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Increased Atherosclerosis in Mice Deficient in Perilipin1

Author(s): Langlois Dominique | Forcheron Fabien | Li Jacques-Yuan | del Carmine Peggy | Neggazi Samia | Beylot Michel
Lipogenesis in arterial wall and vascular smooth muscular cells: regulation and abnormalities in insulin-resistance

Author(s): Hamlat Nadjiba | Forcheron Fabien | Negazzi Samia | del Carmine Peggy | Feugier Patrick | Bricca Giampiero | Aouichat-Bouguerra Souhila | Beylot Michel
Diabetic cardiomyopathy: effects of fenofibrate and metformin in an experimental model – the Zucker diabetic rat

Author(s): Forcheron Fabien | Basset Alexandra | Abdallah Pauline | Del Carmine Peggy | Gadot Nicolas | Beylot Michel
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