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Primary tracheo oesophageal puncture our initial experience.

Author(s): Deshmane V | Mehta S | Chandavarkar R | Mehta A
Morbidity & mortality following craniofacial resections.

Author(s): Deshmane V | Dalal A | Fakih A
Laryngectomy : a quality of life assessment.

Author(s): Deshmane V | Parikh H | Pinni S | Parikh D | Rao R
ErbB-2 expression and its association with other biological parameters of breast cancer among Indian women

Author(s): Vaidyanathan K | Kumar P | Reddy C | Deshmane V | Somasundaram K | Mukherjee G
Fibromatosis of thyroid gland (a case report).

Author(s): Samsi A | Shah H | Vaidya A | Pai P | Deshmane U | Sane S
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