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The European Market for Animal-Friendly Products in a Societal Context

Author(s): Paul T. M. Ingenbleek | David Harvey | Vlatko Ilieski | Victor M. Immink | Kees de Roest | Otto Schmid
Volumetric Computed Tomography Angiography in the Evaluation of Mediastinal Fluid Collections following Congenital Cardiac Surgery

Author(s): Arno A. W. Roest | Joost Roelofs | Mark G. Hazekamp | Marry E. B. Rijlaarsdam | Jacob Geleijns | Lucia J. M. Kroft
Right Ventricular Outflow Tract Obstruction in Monochorionic Twins with Selective Intrauterine Growth Restriction

Author(s): S. B. de Haseth | M. C. Haak | A. A. W. Roest | M. E. B. Rijlaarsdam | D. Oepkes | E. Lopriore
Practices and Lessons Learned in Coping with Climatic Hazards at the River-Basin Scale: Floods and Droughts

Author(s): Hendrik Buiteveld | Valentina Krysanova | Dagmar Haase | Fred F. Hattermann | Kate van Niekerk | Koen Roest | Pedro Martínez-Santos | Maja Schlüter
The TalkMeHome service for people with early dementia

Author(s): Marike Hettinga | Jan Nauta | Lammie van den Bosch | Cristian Hesselman | Jeffrey Brangert | Martine de Jong | Marcel Roest | Matti Groot
Validation and application of tissue-velocity magnetic resonance imaging for the assessment of regional diastolic velocities and diastolic performance of the right ventricle in corrected tetralogy of Fallot patients

Author(s): van der Hulst Anna | Westenberg Jos | Delgado Victoria | Kroft Lucia | Holman Eduard | Blom Nico | Bax Jeroen | de Roos Albert | Roest Arno
Comparison between velocity-encoded magnetic resonance imaging and tissue Doppler imaging to assess timings of right ventricular mechanics in children with corrected Tetralogy of Fallot

Author(s): Hulst Annelies | Roest Arno | Delgado Victoria | Kroft Lucia | Holman Eduard | Bax Jeroen | Blom Nico | de Roos Albert | Westenberg Jos
Modeling the Substrate Skin Effects in Mutual RL Characteristics.,

Author(s): H. Ymeri | B. Nauwelaers | K. Maex | D. de Roest
Analysis of Coplanar On-Chip Interconnects on Lossy Semiconducting Substrates

Author(s): H. Ymeri | B. Nauwelaers | K. Maex | S. Vandenberghe | D. de | Roest | M. Stucchi
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