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Esplenectomía por enfermedades hematológicas en la infancia

Author(s): Mauro Castellu00F3 Gonzu00E1lez | Neyda Delgado Maru00EDn | Maru00EDa Josefa Pla del Toro | Elizabeth Hernu00E1ndez Moore
Ceftriaxona versus Cefotaxima como profilaxis en la apendicitis aguda

Author(s): Josu00E9 Carlos Bueno Rodru00EDguez | Elizabeth Hernu00E1ndez Moore | Dayamnelis Aguilar Atanay | Josu00E9 Enrique Castro Guevara

Author(s): Elizabeth Hernu00E1ndez Moore | Neyda Delgado Maru00EDn | Ramu00F3n Lu00F3pez Guerrero | Josu00E9 Luis Reguero Muu00F1oz

Author(s): Antia Teresa Duany Amaro | Josu00E9 Rau00FAl Su00E1nchez Aguilar | Luis Bastiu00E1n Manso | Elizabeth Hernu00E1ndez Moore

Author(s): Elizabeth Hernu00E1ndez Moore | Ramu00F3n Lu00F3pez Guerrero | Neyda Delgado Maru00EDn | Georgina Su00E1nchez Andujar

Author(s): Elizabeth Hernu00E1ndez Moore | Antia Duany Amaro | Neyda Delgado Maru00EDn | Jalima Jimu00E9nez Moreju00F3n

Author(s): Elizabeth Hernu00E1ndez Moore | Nancy Martu00EDnez Villavicencio | Josu00E9 Carlos Bueno Rodru00EDguez | Neyda Delgado Maru00EDn | Dayamnelys Aguilar Atanay | Antia Teresa Duany Amaro

Author(s): Yonet Piovet Dorta | Josu00E9 Carlos Bueno Rodru00EDguez | Elizabeth Hernu00E1ndez Moore | Antia Teresa Duany Amaro

Author(s): Josu00E9 Enrique Castro Guevara | Elizabeth Hernu00E1ndez Moore | Josu00E9 Carlos Bueno Rodru00EDguez | Dayamnelis Aguilar Atanay

Author(s): Josu00E9 Carlos Bueno Rodru00EDguez | Elizabeth Hernu00E1ndez Moore | Carlos Alberto Moru00E1n Martu00EDnez | Josu00E9 Enrique Castro Guevara

Author(s): Josu00E9 Luis Reguero Muu00F1oz | Julio Aguilar Valdu00E9s | Adalio Fragela Pacheco | Elizabeth Hernu00E1ndez Moore | Jorge Luis Reguero Hernu00E1ndez
Effect of Embedded Pd Microstructures on the Flat-Band-Voltage Operation of Room Temperature ZnO-Based Liquid Petroleum Gas Sensors

Author(s): Ghusoon M. Ali | Cody V. Thompson | Ali K. Jasim | Isam M. Abdulbaki | James C. Moore
Shock hipovolémico por sangrado secundario a várices gástricas

Author(s): Juan Sebastiu00E1n Lasa | Rafael Moore | Mariano Argu00FCello | Daniel Peralta | Abel Novillo | Luis Soifer | Damiu00E1n Simonelli
Videographic Analysis of Eriophorum Vaginatum Spatial Coverage in an Ombotrophic Bog

Author(s): Margaret Kalacska | J. Pablo Arroyo-Mora | Julie de Gea | Eva Snirer | Carrie Herzog | Tim R. Moore
The Natural History of Uterine Leiomyomas: Light and Electron Microscopic Studies of Fibroid Phases, Interstitial Ischemia, Inanosis, and Reclamation

Author(s): Gordon P. Flake | Alicia B. Moore | Deloris Sutton | Grace E. Kissling | John Horton | Benita Wicker | David Walmer | Stanley J. Robboy | Darlene Dixon
Early Therapeutic Drug Monitoring for Isoniazid and Rifampin among Diabetics with Newly Diagnosed Tuberculosis in Virginia, USA

Author(s): Scott K. Heysell | Jane L. Moore | Debbie Staley | Denise Dodge | Eric R. Houpt
Assessment of HIV-related stigma in a US faith-based HIV education and testing intervention

Author(s): Jannette Y Berkley-Patton | Erin Moore | Marcie Berman | Stephen D Simon | Carole Bowe Thompson | Thomas Schleicher | Starlyn M Hawes
Vincristine sulfate liposomal injection for acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Author(s): Soosay Raj TA | Smith AM | Moore AS
Low-count bacteriuria in refractory idiopathic detrusor overactivity versus controls

Author(s): Colin Walsh | Wendy Allen | Katrina Parkin | Chinmoy Mukerjee | Kate Moore
Removal of total organics and grease from oil production effluents by an adsorption process

Analysis of the Phenology in the Mongolian Plateau by Inter-Comparison of Global Vegetation Datasets

Author(s): Lijuan Miao | Yibo Luan | Xiangzhong Luo | Qiang Liu | John C. Moore | Reshmita Nath | Bin He | Feng Zhu | Xuefeng Cui
Relationship of the 1793G-A and 677C-T Polymorphisms of the 5,10-Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase Gene to Coronary Artery Disease

Author(s): Cory B. Kebert | June E. Eichner | William E. Moore | Eliot Schechter | Takuro Yaoi | Steve Vogel | Richard A. Allen | S. Terence Dunn
Medical-legal Issues in the Agitated Patient: Cases and Caveats

Author(s): Jessica Thomas | Gregory Moore
Anesthesia Management for Pulmonary Cryoablation

Author(s): Zvi C. Jacob | Stephanie Rashewsky | Ruth A. Reinsel | Thomas V. Bilfinger | William Moore
Clinical trial registration in physical therapy journals: recommendations from the International Society of Physiotherapy Journal Editors

Author(s): Leonardo O. P. Costa | Chung-Wei Christine Lin | Debora Bevilaqua Grossi | Marisa Cota Mancini | Anne K. Swisher | Chad Cook | Dan Vaughn | Mark R. Elkins | Umer Sheikh | Ann Moore | Gwendolen Jull | Rebecca L. Craik | Christopher G. Maher | Rinaldo Roberto de Jesus Guirro | Amélia Pasqual Marques | Michele Harms | Dina Brooks | Guy G. Simoneau | John Henry Strupstad
Clinical trial registration in physiotherapy journals: recommendations from the International Society of Physiotherapy Journal Editors

Author(s): Leonardo O. P. Costa | Chung-Wei Christine Lin | Debora Bevilaqua Grossi | Marisa Cota Mancin | Anne K. Swisher | Chad Cook | Dan Vaughn | Mark R. Elkins | Umer Sheikh | Ann Moore | Gwendolen Jull | Rebecca L. Craik | Christopher G. Maher | Rinaldo Roberto de Jesus Guirro | Amélia Pasqual Marques | Michele Harms | Dina Brooks | Guy G. Simoneau | John Henry Strupstad
Training and supervision of residential staff in Community-based Treatment Facilities

Author(s): Axer, Andrzej | Donohue, Michael | Moore, David | Welch, Tom
LX años de biopsia renal percutánea: Cuba pionera en el mundo LX years of percutaneous renal biopsy: Cuba pioneer at world level

Author(s): Raymed Antonio Bacallao Méndez | C. Hilario Gómez Barry | Aymara Badell Moore | Betsy Llerena Ferrer

Author(s): Luz María Letelier S | Philippa Moore
Silicon technology for optical MEMS

Author(s): Moore D. F. | Syms R. R.A.
Physicochemical characterization of a novel graphene-based magnetic resonance imaging contrast agent

Author(s): Kanakia S | Toussaint JD | Mullick Chowdhury S | Lalwani G | Tembulkar T | Button T | Shroyer KR | Moore W | Sitharaman B
Greenland plateau jets

Author(s): George William Kent Moore | Ian Alasdair Renfrew | John Joseph Cassano
Challenges and Opportunities for the Future of iCampuses

Author(s): Andrew Thomas | Hanifa Shah | Philip Moore | Cain Evans | Mak Sharma | Sarah Mount | Hai V. Pham | Keith Osman | Anthony J. Wilcox | Peter Rayson | Craig Chapman | Parmjit Chima | Cham Athwal | David While
The COSEHC™ Global Vascular Risk Management quality improvement program: first follow-up report

Author(s): Ferrario CM | Joyner J | Colby C | Exuzides A | Moore M | Simmons D | Bestermann Jr W | Frech-Tamas F
HiRes Collaboration

Author(s): Abbasi R.U. | Abu-Zayyad T. | Al-Seady M. | Allen M. | Amman J.F. | Anderson R.J. | Archbold G. | Belov K. | Belz J.W. | Bergman D.R. | Blake S.A. | Brusova O.A. | Burt G.W. | Cannon C. | Cao Z. | Deng W. | Fedorova Y. | Finley C.B. | Gray R.C. | Hanlon W.F. | Hoffman C.M. | Holzscheiter M.H. | Hughes G. | Huntemeyer P. | Ivanov D. | Jones B.F. | Jui C.C.H. | Kim K. | Kirn M.A. | Loh E.C. | Liu J. | Lundquist J.P. | Maestas M.M. | Manago N. | Marek L.J. | Martens K. | Matthews J.A.J. | Matthews J.N. | Moore S.A. | O'Neill A. | Painter C.A. | Perera L. | Reil K. | Riehle R. | Roberts M. | Rodriguez D. | Sasaki N. | Schnetzer S.R. | Scott L.M. | Sinnis G. | Smith J.D. | Sokolsky P. | Song C. | Springer R.W. | Stokes B.T. | Stratton S. | Thomas S.B. | Thomas J.R. | Thomson G.B. | Tupa D. | Zech A. | Zhang X.
The War That Won’t Go Away

Author(s): Bob Moore
Apolipoprotein-E genotype and human immunodeficiency virus-associated neurocognitive disorder: the modulating effects of older age and disease severity

Author(s): Panos SE | Hinkin CH | Singer EJ | Thames AD | Patel SM | Sinsheimer JS | Del Re AC | Gelman BB | Morgello S | Moore DJ | Levine AJ
The iron budget in ocean surface waters in the 20th and 21st centuries: projections by the Community Earth System Model version 1

Author(s): K. Misumi | K. Lindsay | J. K. Moore | S. C. Doney | F. O. Bryan | D. Tsumune | Y. Yoshida
Evaluating global emission inventories of biogenic bromocarbons

Author(s): R. Hossaini | H. Mantle | M. P. Chipperfield | S. A. Montzka | P. Hamer | F. Ziska | B. Quack | K. Krüger | S. Tegtmeier | E. Atlas | S. Sala | A. Engel | H. Bönisch | T. Keber | D. Oram | G. Mills | C. Ordóñez | A. Saiz-Lopez | N. Warwick | Q. Liang | W. Feng | F. Moore | B. R. Miller | V. Marécal | N. A. D. Richards | M. Dorf | K. Pfeilsticker
Inoculation of a Poultry Isolate Salmonella enteritidis on Egg Vitelline Membrane: Survival and Growth in Egg Components after Different Refrigeration Storage Times

Author(s): Z. R. Howard | R. W. Moore | I. B. Zabala Diaz | W. K. Kim | S. G. Birkhold | J. A. Byrd | L. F. Kubena | D. J. Nisbet | S. C. Ricke
Diarrhetic Shellfish Toxins and Other Lipophilic Toxins of Human Health Concern in Washington State

Author(s): Vera L. Trainer | Leslie Moore | Brian D. Bill | Nicolaus G. Adams | Neil Harrington | Jerry Borchert | Denis A. M. da Silva | Bich-Thuy L. Eberhart

Author(s): McDevitt, James E. | Moore, Dave | Lamm, Felicity | McDonnell, Nadine
Testing the Efficacy of eGFP-Transformed Aspergillus flavus as Biocontrol Strains

Author(s): Geromy G. Moore | Brian M. Mack | Shannon B. Beltz
Cirrhotic ascites review: Pathophysiology, diagnosis and management

Author(s): Christopher M Moore | David H Van Thiel
High-Dose Intra-Dermal Hepatitis B Vaccine in a Liver Transplant Patient Who Failed Prior Intramuscular Vaccination: A Brief Case Report

Author(s): Sonu Dhillon | Kartik Sampath | Christopher M. Moore | Anil Dosanjh | David H. Van Thiel
Fostering Collaborations towards Integrative Research Development

Author(s): Niels Brouwers | Susan Moore | Thomas Lyons | Giles Hardy | Jérôme Chopard | George Matusick | Katinka Ruthrof | Leonie Valentine
Accounting for the Ecological Footprint of Materials in Consumer Goods at the Urban Scale

Author(s): Meidad Kissinger | Cornelia Sussman | Jennie Moore | William E. Rees
Enhancements to ACL2 in Versions 5.0, 6.0, and 6.1

Author(s): Matt Kaufmann | J Strother Moore
Spectroscopic analysis of the structure and stability of two electrochemically synthesized poly(3-alkylthiophene)s

Author(s): Rodrigues Maia Cristina Elaine | Bento Cristina Danielly | Laureto Edson | Zaia Morozin Augusto Dimas | Therézio Moreira Eralci | Moore Gregory J. | de Santana Henrique
Magnetic-Fe/Fe3O4-nanoparticle-bound SN38 as carboxylesterase-cleavable prodrug for the delivery to tumors within monocytes/macrophages

Author(s): Hongwang Wang | Tej B. Shrestha | Matthew T. Basel | Raj K. Dani | Gwi-Moon Seo | Sivasai Balivada | Marla M. Pyle | Heidy Prock | Olga B. Koper | Prem S. Thapa | David Moore | Ping Li | Viktor Chikan | Deryl L. Troyer | Stefan H. Bossmann
Synthesis of 4” manipulated Lewis X trisaccharide analogues

Author(s): Christopher J. Moore | France-Isabelle Auzanneau
Asymmetric synthesis of host-directed inhibitors of myxoviruses

Author(s): Terry W. Moore | Kasinath Sana | Dan Yan | Pahk Thepchatri | John M. Ndungu | Manohar T. Saindane | Mark A. Lockwood | Michael G. Natchus | Dennis C. Liotta | Richard K. Plemper | James P. Snyder | Aiming Sun
Extraction of Perchlorate Using Porous Organosilicate Materials

Author(s): Brandy J. Johnson | Iwona A. Leska | Brian J. Melde | Ronald L. Siefert | Anthony P. Malanoski | Martin H. Moore | Jenna R. Taft | Jeffrey R. Deschamps
Food Fortification and Decline in the Prevalence of Neural Tube Defects: Does Public Intervention Reduce the Socioeconomic Gap in Prevalence?

Author(s): Mohammad M. Agha | Richard H. Glazier | Rahim Moineddin | Aideen M. Moore | Astrid Guttmann
The effect of opportunistic illness on HIV RNA viral load and CD4+ T cell count among HIV-positive adults taking antiretroviral therapy

Author(s): John P Ekwaru | James Campbell | Samuel Malamba | David M Moore | Willy Were | Jonathan Mermin
Inclusive Teaching Circles: Mechanisms for Creating Welcoming Classroom

Author(s): Sharon E. Moore | Sherri L. Wallace | Gina D. Schack | M. Shelley Thomas | Linda P. Lewis | Linda L. Wilson | Shawnise M. Miller | Joan L. D'Antoni
Top-Down Characterization of the Post-Translationally Modified Intact Periplasmic Proteome from the Bacterium Novosphingobium aromaticivorans

Author(s): Si Wu | Roslyn N. Brown | Samuel H. Payne | Da Meng | Rui Zhao | Nikola Tolić | Li Cao | Anil Shukla | Matthew E. Monroe | Ronald J. Moore | Mary S. Lipton | Ljiljana Paša-Tolić
Dendritic Cell Development: A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Story

Author(s): Amanda J. Moore | Michele K. Anderson
Numerical simulations of Gurenhekou Glacier on the Tibetan Plateau using a full-Stokes ice dynamical model

Author(s): L. Zhao | L. Tian | T. Zwinger | R. Ding | J. Zong | Q. Ye | J. C. Moore
Global sea-to-air flux climatology for bromoform, dibromomethane and methyl iodide

Author(s): F. Ziska | B. Quack | K. Abrahamsson | S. D. Archer | E. Atlas | T. Bell | J. H. Butler | L. J. Carpenter | C. E. Jones | N. R. P. Harris | H. Hepach | K. G. Heumann | C. Hughes | J. Kuss | K. Krüger | P. Liss | R. M. Moore | A. Orlikowska | S. Raimund | C. E. Reeves | W. Reifenhäuser | A. D. Robinson | C. Schall | T. Tanhua | S. Tegtmeier | S. Turner | L. Wang | D. Wallace | J. Williams | H. Yamamoto | S. Yvon-Lewis | Y. Yokouchi
Quantifying the impact of BOReal forest fires on Tropospheric oxidants over the Atlantic using Aircraft and Satellites (BORTAS) experiment: design, execution and science overview

Author(s): P. I. Palmer | M. Parrington | J. D. Lee | A. C. Lewis | A. R. Rickard | P. F. Bernath | T. J. Duck | D. L. Waugh | D. W. Tarasick | S. Andrews | E. Aruffo | L. J. Bailey | E. Barrett | S. J.-B. Bauguitte | K. R. Curry | P. Di Carlo | L. Chisholm | L. Dan | G. Forster | J. E. Franklin | M. D. Gibson | D. Griffin | D. Helmig | J. R. Hopkins | J. T. Hopper | M. E. Jenkin | D. Kindred | J. Kliever | M. Le Breton | S. Matthiesen | M. Maurice | S. Moller | D. P. Moore | D. E. Oram | S. J. O'Shea | R. Christopher Owen | C. M. L. S. Pagniello | S. Pawson | C. J. Percival | J. R. Pierce | S. Punjabi | R. M. Purvis | J. J. Remedios | K. M. Rotermund | K. M. Sakamoto | A. M. da Silva | K. B. Strawbridge | K. Strong | J. Taylor | R. Trigwell | K. A. Tereszchuk | K. A. Walker | D. Weaver | C. Whaley | J. C. Young
Parsimony and Model-Based Analyses of Indels in Avian Nuclear Genes Reveal Congruent and Incongruent Phylogenetic Signals

Author(s): Tamaki Yuri | Rebecca T. Kimball | John Harshman | Rauri C. K. Bowie | Michael J. Braun | Jena L. Chojnowski | Kin-Lan Han | Shannon J. Hackett | Christopher J. Huddleston | William S. Moore | Sushma Reddy | Frederick H. Sheldon | David W. Steadman | Christopher C. Witt | Edward L. Braun
A reverse genetic screen for genes involved in ciliary formation and function

Author(s): Moore D | zur Lage P | Gallone G | Rodger FE | Jarman AP
The transcriptional regulation of ciliogenesis in differentiating Drosophila sensory neurons

Author(s): Jarman A | Newton FG | zur Lage PI | Gallone G | Moore DJ | Styczynska K
Genotypic characterisation and cluster analysis of Campylobacter jejuni isolates from domestic pets, human clinical cases and retail food

Author(s): Acke Els | Carroll Cyril | O'Leary Aoife | McGill Kevina | Kelly Lorraine | Lawlor Amanda | Madden Robert H | Moran Lynn | Scates Pam | McNamara Eleanor | Moore John E | Jones Boyd R | Fanning Seamus | Whyte Paul
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