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Soft body morphology, dissection and slide-preparation of Ostracoda: a primer

Author(s): Namiotko Tadeusz | Danielopol Dan L. | Baltanás Angel
How and why to achieve greater objectivity in taxonomy, exemplified by a fossil ostracod (Amplocypris abscissa) from the Miocene Lake Pannon

Author(s): Danielopol Dan L. | Gross Martin | Harzhauser Mathias | Minati Klaus | Piller Werner E.
Geometric Morphometrics and its use in ostracod research: a short guide

Author(s): Baltanás Angel | Danielopol Dan L.
On Leptocytheridae ostracods of long-lived Lake Ohrid (Albania/Macedonia)

Author(s): Namiotko Tadeusz | Danielopol Dan L. | Belmeceri Soumaya | Gross Martin | Grafenstein Ulrich von
Morphological Disparity within Sarmatian and Pannonian Populations of Cyprideis from the Vienna Basin

Author(s): Pipik Radova | Minati Klaus | Buttinger Robert | Danielopol Dan L.
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