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Launch of the European Journal of Taxonomy (EJT)

Author(s): Laurence Benichou | Koen Martens | Graham Higley | Isabelle Gérard | Steven Dessein | Daphne Duin
Who learns from whom? Supporting users and developers of a major biodiversity e-infrastructure

Author(s): Irina Brake | Daphne Duin | Isabella Van de Velde | Vincent Smith | Simon Rycroft
Studying the effects of virtual biodiversity research infrastructures

Author(s): Daphne Duin | Peter van den Besselaar
Towards a European Journal of Taxonomy (EJT)

Author(s): Laurence Bénichou | Steven Dessein | Daphne Duin | Isabelle Gerard | Graham Higley | Koen Martens
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