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Endothelin-1 Enriched Tumor Phenotype Predicts Breast Cancer Recurrence

Author(s): Deimante Tamkus | Alla Sikorskii | Kathleen A. Gallo | David A. Wiese | Cheryl Leece | Burra V. Madhukar | Simona C. Chivu | Shalini Chitneni | Nikolay V. Dimitrov
Recruitment and Early Retention of Women with Advanced Breast Cancer in a Complementary and Alternative Medicine Trial

Author(s): Alla Sikorskii | Gwen K. Wyatt | Azfar-e-Alam Siddiqi | Deimante Tamkus
Lymphomatoid granulomatosis masquerading as interstitial pneumonia in a 66-year-old man: a case report and review of literature

Author(s): Makol Ashima | Kosuri Kalyan | Tamkus Deimante | de M Calaca Wanderley | Chang Howard
Endothelins as a Potential Target for Anticancer Therapy

Author(s): Deimante Tamkus | Anas Al-Janadi | Gregory Fink | Ganapathy Krishnan | Nikolay V. Dimitrov
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