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Analysis of high-power diode laser thermal properties by micro-Raman spectroscopy

Author(s): Dorota WAWER | Jens W. TOMM | Kamil PIERSCINSKI | Maciej BUGAJSKI
Analysis of mounting induced strain in semiconductor structures by means of spatially resolved optical modulation techniques

Author(s): Kamil PIERSCINSKI | Tomasz PIWONSKI | Tomasz J. OCHALSKI | Emil KOWALCZYK | Dorota WAWER | Maciej BUGAJSKI
Thermoreflectance and micro-Raman measurements of the temperature distributions in broad contact laser diodes

Author(s): Tomasz J. OCHALSKI | Tomasz PIWONSKI | Dorota WAWER | Kamil PIERSCINSKI | Maciej BUGAJSKI | Anna KOZLOWASKA | Andrzej MALAG | Jens W. TOMM
Thermoreflectance study of temperature distribution on the semiconductor laser mirrors

Author(s): Tomasz PIWONSKI | Dorota WAWER | Michal SZYMANSKI | Tomasz OCHALSKI | Maciej BUGAJSKI
Application of spatially resolved thermoreflectance for the study of facet heating in high power semiconductor lasers

Author(s): Maciej Bugajski | Tomasz Ochalski | Tomasz Piwonski | Dorota Wawer
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