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Adaptive Immune Response to Model Antigens Is Impaired in Murine Leukocyte-Adhesion Deficiency-1 Revealing Elevated Activation Thresholds In Vivo

Author(s): Thorsten Peters | Wilhelm Bloch | Oliver Pabst | Claudia Wickenhauser | Claudia Uthoff-Hachenberg | Susanne V. Schmidt | Georg Varga | Stephan Grabbe | Daniel Kess | Tsvetelina Oreshkova | Anca Sindrilaru | Klaus Addicks | Reinhold Förster | Werner Müller | Karin Scharffetter-Kochanek
Staggered Chromosomal Hybrid Zones in the House Mouse: Relevance to Reticulate Evolution and Speciation

Author(s): İslam Gündüz | Christianne L. Pollock | Mabel D. Giménez | Daniel W. Förster | Thomas A. White | Maria A. Sans-Fuentes | Heidi C. Hauffe | Jacint Ventura | María José López-Fuster | Jeremy B. Searle
Recruiting older people to a randomised controlled dietary intervention trial - how hard can it be?

Author(s): Forster Sarah | Jones Laura | Saxton John | Flower Daniel | Foulds Gemma | Powers Hilary | Parker Stuart | Pockley A Graham | Williams Elizabeth
Genetic variants of chemokine receptor CCR7 in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus, Sjogren's syndrome and systemic sclerosis

Author(s): Kahlmann Daniel | Davalos-Misslitz Ana | Ohl Lars | Stanke Frauke | Witte Torsten | Förster Reinhold
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