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Predominant mucosal expression of 5-HT4(+h) receptor splice variants in pig stomach and colon

Author(s): Evelien KV Priem | Joris H De Maeyer | Mado Vandewoestyne | Dieter Deforce | Romain A Lefebvre
Coordinating sentence composition with error correction: A multilevel analysis

Author(s): Leijten, M. | De Maeyer, S. | Van Waes, L.
Low autocrine interferon beta production as a gene therapy approach for AIDS: Infusion of interferon beta-engineered lymphocytes in macaques chronically infected with SIVmac251

Author(s): Gay Wilfried | Lauret Evelyne | Boson Bertrand | Larghero Jérome | Matheux Franck | Peyramaure Sophie | Rousseau Véronique | Dormont Dominique | De Maeyer Edward | Le Grand Roger

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