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Use of Parathyroid Hormone Assay after Thyroidectomy: A Survey of US and European Surgeons

Author(s): Daniel J. Stein | J. Pieter Noordzij | Jessica Kepchar | Ian K. McLeod | Scott Brietzke | Pietro Giorgio Calò
Autonomic correlates of Yo-Yo performance in soccer referees Correlatos autonômicos do desempenho no Yo-Yo em árbitros de futebol

Author(s): Daniel A. Boullosa | Fábio Yuzo Nakamura | Luiz Augusto Perandini | Anthony Scott Leicht
Prevalence and Predictors of Self-Reported Sexual Abuse in Severely Obese Patients in a Population-Based Bariatric Program

Author(s): Danielle L. Gabert | Sumit R. Majumdar | Arya M. Sharma | Christian F. Rueda-Clausen | Scott W. Klarenbach | Daniel W. Birch | Shahzeer Karmali | Linda McCargar | Konrad Fassbender | Raj S. Padwal
Using SWAT to Target Critical Source Sediment and Phosphorus Areas in the Wister Lake Basin, USA

Author(s): Philip R. Busteed | Daniel E. Storm | Michael J. White | Scott H. Stoodley
Evaluation of Different Normalization and Analysis Procedures for Illumina Gene Expression Microarray Data Involving Small Changes

Author(s): Daniel M. Johnstone | Carlos Riveros | Moones Heidari | Ross M. Graham | Debbie Trinder | Regina Berretta | John K. Olynyk | Rodney J. Scott | Pablo Moscato | Elizabeth A. Milward
Use of Wild Relatives and Closely Related Species to Adapt Common Bean to Climate Change

Author(s): Timothy G. Porch | James S. Beaver | Daniel G. Debouck | Scott Jackson | James D. Kelly | Hannes Dempewolf
LGBT refugee resettlement in the US: emerging best practices

Author(s): Scott Portman | Daniel Weyl
Guidance for New Motivational Interviewing Trainers When Training Addiction Professionals

Author(s): Julie A. Schumacher | Scott F. Coffey | Kimberly S. Walitzer | Randy S. Burke | Daniel C. Williams | Grayson Norquist | T. David Elkin
5-SPICE: the application of an original framework for community health worker program design, quality improvement and research agenda setting

Author(s): Daniel Palazuelos | Kyla Ellis | Dana DaEun Im | Matthew Peckarsky | Dan Schwarz | Didi Bertrand Farmer | Ranu Dhillon | Ari Johnson | Claudia Orihuela | Jill Hackett | Junior Bazile | Leslie Berman | Madeleine Ballard | Raj Panjabi | Ralph Ternier | Sam Slavin | Scott Lee | Steve Selinsky | Carole Diane Mitnick
Effects of extrinsic rearfoot posting in custom foot orthoses on frontal plane kinematics and kinetics

Author(s): Telfer Scott | Abbot Mandy | Rafferty Daniel | Woodburn Jim
Effects of Methylphenidate on performance of a practical pistol shooting task: a quantitative electroencephalography (qEEG) study

Author(s): Paes Flávia | Machado Sergio | Arias-Carrión Oscar | Domingues Clayton | Teixeira Silmar | Velasques Bruna | Cunha Marlo | Minc Daniel | Basile Luis FH | Budde Henning | Cagy Mauricio | Piedade Roberto | Kerick Scott | Menéndez-González Manuel | Skaper Stephen D | Norwood Braxton A | Ribeiro Pedro | Nardi Antonio
Surgeons’ Volume-Outcome Relationship for Lobectomies and Wedge Resections for Cancer Using Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic Techniques

Author(s): Guy David | Candace L. Gunnarsson | Matt Moore | John Howington | Daniel L. Miller | Michael A. Maddaus | Robert Joseph McKenna | Bryan F. Meyers | Scott J. Swanson
Space Flight Calcium: Implications for Astronaut Health, Spacecraft Operations, and Earth

Author(s): Scott M. Smith | Torin McCoy | Daniel Gazda | Jennifer L. L. Morgan | Martina Heer | Sara R. Zwart
A Database-driven Decision Support System: Customized Mortality Prediction

Author(s): Leo Anthony Celi | Sean Galvin | Guido Davidzon | Joon Lee | Daniel Scott | Roger Mark
The impact of fire on habitat use by the short-snouted elephant shrew (Elephantulus brachyrhynchus) in North West Province, South Africa

Author(s): Richard W. Yarnell | Daniel J. Metcalfe | Nigel Dunstone | Niall Burnside | Dawn M. Scott
The Effect of Ventilation, Age, and Asthmatic Condition on Ultrafine Particle Deposition in Children

Author(s): Hector A. Olvera | Daniel Perez | Juan W. Clague | Yung-Sung Cheng | Wen-Whai Li | Maria A. Amaya | Scott W. Burchiel | Marianne Berwick | Nicholas E. Pingitore
Defining Old Growth for Fire-adapted Forests of the Western United States

Author(s): Merrill R. Kaufmann | Daniel Binkley | Peter Z. Fulé | Marlin Johnson | Scott L. Stephens | Thomas W. Swetnam
Process-Based Ecological River Restoration: Visualizing Three-Dimensional Connectivity and Dynamic Vectors to Recover Lost Linkages

Author(s): G. Mathias. Kondolf | Andrew J. Boulton | Scott O'Daniel | Geoffrey C. Poole | Frank J. Rahel | Emily H. Stanley | Ellen Wohl | Asa Bång | Julia Carlstrom | Chiara Cristoni | Harald Huber | Saija Koljonen | Pauliina Louhi | Keigo Nakamura
Maximum Recommended Dosage of Lithium for Pregnant Women Based on a PBPK Model for Lithium Absorption

Author(s): Scott Horton | Amalie Tuerk | Daniel Cook | Jiadi Cook | Prasad Dhurjati
A Meta-Analysis of Osteosarcoma Outcomes in the Modern Medical Era

Author(s): Daniel C. Allison | Scott C. Carney | Elke R. Ahlmann | Andrew Hendifar | Sant Chawla | Alex Fedenko | Constance Angeles | Lawrence R. Menendez
Lava Geochemistry as a Probe into Crustal Formation at the East Pacific Rise

Author(s): Michael R. Perfit | V. Dorsey Wanless | W. Ian Ridley | Emily M. Klein | Matthew C. Smith | Adam R. Goss | Jillian S. Hinds | Scott W. Kutza | Daniel J. Fornari
The East Pacific Rise Between 9°N and 10°N: Twenty-Five Years of Integrated, Multidisciplinary Oceanic Spreading Center Studies

Author(s): Daniel J. Fornari | Karen L. Von Damm | Julia G. Bryce | James P. Cowen | Vicki Ferrini | Allison Fundis | Marvin D. Lilley | George W. Luther III | Lauren S. Mullineaux | Michael R. Perfit | M. Florencia Meana-Prado | Kenneth H. Rubin | William E. Seyfried Jr. | Timothy M. Shank | S. Adam Soule | Maya Tolstoy | Scott M. White
Outcomes of Recurrent Head and Neck Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Author(s): Nichole R. Dean | Larissa Sweeny | J. Scott Magnuson | William R. Carroll | Daniel Robinson | Renee A. Desmond | Eben L. Rosenthal
Prostate Intrafraction Translation Margins for Real-Time Monitoring and Correction Strategies

Author(s): Dale W. Litzenberg | James M. Balter | Scott W. Hadley | Daniel A. Hamstra | Twyla R. Willoughby | Patrick A. Kupelian | Toufik Djemil | Arul Mahadevan | Shirish Jani | Geoffrey Weinstein | Timothy Solberg | Charles Enke | Lisa Levine | Howard M. Sandler
Outcomes of 23-gauge pars plana vitrectomy in combined scleral buckling and vitrectomy for complex rhegmatogenous retinal detachments

Author(s): Scott D. Schoenberger | Daniel M. Miller | Christopher D. Riemann | Robert E. Foster | Michael R. Petersen
Novel Jumbo Biopsy Forceps for Surveillance of Inflammatory Bowel Disease: A Comparative Retrospective Assessment

Author(s): Kenneth Song | Daniel Toweill | Stephen J. Rulyak | Scott D. Lee
Use of AUDIT, and measures of drinking frequency and patterns to detect associations between alcohol and sexual behaviour in male sex workers in Kenya

Author(s): Luchters Stanley | Geibel Scott | Syengo Masila | Lango Daniel | King'ola Nzioki | Temmerman Marleen | Chersich Matthew
The mesenchymal stem cells in multiple sclerosis (MSCIMS) trial protocol and baseline cohort characteristics: an open-label pre-test: post-test study with blinded outcome assessments

Author(s): Connick Peter | Kolappan Madhan | Patani Rickie | Scott Michael | Crawley Charles | He Xiao-Ling | Richardson Karen | Barber Kelly | Webber Daniel | Wheeler-Kingshott Claudia | Tozer Daniel | Samson Rebecca | Thomas David | Du Ming-Qing | Luan Shi | Michell Andrew | Altmann Daniel | Thompson Alan | Miller David | Compston Alastair | Chandran Siddharthan
Design and implementation of the canadian kidney disease cohort study (CKDCS): A prospective observational study of incident hemodialysis patients

Author(s): Bello Aminu | Thadhani Ravi | Hemmelgarn Brenda | Klarenbach Scott | Gill John | Chan Christopher | Zimmerman Deborah | Holmes Daniel | Cembrowski George | Opgenorth Dawn | Sibrian Rafael | Karkhaneh Mohammad | Tiv Sophanny | Wiebe Natasha | Tonelli Marcello
"Booster" interventions to sustain increases in physical activity in middle-aged adults in deprived urban neighbourhoods: internal pilot and feasibility study

Author(s): Scott Emma | Dimairo Munyaradzi | Hind Daniel | Goyder Elizabeth | Copeland Robert | Breckon Jeff | Crank Helen | Walters Stephen | Loban Amanda | Cooper Cindy
Adherence to Dose of Succinylcholine and Etomidate in the Emergency Department

Author(s): McGillicuddy, Daniel C | de la Pena, Jennifer | Goudie, Scott | Fisher, Jonathan | Shapiro, Nathan
Spatial distribution of Na+-K+-ATPase in dendritic spines dissected by nanoscale superresolution STED microscopy

Author(s): Blom Hans | Rönnlund Daniel | Scott Lena | Spicarova Zuzana | Widengren Jerker | Bondar Alexander | Aperia Anita | Brismar Hjalmar
Recovery of left ventricular dysfunction after ST-elevation myocardial infarction: comparison between 2D Doppler echocardiography and contrast enhanced cardiac MRI

Author(s): Couri Daniel | Martinez Matthew | Syed Imran | Harris Scott | Glockner James | Aroaz Phillip | Prasad Abhiram | Rihal Charanjit | Oh Jae
Use of a Combined Duplex PCR/Dot Blot Assay for more sensitive genetic characterization

Author(s): Erin Curry | Scott L. Pratt | Dale E. Kelley | Daniel R. Lapin | John R. Gibbons
Sex Chromosome Evolution in Amniotes: Applications for Bacterial Artificial Chromosome Libraries

Author(s): Daniel E. Janes | Nicole Valenzuela | Tariq Ezaz | Chris Amemiya | Scott V. Edwards
Summary of worldwide pediatric malignancies reported after exposure to etanercept

Author(s): McCroskery Peter | Wallace Carol | Lovell Daniel | Stryker Scott | Chernyukhin Nataliya | Blosch Consuelo | Zack Debra
Differential adeno-associated virus mediated gene transfer to sensory neurons following intrathecal delivery by direct lumbar puncture

Author(s): Vulchanova Lucy | Schuster Daniel | Belur Lalitha | Riedl Maureen | Podetz-Pedersen Kelly | Kitto Kelley | Wilcox George | McIvor R Scott | Fairbanks Carolyn
ApoE mimetic peptide decreases Aβ production in vitro and in vivo

Author(s): Minami S Sakura | Cordova Antoinette | Cirrito John | Tesoriero Joseph | Babus Lenard | Davis Gary | Dakshanamurthy Sivanesan | Turner R Scott | Pak Daniel | Rebeck G William | Paige Mikell | Hoe Hyang-Sook
A comparability study of 5 commercial KRAS tests

Author(s): Oliner Kelly | Juan Todd | Suggs Sid | Wolf Michael | Sarosi Ildiko | Freeman Daniel | Gyuris Tibor | Baron Will | Bakker Andreas | Parker Alex | Patterson Scott
High expression of BCL-2 predicts favorable outcome in non-small cell lung cancer patients with non squamous histology

Author(s): Anagnostou Valsamo | Lowery Frank | Zolota Vassiliki | Tzelepi Vassiliki | Gopinath Arun | Liceaga Camil | Panagopoulos Nikolaos | Frangia Konstantina | Tanoue Lynn | Boffa Daniel | Gettinger Scott | Detterbeck Frank | Homer Robert | Dougenis Dimitrios | Rimm David | Syrigos Konstantinos
A toolkit for rapid gene mapping in the nematode Caenorhabditis briggsae

Author(s): Koboldt Daniel | Staisch Julia | Thillainathan Bavithra | Haines Karen | Baird Scott | Chamberlin Helen | Haag Eric | Miller Raymond | Gupta Bhagwati
A randomised controlled trial and cost-effectiveness evaluation of "booster" interventions to sustain increases in physical activity in middle-aged adults in deprived urban neighbourhoods

Author(s): Hind Daniel | Scott Emma | Copeland Robert | Breckon Jeff | Crank Helen | Walters Stephen | Brazier John | Nicholl Jon | Cooper Cindy | Goyder Elizabeth
The common apolipoprotein A-1 polymorphism -75A>G is associated with ethnic differences in recurrent coronary events after recovery from an acute myocardial infarction

Author(s): Robert Charles Block | James P. Corsetti | Ilan Goldenberg | Gabriel Vorobiof | Scott McNitt | Daniel H. Ryan | Wojciech Zareba | Arthur J. Moss
Allergic lung inflammation alters neither susceptibility to Streptococcus pneumoniae infection nor inducibility of innate resistance in mice

Author(s): Clement Cecilia | Tuvim Michael | Evans Christopher | Tuvin Daniel | Dickey Burton | Evans Scott
Human sex hormone-binding globulin gene expression- multiple promoters and complex alternative splicing

Author(s): Nakhla Atif | Hryb Daniel | Rosner William | Romas Nicholas | Xiang Zhaoying | Kahn Scott
Use of a Combined Duplex PCR/Dot Blot Assay for more sensitive genetic characterization

Author(s): Erin Curry | Scott L. Pratt | Dale E. Kelley | Daniel R. Lapin | John R. Gibbons
Hyperbaric treatment for children with autism: a multicenter, randomized, double-blind, controlled trial

Author(s): Rossignol Daniel | Rossignol Lanier | Smith Scott | Schneider Cindy | Logerquist Sally | Usman Anju | Neubrander Jim | Madren Eric | Hintz Gregg | Grushkin Barry | Mumper Elizabeth
Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Microscopy: Computed Imaging for Scanned Coherent Microscopy

Author(s): Brynmor J. Davis | Daniel L. Marks | Tyler S. Ralston | P. Scott Carney | Stephen A. Boppart
Diversity of the gut microbiota and eczema in early life

Author(s): Forno Erick | Onderdonk Andrew | McCracken John | Litonjua Augusto | Laskey Daniel | Delaney Mary | DuBois Andrea | Gold Diane | Ryan Louise | Weiss Scott | Celedón Juan
miR-124 and miR-137 inhibit proliferation of glioblastoma multiforme cells and induce differentiation of brain tumor stem cells

Author(s): Silber Joachim | Lim Daniel | Petritsch Claudia | Persson Anders | Maunakea Alika | Yu Mamie | Vandenberg Scott | Ginzinger David | James C David | Costello Joseph | Bergers Gabriele | Weiss William | Alvarez-Buylla Arturo | Hodgson J Graeme
Enzymatic engineering of the porcine genome with transposons and recombinases

Author(s): Clark Karl | Carlson Daniel | Foster Linda | Kong Byung-Whi | Foster Douglas | Fahrenkrug Scott
Higher pre-infection vitamin E levels are associated with higher mortality in HIV-1-infected Kenyan women: a prospective study

Author(s): Graham Susan | Baeten Jared | Richardson Barbra | Bankson Daniel | Lavreys Ludo | Ndinya-Achola Jeckoniah | Mandaliya Kishorchandra | Overbaugh Julie | McClelland R Scott
Mode of delivery and cord blood cytokines: a birth cohort study

Author(s): Ly Ngoc | Ruiz-Pérez Begoña | Onderdonk Andrew | Tzianabos Arthur | Litonjua Augusto | Liang Catherine | Laskey Daniel | Delaney Mary | DuBois Andrea | Levy Hara | Gold Diane | Ryan Louise | Weiss Scott | Celedón Juan
Low serum albumin and the acute phase response predict low serum selenium in HIV-1 infected women

Author(s): Drain Paul | Baeten Jared | Overbaugh Julie | Wener Mark | Bankson Daniel | Lavreys Ludo | Mandaliya Kishorchandra | Ndinya-Achola Jeckoniah | McClelland R Scott
Immunization coverage and risk factors for failure to immunize within the Expanded Programme on Immunization in Kenya after introduction of new Haemophilus influenzae type b and hepatitis b virus antigens

Author(s): Ndiritu Moses | Cowgill Karen | Ismail Amina | Chiphatsi Salome | Kamau Tatu | Fegan Gregory | Feikin Daniel | Newton Charles | Scott J Anthony
Combinatorial Mismatch Scan (CMS) for loci associated with dementia in the Amish

Author(s): McCauley Jacob | Hahs Daniel | Jiang Lan | Scott William | Welsh-Bohmer Kathleen | Jackson Charles | Vance Jeffery | Pericak-Vance Margaret | Haines Jonathan
Screening and identification of differentially expressed transcripts in circulating cells of prostate cancer patients using suppression subtractive hybridization

Author(s): Li Xin | Wong Carson | Mysel Ralph | Slobodov Gennady | Metwalli Adam | Kruska Jarrett | Manatt C Scott | Culkin Daniel | Kropp Bradley | Lin Hsueh-Kung
Floral gene resources from basal angiosperms for comparative genomics research

Author(s): Albert Victor | Soltis Douglas | Carlson John | Farmerie William | Wall P Kerr | Ilut Daniel | Solow Teri | Mueller Lukas | Landherr Lena | Hu Yi | Buzgo Matyas | Kim Sangtae | Yoo Mi-Jeong | Frohlich Michael | Perl-Treves Rafael | Schlarbaum Scott | Bliss Barbara | Zhang Xiaohong | Tanksley Steven | Oppenheimer David | Soltis Pamela | Ma Hong | dePamphilis Claude | Leebens-Mack James
Ordered subset linkage analysis supports a susceptibility locus for age-related macular degeneration on chromosome 16p12

Author(s): Schmidt Silke | Scott William | Postel Eric | Agarwal Anita | Hauser Elizabeth | De La Paz Monica | Gilbert John | Weeks Daniel | Gorin Michael | Haines Jonathan | Pericak-Vance Margaret
Monochorionic-triamniotic triplet pregnancy after intracytoplasmic sperm injection, assisted hatching, and two-embryo transfer: first reported case following IVF

Author(s): Ghulmiyyah Labib | Perloe Mark | Tucker Michael | Zimmermann Julie | Eller Daniel | Sills E Scott
Classificando Regimes Políticos na América Latina, 1945-1999

Author(s): Mainwaring Scott | Brinks Daniel | Pérez-Liñán Aníbal
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