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On two results of mixed multiplicities

Author(s): Le Van Dinh | Duong Quoc Viet
Associations between attributes of live poultry trade and HPAI H5N1 outbreaks: a descriptive and network analysis study in northern Vietnam

Author(s): Soares Magalhães Ricardo | Ortiz-Pelaez Angel | Thi Kim | Dinh Quoc | Otte Joachim | Pfeiffer Dirk
Global attractor for a semilinear parabolic equation involving Grushin operator

Author(s): Cung The Anh | Phan Quoc Hung | Tran Dinh Ke | Trinh Tuan Phong
Analysis and evaluation of environmental tobacco smoke exposure as a risk factor for chronic cough

Author(s): Groneberg-Kloft Beatrix | Feleszko Wojciech | Dinh Quoc | van Mark Anke | Brinkmann Elke | Pleimes Dirk | Fischer Axel

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