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Quantifying polynya ice production in the Laptev Sea with the COSMO model

Author(s): Martin Bauer | David Schröder | Günther Heinemann | Sascha Willmes | Lars Ebner
Evaluation of simulated sea-ice concentrations from sea-ice/ocean models using satellite data and polynya classification methods

Author(s): Susanne Adams | Sascha Willmes | Günther Heinemann | Polona Rozman | Ralph Timmermann | David Schröder
Molecular mechanism and functional consequences of lansoprazole-mediated heme oxygenase-1 induction

Author(s): Stephanie Schulz-Geske, Kati Erdmann, Ronald J Wong, David K Stevenson, Henning Schröder, Nina Grosser
Ensemble approach combining multiple methods improves human transcription start site prediction

Author(s): Dineen David | Schröder Markus | Higgins Desmond | Cunningham Pádraig
The impact of shift work induced chronic circadian disruption on IL-6 and TNF-α immune responses

Author(s): van Mark Anke | Weiler Stephan | Schröder Marcel | Otto Andreas | Jauch-Chara Kamila | Groneberg David | Spallek Michael | Kessel Richard | Kalsdorf Barbara
Safety and effectiveness of bariatric surgery: Roux-en-y gastric bypass is superior to gastric banding in the management of morbidly obese patients: a response

Author(s): Bhoyrul Sunil | Dixon John | Fielding George | Ren Fielding Christine | Patterson Emma | Grossbard Lee | Shayani Vafa | Bessler Marc | Voellinger David | Billy Helmuth | Cywes Robert | Ehrlich Timothy | Jones Daniel | Watkins Brad | Ponce Jaime | Brengman Matthew | Schroder Gregory
Data-driven normalization strategies for high-throughput quantitative RT-PCR

Author(s): Mar Jessica | Kimura Yasumasa | Schroder Kate | Irvine Katharine | Hayashizaki Yoshihide | Suzuki Harukazu | Hume David | Quackenbush John
Analysis of expressed sequence tags from Actinidia: applications of a cross species EST database for gene discovery in the areas of flavor, health, color and ripening

Author(s): Crowhurst Ross | Gleave Andrew | MacRae Elspeth | Ampomah-Dwamena Charles | Atkinson Ross | Beuning Lesley | Bulley Sean | Chagne David | Marsh Ken | Matich Adam | Montefiori Mirco | Newcomb Richard | Schaffer Robert | Usadel Björn | Allan Andrew | Boldingh Helen | Bowen Judith | Davy Marcus | Eckloff Rheinhart | Ferguson A Ross | Fraser Lena | Gera Emma | Hellens Roger | Janssen Bart | Klages Karin | Lo Kim | MacDiarmid Robin | Nain Bhawana | McNeilage Mark | Rassam Maysoon | Richardson Annette | Rikkerink Erik | Ross Gavin | Schröder Roswitha | Snowden Kimberley | Souleyre Edwige | Templeton Matt | Walton Eric | Wang Daisy | Wang Mindy | Wang Yanming | Wood Marion | Wu Rongmei | Yauk Yar-Khing | Laing William
Expression analysis of G Protein-Coupled Receptors in mouse macrophages

Author(s): Lattin Jane | Schroder Kate | Su Andrew | Walker John | Zhang Jie | Wiltshire Tim | Saijo Kaoru | Glass Christopher | Hume David | Kellie Stuart | Sweet Matthew
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