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Classical Triad in Pulmonary Arteriovenous Malformation: Clubbing, Cyanosis and Policytemia

Author(s): Hikmet Tekin Nacaroğlu | Saniye Gülle | Özlem Bağ | Hüdaver Alper | Mustafa Bak | Demet Can
Acute Generalized Exanthematous Pustulosis

Author(s): Hikmet Tekin Nacaroğlu | Demet Can
Case of purine nucleoside phosphorylase deficiency presented with hematuria

Author(s): Saniye Girit | Ferah Genel | Demet Can | Mustafa Bak | Michael Hershfield
Clinical evaluation of World Health Organization criteria proposed for the diagnosis of tuberculosis in children

Author(s): Erhan Bayram | Demet Can | Suna Asilsoy | Meral Torun Bayram | Özgür Olukman | Hüdaver Alper | Sükrü Cangar
Aspiration of foreign bodies that allow air passage through

Author(s): Demet Can | Ozge Yilmaz | Suna Asilsoy | Saniye Gulle | Hasan Yuksel
Foreign body aspiration mimicking croup syndrome: Case report

Author(s): Suna Asilsoy | Hurşit Apa | Hasan Ağın | Demet Can | Tuğrul Özcan | Ceyhun Dizdarer
A Case of Acute Mediastinitis Presenting with Generalized Edema

Author(s): Suna Asilsoy | Hasan Ağın | Hurşit Apa | Ertan Kayserili | Tuğrul Özcan | İnci Karasoy | Ceyhun Dizdarer | Demet Can
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