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Oncogenic osteomalacia: Problems in diagnosis and long-term management

Author(s): Dhammi Ish | Jain Anil | Singh Ajay | Mishra Puneet | Jain Saurabh
Kyphosis in spinal tuberculosis - Prevention and correction

Author(s): Jain Anil | Dhammi Ish | Jain Saurabh | Mishra Puneet
Tarlov cyst: Case report and review of literature

Author(s): Prashad Bhagwat | Jain Anil | Dhammi Ish
Giant cell tumors of lower end of the radius : Problems and solutions

Author(s): Dhammi I | Jain A | Maheshwari Aditya | Singh M
Reconstructive procedures for segmental resection of bone in giant cell tumors around the knee

Author(s): Aggarwal Aditya | Jain Anil | Kumar Sudhir | Dhammi Ish | Prashad Bhagwat
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