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Traumatic testicular dislocation: A reminder for the unwary

Author(s): Vasudeva Pawan | Dalela Divakar | Singh Dharamveer | Goel Apul
Donor site morbidity in oral mucosa graft urethroplasty: implications of tobacco consumption

Author(s): Sinha Rahul | Singh Vishwajeet | Sankhwar SN | Dalela Divakar
Antiplatelet drugs and the perioperative period: What every urologist needs to know

Author(s): Vasudeva Pawan | Goel Apul | Sengottayan Vengetesh | Sankhwar Satyanarayan | Dalela Divakar
A novel approach to management of nocturia in patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia

Author(s): Sengottayan Vengetesh | Vasudeva Pawan | Dalela Divakar
Andropause in Indian Men: a Preliminary Cross-Sectional Study

Author(s): Apul Goel | Rahul Janak Sinha | Divakar Dalela | Satyanarain Sankhwar | Vishwajeet Singh
Intravesical real-time imaging and staging of bladder cancer: Use of optical coherence tomography

Author(s): Sengottayan Vengetesh | Vasudeva Pawan | Dalela Divakar
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