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Assessing the Diversity and Composition of Bacterial Communities across a Wetland, Transition, Upland Gradient in Macon County Alabama

Author(s): Raymon Shange | Esther Haugabrooks | Ramble Ankumah | Abasiofiok M. Ibekwe | Ronald C. Smith | Scot Dowd
Characterization of the Fungal Microbiome (Mycobiome) in Fecal Samples from Dogs

Author(s): M. Lauren Foster | Scot E. Dowd | Christine Stephenson | Jörg M. Steiner | Jan S. Suchodolski
Comparison of Culture and Molecular Identification of Bacteria in Chronic Wounds

Author(s): Daniel D. Rhoads | Randall D. Wolcott | Yan Sun | Scot E. Dowd
The complexity of Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus genome characterised through detailed analysis of two BAC clones

Author(s): Moolhuijzen Paula | Lew-Tabor Ala | Morgan Jess | Valle Manuel | Peterson Daniel | Dowd Scot | Guerrero Felix | Bellgard Matthew | Appels Rudi
Soil Rhizosphere Microbial Communities and Enzyme Activities under Organic Farming in Alabama

Author(s): Terrence Gardner | V. Acosta-Martinez | Zachary Senwo | Scot E. Dowd
Evaluation of the bacterial diversity of Pressure ulcers using bTEFAP pyrosequencing

Author(s): Smith Drake | Snow David | Rees Eric | Zischkau Ann | Hanson J Delton | Wolcott Randall | Sun Yan | White Jennifer | Kumar Shashi | Dowd Scot
Microbial Community Composition as Affected by Dryland Cropping Systems and Tillage in a Semiarid Sandy Soil

Author(s): Verónica Acosta-Martínez | Scot E. Dowd | Colin W. Bell | Robert Lascano | Jill D. Booker | Ted M. Zobeck | Dan R. Upchurch
The effect of the macrolide antibiotic tylosin on microbial diversity in the canine small intestine as demonstrated by massive parallel 16S rRNA gene sequencing

Author(s): Suchodolski Jan | Dowd Scot | Westermarck Elias | Steiner Jörg | Wolcott Randy | Spillmann Thomas | Harmoinen Jaana
Gene expression profiling within the spleen of Clostridium perfringens-challenged Broilers fed antibiotic-medicated and non-medicated diets

Author(s): Sarson Aimie | Wang Ying | Kang Zhumei | Dowd Scot | Lu Yang | Yu Hai | Han Yanming | Zhou Huaijun | Gong Joshua
Gene expression profiling in chicken heterophils with Salmonella enteritidis stimulation using a chicken 44 K Agilent microarray

Author(s): Chiang Hsin-I | Swaggerty Christina | Kogut Michael | Dowd Scot | Li Xianyao | Pevzner Igal | Zhou Huaijun
Evaluation of the bacterial diversity in the feces of cattle using 16S rDNA bacterial tag-encoded FLX amplicon pyrosequencing (bTEFAP)

Author(s): Dowd Scot | Callaway Todd | Wolcott Randall | Sun Yan | McKeehan Trevor | Hagevoort Robert | Edrington Thomas
Survey of bacterial diversity in chronic wounds using Pyrosequencing, DGGE, and full ribosome shotgun sequencing

Author(s): Dowd Scot | Sun Yan | Secor Patrick | Rhoads Daniel | Wolcott Benjamin | James Garth | Wolcott Randall
Characterization of a newly developed chicken 44K Agilent microarray

Author(s): Li Xianyao | Chiang Hsin-I | Zhu James | Dowd Scot | Zhou Huaijun
Windows .NET Network Distributed Basic Local Alignment Search Toolkit (W.ND-BLAST)

Author(s): Dowd Scot | Zaragoza Joaquin | Rodriguez Javier | Oliver Melvin | Payton Paxton
The rehydration transcriptome of the desiccation-tolerant bryophyte Tortula ruralis: transcript classification and analysis

Author(s): Oliver Melvin | Dowd Scot | Zaragoza Joaquin | Mauget Steven | Payton Paxton
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