Fouad Hafez Ismail
Transient Elastography can Predict the Risk of Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Egyptian Patients with Chronic Hepatitis C

Author(s): Ayman Yosry | Rabab Fouad | Hanan Abdel Hafez | Gamal Esmat | Mohamed Ezz Al Arab | Mohamed Gohar
A Novel Compact Ultra-wideband Monopole Microstrip Filtenna

Author(s): Hussein Hamed Mahmoud Ghouz | Mohammed Sayed Ali | Ahmed Raafat Fouad
Stress gastric ulcer after cardiac surgery: Pathogenesis risk factors and medical management

Author(s): Mahdi Ait Houssa | Noureddine Atmani | Fouad Nya | Abdessamad Abdou | Younes Moutakiallah | Mehdi Bamous | Mohamed Drissi | Abdelatif Boulahya
Major clinical and angiographic outcome of drug eluting stents in native ostial coronary artery disease

Author(s): Khaled R. Abd El Meguid | Hesham B. Mahmoud | Fouad R. Amin | Jonathan R. Clague
DEM-Based GIS Algorithms and 3D Geospatial Mapping for Creation of Hydrogeological Models Data in Foussana Basin (Central Tunisia)

Author(s): Sami Khemiri | Ismail Chenini | Salwa Saidi | Brahim Baamar | Abdallah Ben Mammou | Fouad Zargouni
Evaluation of corneal changes after myopic LASIK using the Pentacam®

Author(s): Khairat YM | Mohamed YH | Moftah IA | Fouad NN
Content-based Search for Image Retrieval

Author(s): Mohamed M. Fouad
Respostas dos autores Authors' reply

Author(s): Maria Conceição de Castro Antonelli Monteiro de Queiroz | Maria Auxiliadora Carmo Moreira | Marcelo Fouad Rabahi

Author(s): Muzhir Shaban AL-Ani | Fouad Hammadi Awad
Mass Transfer Study of a Single Phase Flow Accelerated Corrosion (FAC) in 90° Copper Elbow

Author(s): M. A. Fouad, | Dr. T. M. Zewail, | Dr. N. K. Amine, | Dr. Y.A. El-Tawail,

Author(s): Rami Hikmat Fouad | Mohammed Rawashdeh | Adnan ALBashir | Bassam AL-Sharif

Author(s): Mahmoud M.El-Borai | Khairia El-Said El-Nadi | Hoda A. Fouad
The Albino Rat Following Oral Administration Of A-Chlorohydrin

Author(s): Fouad A.F.Ali*, Ali A.Abdel Rahman* and Ashraf M.Moustafa
Difference between continuous positive airway pressure via mask therapy and incentive spirometry to treat or prevent post-surgical atelectasis

Author(s): Fouad H. Al-Mutairi | Stephen J. Fallows | Waleed A. Abukhudair | Baharul B. Islam | Michael M. Morris
Acute Toxicity and the Effect of Andrographolide on Porphyromonas gingivalis-Induced Hyperlipidemia in Rats

Author(s): Rami Al Batran | Fouad Al-Bayaty | Mazen M. Jamil Al-Obaidi | Mahmood A. Abdulla
Toxic effects of paroxetine on sexual and reproductive functions of rats

Author(s): Inass EL-Gaafarawi*,Magdy Hassan *,Ghada Fouad
Bis[μ-2,5-bis(pyridin-2-yl)-1,3,4-thiadiazole-κ4N2,N3:N4,N5]bis[(nitrato-κO)silver(I)] tetrahydrate

Author(s): Abdelhakim Laachir | Fouad Bentiss | Salaheddine Guesmi | Mohamed Saadi | Lahcen El Ammari
Gastroprotective Effects of Melastoma malabathricum Aqueous Leaf Extract against Ethanol-Induced Gastric Ulcer Iin Rats

Author(s): Fouad Hussain | Mahmood Ameen Abdulla | Suzita M. Noor | Salmah Ismail | Hapipah Mohd Ali
Weight of Evidence Allocates Mineral Depositional Zones

Author(s): Abdullah A. Bokhari | Guang D. HU | Rani Fouad
MPLS over Segmented WDM Optical Packet Switching Networks

Author(s): Hakim Mellah | Fouad M. Abbou
Mathematical Analysis of the Non Linear Epidemic Model

Author(s): Laid Chahrazed-Rahmani Fouad Lazhar
The Relationship between Serum Cotinine Levels and Periodontal Status

Author(s): Fouad H. AL-Bayaty | Noor A. Baharuddin | Mahmood A. Abdulla
Thermoelastic Thick Plate under Illumination of a Uniform Laser Beam with one Relaxation time

Author(s): Ezzat. F. Henain | Amin. F. Hassan | Fouad. Megahed | Ismail. M. Tayel
In Vitro Propagation of Three Moroccan Prickly Pear Cactus Opuntia and Plant Establishment in Soil

Author(s): Aissam EL FINTI | Rachida EL BOULLANI | Naima AIT AABD | Fouad MSANDA | Mohammed A. SERGHINI | Abdelhamid EL MOUSADIK
Strain Partitioning Controlled by Oblique Ramp in Intracratonic Chains in Tunisia: Example of Gafsa Basin

Author(s): Soulef Amamria | Mohamed Sadok Bensalem | Eric Mercier | Mohamed Ghanmi | Fouad Zargouni
Stability of a Delayed SIQRS Model with Temporary Immunity

Author(s): Laid Chahrazed | Rahmani Fouad Lazhar
Chondro-osseous respiratory epithelial adenomatoid hamartoma of the nasal cavity

Author(s): Fedda, Faysal | Boulos, Fouad | Sabri, Alain
Evaluation of airborne particulate matter pollution in Kenitra City, Morocco

Author(s): Mounia Tahri | Moussa Bounakhla | Mustapha Zghaïd | Yves Noack | Fouad Benyaïch | Abdelfettah Benchrif
Thymus essential oils (Thymus vulagris and Thymus satureioïdis) from center of Morocco: chemical composition and antimicrobial activity

Author(s): EL OUALI LALAMI Abdelhakim | EL-AKHAL Fouad | OUEDRHIRI Wissal | OUAZZANI CHAHDI Fouad | GUEMMOUH Rajae
A Rapid Stability-Indicating RP-HPLC Method for the Determination of Betaxolol Hydrochloride in Pharmaceutical Tablets

Author(s): Sylvain Auvity | Fouad Chiadmi | Salvatore Cisternino | Jean-Eudes Fontan | Joël Schlatter
Improvements in the Status of Women and Increased Use of Maternal Health Services in Rural Egypt

Effect of novel water soluble curcumin derivative on experimental type- 1 diabetes mellitus (short term study)

Author(s): Abdel Aziz Mohamed T | El-Asmar Mohamed F | El-Ibrashy Ibrahim N | Rezq Ameen M | Al-Malki Abdulrahman L | Wassef Mohamed A | Fouad Hanan H | Ahmed Hanan H | Taha Fatma M | Hassouna Amira A | Morsi Heba M
Genetic, serological and biochemical characterization of Leishmania tropica from foci in northern Palestine and discovery of zymodeme MON-307

Author(s): Azmi Kifaya | Schnur Lionel | Schonian Gabriele | Nasereddin Abedelmajeed | Pratlong Francine | El Baidouri Fouad | Ravel Christophe | Dedet Jean-Pierre | Ereqat Suheir | Abdeen Ziad
Prevalence of molecular subtypes and prognosis of invasive breast cancer in north-east of Morocco: retrospective study

Author(s): Bennis Sanae | Abbass Fouad | Akasbi Yousra | Znati Kaoutar | Joutei Khalid | El Mesbahi Omar | Amarti Afaf
Clinicopathological, therapeutic and prognostic features of the triple-negative tumors in moroccan breast cancer patients (experience of Hassan II university hospital in Fez)

Author(s): Akasbi Yousra | Bennis Sanae | Abbass Fouad | Znati Kawtar | Joutei Khalid | Amarti Afaf | Mesbahi Omar EL
Use of magnetic resonance imaging in assessment of constrictive pericarditis: a Moroccan center experience

Author(s): Lachhab Amal | Doghmi Nawal | Zouhairi Abdellah | Seghrouchni Anis | Wahid Fouad Amal | Boulahya Abdellatif | Maazouzi Wajih | Elfakir Youssef | Taoussi Omar | Amri Rachida | Belhaj Loubna | Haddour Laila | Cherradi Rhizlane | Oukerraj Latifa | Cherti Mohamed
Do scars caused by past history of Leishmania major infection may harbor persistent parasites?

Author(s): Sghaier Rabiaa | Benhnini Fouad | Zaatour Amor | Attia Hanène | Mkannez Ghada | Bali Aymen | Guerfali Fatma | Ben-Salah Afif | Laouini Dhafer | Dellagi Koussay
Comparative analysis of macrophage transcriptome of four mice strains after L. Major infection

Author(s): Benhnini Fouad | Sghaier RM | Guerfali FZ | Laouini D | Cazenave PA | Dellagi K

Author(s): José Antonio Nieto Calmaestra | Fouad Boulifa
ZnO Spin-Coating of TiO2 Photo-Electrodes to Enhance the Efficiency of Associated Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells

Author(s): Fahd Al-Juaid | Amar Merazga | Fouad Abdel-Wahab | Mohamed Al-Amoudi
Modelling of Thermal Behavior N-Doped Silicon Resistor

Author(s): Fouad Kerrour | Ali Boukabache | Patrick Pons
Gravimetric Study of Geological Structures of Teboursouk Area, Northern Tunisia

Author(s): Amira Ayed-Khaled | Taher Zouaghi | Mohamed Ghanmi | Fouad Zargouni
Personalized Semantic Retrieval and Summarization of Web Based Documents

Author(s): Salah T. Babekr | Khaled M. Fouad | Naveed Arshad
Gastroprotective Activity of Polygonum chinense Aqueous Leaf Extract on Ethanol-Induced Hemorrhagic Mucosal Lesions in Rats

Author(s): Iza Farhana Ismail | Shahram Golbabapour | Pouya Hassandarvish | Maryam Hajrezaie | Nazia Abdul Majid | Farkaad A. Kadir | Fouad Al-Bayaty | Khalijah Awang | Hazrina Hazni | Mahmood Ameen Abdulla
Arthroscopic Excision of Intra-Articular Hip Osteoid Osteoma: A Report of 2 Cases

Author(s): Alexandre H. Nehme | Alaa G. Bou Ghannam | Joseph P. Imad | Fouad C. Jabbour | Ramzi Moucharafieh | Joseph Wehbe

Author(s): Younès Ouzidan | Youssef Kandri Rodi | Fouad Ouazzani Chahdi | El Mokhtar Essassi | Mohamed Saadi | Lahcen El Ammari

Author(s): Dounia Belaziz | Youssef Kandri Rodi | Fouad Ouazzani Chahdi | El Mokhtar Essassi | Mohamed Saadi | Lahcen El Ammari
CIS of the bladder: a review of literature

Author(s): Ahmed Fouad Kotb | Mohamed Mohie Hashad | Ahmed Elabbady
Single intramuscular dose toxicokinetics of manganese in broiler chicks

Author(s): Muna Al-Zubaidy | Fouad Kasim Mohammad
A Decision Tree Classification Model for University Admission System

Author(s): Abdul Fattah Mashat | Mohammed M. Fouad | Philip S. Yu | Tarek F. Gharib
Web-based Semantic and Personalized Information Retrieval

Author(s): Khaled M. Fouad | Ahmed R. Khalifa | Nagdy M. Nagdy | Hany M. Harb
Self Organizing Map-based Document Clustering Using WordNet Ontologies

Author(s): Tarek F. Gharib | Mohammed M. Fouad | Abdulfattah Mashat | Ibrahim Bidawi
Exploring a Hybrid of Geospatial Semantic Information in Ubiquitous Computing Environments

Author(s): Raghda A. Fouad | Mohamed Hashem | Nagwa Badr | Hanaa Talha
Literature Review and Clinical Presentation of Bilateral Acetabular Fractures Secondary to Seizure Attacks

Author(s): Alexandre H. Nehme | Jihad F. Matta | Alaa G. Boughannam | Fouad C. Jabbour | Joseph Imad | Ramzi Moucharafieh
Gastroprotective Effects of Melastoma malabathricum Aqueous Leaf Extract against Ethanol-Induced Gastric Ulcer Iin Rats

Author(s): Fouad Hussain | Mahmood Ameen Abdulla | Suzita M. Noor | Salmah Ismail | Hapipah Mohd Ali
Novel Pyranopyrazoles: Synthesis and Theoretical Studies

Author(s): Ahmed A. Al-Amiery | Redah I. Al-Bayati | Fouad M. Saed | Wassan B. Ali | Abdul Amir H. Kadhum | Abu Bakar Mohamad
Lessons Learned From a Binational Survey to Examine Women’s Health Status in the US-Mexico Border Region

Author(s): Evelyn Delgado | Brian C. Castrucci, MA | Vincent Fonseca, MD, MPH | R.J. Dutton, PhD | Fouad Berrahou, PhD
Assessment of diphenhydramine effects against acute poisoning induced by the organophosphate insecticide dichlorvos in chicks

Author(s): Fouad K. Mohammad | Yaareb J. Mousa | Muna H. I. Al-Zubaidy | Ashraf S. Alias
Cadmium Bioaccumulation and Toxicity in Tilapia Fish (Oreochromis niloticus)

Author(s): Sawsan A. Omer | Mai A. Elobeid | Dalia Fouad | Maha H. Daghestani | Ebtesam M. Al-Olayan | Maha H. Elamin | Promy Virk | Ameera El-Mahassna
Molecular Cloning and 3D Structure Modeling of APEX1, DNA Base Excision Repair Enzyme from the Camel, Camelus dromedarius

Author(s): Farid Shokry Ataya | Dalia Fouad | Ajamaluddin Malik | Hesham Mahmoud Saeed
Investigations on the Chemical Degradation of Silver Gelatine Prints

Author(s): Maha Ahmed ALI | Mona Fouad ALI | Mohammed Osama SAKER | Abdel Azez El Bayoumi ABDEL ALEEM | Khaled Ibrahim EL NAGAR
Noninvasive assessment of hepatic fibrosis in Egyptian patients with chronic hepatitis C virus infection

Author(s): Shawky Abdelhamid Fouad | Serag Esmat | Dalia Omran | Laila Rashid | Mohamed H Kobaisi
Plants versus Fungi and Oomycetes: Pathogenesis, Defense and Counter-Defense in the Proteomics Era

Author(s): Abdelbasset El Hadrami | Ahmed F. El-Bebany | Zhen Yao | Lorne R. Adam | Ismail El Hadrami | Fouad Daayf
Forced Convection Flow of Nanofluids Past Power Law Stretching Horizontal Plates

Author(s): Fekry Mohamed Hady | Fouad Sayed Ibrahim | Hassan Mohammed Hassan El-Hawary | Ahmed Mostafa Abdelhady
Modelling of Internal Stresses in Sheet Glass during the Cooling

Author(s): Saci Benbahouche | Fouad Roumili | Jean-Christophe Sangleboeuf
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