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Author(s): David Noble
School-based intervention to improve the mental health of low-income, secondary school students in Santiago, Chile (YPSA): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Araya Ricardo | Montgomery Alan | Fritsch Rosemarie | Gunnell David | Stallard Paul | Noble Sian | Martinez Vania | Barroilhet Sergio | Vohringer Paul | Guajardo Viviana | Cova Felix | Gaete Jorge | Gomez Alejandro | Rojas Graciela
Rapidly measured indicators of recreational water quality and swimming-associated illness at marine beaches: a prospective cohort study

Author(s): Wade Timothy | Sams Elizabeth | Brenner Kristen | Haugland Richard | Chern Eunice | Beach Michael | Wymer Larry | Rankin Clifford | Love David | Li Quanlin | Noble Rachel | Dufour Alfred
Distribution of airway narrowing responses across generations and at branching points, assessed in vitro by anatomical optical coherence tomography

Author(s): Noble Peter | McLaughlin Robert | West Adrian | Becker Sven | Armstrong Julian | McFawn Peter | Eastwood Peter | Hillman David | Sampson David | Mitchell Howard
FRAGMATIC: A randomised phase III clinical trial investigating the effect of fragmin® added to standard therapy in patients with lung cancer

Author(s): Griffiths Gareth | Burns Sarah | Noble Simon | Macbeth Fergus | Cohen David | Maughan Timothy
Rationale and design of the oral HEMe iron polypeptide Against Treatment with Oral Controlled Release Iron Tablets trial for the correction of anaemia in peritoneal dialysis patients (HEMATOCRIT trial)

Author(s): Barraclough Katherine | Noble Euan | Leary Diana | Brown Fiona | Hawley Carmel | Campbell Scott | Isbel Nicole | Mudge David | van Eps Carolyn | Sturtevant Joanna | Johnson David
Factorías de Diplomas Digitales

Author(s): David Noble
Biomphalaria glabrata transcriptome: cDNA microarray profiling identifies resistant- and susceptible-specific gene expression in haemocytes from snail strains exposed to Schistosoma mansoni

Author(s): Lockyer Anne | Spinks Jenny | Kane Richard | Hoffmann Karl | Fitzpatrick Jennifer | Rollinson David | Noble Leslie | Jones Catherine
Randomised trial of glutamine and selenium supplemented parenteral nutrition for critically ill patients. Protocol Version 9, 19 February 2007 known as SIGNET (Scottish Intensive care Glutamine or seleNium Evaluative Trial)

Author(s): Andrews Peter | Avenell Alison | Noble David | Campbell Marion | Battison Claire | Croal Bernard | Simpson William | Norrie John | Vale Luke | Cook Jonathon | de Verteuil Robyn | Milne Anne
The effect of using NHS number as the unique identifier for patients who self-harm: a multi-centre descriptive study

Author(s): Cooper Jayne | Murphy Elizabeth | Bergen Helen | Casey Deborah | Hawton Keith | Owens David | Lilley Rachael | Noble Rachael | Kapur Navneet
Molecular characterisation of intermediate snail hosts and the search for resistance genes

Author(s): Rollinson David | Stothard J Russell | Jones Cathy S | Lockyer Anne E | Souza Cecilia Pereira de | Noble Les R
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