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Religion, theology and cosmology

Author(s): John T. Fitzgerald
Litigios por derecho a la salud en tres países de América Latina: revisión sistemática de la literatura Right-to-health litigation in three Latin American countries: a systematic literature review

Author(s): Ludovic Reveiz | Evelina Chapman | Rubén Torres | James F. Fitzgerald | Adriana Mendoza | Mónica Bolis | Osvaldo Salgado
Maria Bonita: cultivar de manjericão tipo linalol Maria Bonita: a linalool type basil cultivar

Author(s): Arie Fitzgerald Blank | Evanildes Menezes de Souza | Maria de Fátima Arrigoni-Blank | José Welton Azevedo de Paula | Péricles Barreto Alves
Exposures to lead require ongoing vigilance

Author(s): Sotirios Mangas | D. James Fitzgerald
In vitro activity of essential oils of Lippia sidoides and Lippia gracilis and their major chemical components against Thielaviopsis paradoxa, causal agent of stem bleeding in coconut palms

Author(s): Rejane Rodrigues da Costa e Carvalho | Delson Laranjeira | José Luiz Sandes de Carvalho Filho | Paulo Estevão de Souza | Arie Fitzgerald Blank | Péricles Barreto Alves | Hugo Cesar Ramos de Jesus | Dulce Regina Nunes Warwick
Immunotoxins: The Role of the Toxin

Author(s): Antonella Antignani | David FitzGerald
Energías vs medio ambiente

Author(s): Isabel Victoria Landa Fitzgerald | Juana María Robles Caycho
STAT3 and SOCS3 expression patterns during murine placenta development

Author(s): S. San Martin | J. Fitzgerald | M. Weber | M. Párraga | T. Sáez | T.M. Zorn | U.R. Markert
Cosmologies of the ancient Mediterranean world

Author(s): John T. Fitzgerald
Incarcerated Thoracic Gastric Herniation after Nephrectomy: A Report of Two Cases

Author(s): Conall Fitzgerald | Orla Mc Cormack | Faisal Awan | Jessie Elliott | Narayanasamy Ravi | John V. Reynolds
Customer Orientation and Business Performance in Community Banks: A five year comparison

Author(s): John Fitzgerald | Gerald Sullivan | Borivoje Đokić
Signal Transducer and Activator of Transcription 3 (STAT3) and Trophoblast Invasion

Author(s): Fitzgerald JS | Poehlmann TG | Suman P | Gupta SK | Schleussner E | Markert UR
Dawes Point

Author(s): Shirley Fitzgerald
Introducing Sydney Journal

Author(s): Shirley Fitzgerald | Emma Grahame

Author(s): Shirley Fitzgerald
Desire and the Abject in the City Becoming-Other

Author(s): John Fitzgerald | Terry Threadgold
Comparing the Measured and Latent Dark Triad: Are Three Measures Better than One?

Author(s): Peter K. Jonason | Phillip S. Kavanagh | Gregory D. Webster | Debra Fitzgerald
Social and monetary reward processing in autism spectrum disorders

Author(s): Delmonte Sonja | Balsters Joshua H | McGrath Jane | Fitzgerald Jacqueline | Brennan Sean | Fagan Andrew J | Gallagher Louise
Universal screening of Tanzanian HIV-infected adult inpatients with the serum cryptococcal antigen to improve diagnosis and reduce mortality: an operational study

Author(s): Wajanga Bahati MK | Kalluvya Samuel | Downs Jennifer A | Johnson Warren D | Fitzgerald Daniel W | Peck Robert N
Osteopontin induces growth of metastatic tumors in a preclinical model of non-small lung cancer

Author(s): Shojaei Farbod | Scott Nathan | Kang Xiaolin | Lappin Patrick B | Fitzgerald Amanda A | Karlicek Shannon | Simmons Brett H | Wu Aidong | Lee Joseph H | Bergqvist Simon | Kraynov Eugenia
Vector-Borne Diseases - constant challenge for practicing veterinarians: recommendations from the CVBD World Forum

Author(s): Baneth Gad | Bourdeau Patrick | Bourdoiseau Gilles | Bowman Dwight | Breitschwerdt Edward | Capelli Gioia | Cardoso Luís | Dantas-Torres Filipe | Day Michael | Dedet Jean-Pierre | Dobler Gerhard | Ferrer Lluís | Irwin Peter | Kempf Volkhard | Kohn Babara | Lappin Michael | Little Susan | Maggi Ricardo | Miró Guadalupe | Naucke Torsten | Oliva Gaetano | Otranto Domenico | Penzhorn Banie | Pfeffer Martin | Roura Xavier | Sainz Angel | Shaw Susan | Shin SungShik | Solano-Gallego Laia | Straubinger Reinhard | Traub Rebecca | Trees Alexander | Truyen Uwe | Demonceau Thierry | Fitzgerald Ronan | Gatti Diego | Hostetler Joe | Kilmer Bruce | Krieger Klemens | Mencke Norbert | Mendão Cláudio | Mottier Lourdes | Pachnicke Stefan | Rees Bob | Siebert Susanne | Stanneck Dorothee | Tarancón Mingote Montserrat | von Simson Cristiano | Weston Sarah
Siete alternativas a la medicina basada en la evidencia

Author(s): Isaac D. | Fitzgerald D.
Operational Readiness Simulator: Optimizing Operational Availability Using a Virtual Environment

Author(s): Shaun Horning | Philip Leung | Andy Fitzgerald | Nezih Mrad
Confronting an augmented reality

Author(s): Danny Munnerley | Matt Bacon | Anna Wilson | James Steele | John Hedberg | Robert Fitzgerald
Brain Activity in Sleep Compared to Wakefulness: A Meta-Analysis

Author(s): Antonia J. Jakobson | Angela R. Laird | Jerome J. Maller | Russell D. Conduit | Paul B. Fitzgerald
Overview of technology developments in probiotic field

Author(s): Catherine Stanton | Gerald F. Fitzgerald | R. Paul Ross
Virologic, clinical and immunologic responses following failure of first-line antiretroviral therapy in Haiti

Author(s): Macarthur Charles | Paul D Leger | Patrice Severe | Colette Guiteau | Alexandra Apollon | Roy M Gulick | Warren D Johnson | Jean W Pape | Daniel W Fitzgerald
Infusing Oral Health Care into Nursing Curriculum: Addressing Preventive Health in Aging and Disability

Author(s): Joan Earle Hahn | Leah FitzGerald | Young Kee Markham | Paul Glassman | Nancy Guenther
Lessons Learned from the September 11th Disaster: A State Health Agency Perspective

Author(s): Shao Lin, | Matthew P. Mauer, | Rena Jones | Michele L. Herdt-Losavio, | Syni-An A. Hwang | Edward F. Fitzgerald
Health Implications of High Dietary Omega-6 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids

Author(s): E. Patterson | R. Wall | G. F. Fitzgerald | R. P. Ross | C. Stanton
Fournier's Gangrene - Findings on Computed Tomography

Author(s): I. M. Cullen | J. O. Larkin | M. Moore | E. Fitzgerald | M. M. Ó'Ríordáin | E. Rogers
Pharmacogenetics of Antiplatelet Drugs

Author(s): Ronan Curtin | Desmond J. Fitzgerald
Regional Differences in Susceptibility to Hypoxic-Ischemic Injury in the Preterm Brain: Exploring the Spectrum from White Matter Loss to Selective Grey Matter Injury in a Rat Model

Author(s): D. B. Selip | L. L. Jantzie | M. Chang | M. C. Jackson | E. C. Fitzgerald | G. Boll | A. Murphy | F. E. Jensen
The CDM-Net Project: The Development, Implementation and Evaluation of a Broadband-Based Network for Managing Chronic Disease

Author(s): Kay Jones | Trisha Dunning | Beth Costa | Kristine Fitzgerald | Akuh Adaji | Colin Chapman | Leon Piterman | Moira Paterson | Peter Schattner | John Catford
Glucomannan as a Dietary Ergot Alkaloid Adsorbent for Mares

Author(s): I.O. Adam | B.J. Rude | P.L. Ryan | D.L. Christiansen | N.M. Filipov | Veysel Akay | N.S. Hill | B.P. Fitzgerald
Mast Cell-Mediated Inhibition of Abdominal Neutrophil Inflammation by a PEGylated TLR7 Ligand

Author(s): Tomoko Hayashi | Shiyin Yao | Brian Crain | Michael Chan | Howard B. Cottam | Fitzgerald Lao | Dennis A. Carson | Maripat Corr
A Bibliography of Clef Magazine

Author(s): Michael Fitzgerald
A Bibliography of Jazz Quarterly Magazine

Author(s): Michael Fitzgerald
Extended Nonnegative Tensor Factorisation Models for Musical Sound Source Separation

Author(s): Derry FitzGerald | Matt Cranitch | Eugene Coyle
Advanced Practice Nursing Education: Challenges and Strategies

Author(s): Cynthia Fitzgerald | Ira Kantrowitz-Gordon | Janet Katz | Anne Hirsch
Brytyjski Rejestr Przełyku Bareta (UKBOR) - pierwsze sześć lat doświadczeń

Author(s): Peter I. Reed | Christine P.J. Caygill | Anthony Watson | Rebecca C. Fitzgerald
Community participation for malaria elimination in tafea province, vanuatu: part ii. social and cultural aspects of treatment-seeking behaviour

Author(s): Tynan Anna | Atkinson Jo-An | Toaliu Hilson | Taleo George | Fitzgerald Lisa | Whittaker Maxine | Riley Ian | Schubert Mark | Vallely Andrew
Enhancing the stress responses of probiotics for a lifestyle from gut to product and back again

Author(s): Mills Susan | Stanton Catherine | Fitzgerald Gerald | Ross R Paul
Bioactive Peptides from Muscle Sources: Meat and Fish

Author(s): Joseph Thomas Ryan | Reynolds Paul Ross | Declan Bolton | Gerald F. Fitzgerald | Catherine Stanton
Overt Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis Infection: An Infrequent Occurrence in Archived Tissue from False TB Reactor Cattle in Michigan, USA

Author(s): Scott D. Fitzgerald | Steven R. Bolin | Kathryn G. Boland | Ailam Lim | John B. Kaneene
Antibiotic consumption in children prior to diagnosis of asthma

Author(s): Marra Fawziah | Marra Carlo | Richardson Kathryn | Lynd Larry | FitzGerald Mark
Pattern Recognition Receptors and the Innate Immune Response to Viral Infection

Author(s): Mikayla R. Thompson | John J. Kaminski | Evelyn A. Kurt-Jones | Katherine A. Fitzgerald
Myosin-cross-reactive antigen (MCRA) protein from Bifidobacterium breve is a FAD-dependent fatty acid hydratase which has a function in stress protection

Author(s): Rosberg-Cody Eva | Liavonchanka Alena | Göbel Cornelia | Ross R | O'Sullivan Orla | Fitzgerald Gerald | Feussner Ivo | Stanton Catherine
Human Chondrosarcoma Cells Acquire an Epithelial-Like GeneExpression Pattern via an Epigenetic Switch: Evidence forMesenchymal-Epithelial Transition during Sarcomagenesis

Author(s): Matthew P. Fitzgerald | Francoise Gourronc | Melissa L. T. Teoh | Matthew J. Provenzano | Adam J. Case | James A. Martin | Frederick E. Domann
Subset-directed antiviral treatment of 142 herpesvirus patients with chronic fatigue syndrome

Author(s): A Martin Lerner | Safedin Beqaj | James T Fitzgerald | et al
A Bibliography of Change Magazine

Author(s): Michael Fitzgerald
Comparability of Results Between a Point-of-Care and an Automated Instrument for Measurement of B-Type Natriuretic Peptide

Author(s): Shah, Kevin | Terracciano, Garrett J | Jiang, Kevin | Maisel, Alan S | Fitzgerald, Robert L
Parenteral Antibiotics Reduce Bifidobacteria Colonization and Diversity in Neonates

Author(s): Séamus Hussey | Rebecca Wall | Emma Gruffman | Lisa O'Sullivan | C. Anthony Ryan | Brendan Murphy | Gerald Fitzgerald | Catherine Stanton | R. Paul Ross
Chemical and Molecular Characterization of Fragrance in Black Glutinous Rice from Lao PDR

Author(s): C. Bounphanousay | P. Jaisil | J. Sanitchon | M. Fitzgerald | N.R. Sackville Hamilton | J. Sanitchon
Detecting microRNA activity from gene expression data

Author(s): Madden Stephen | Carpenter Susan | Jeffery Ian | Björkbacka Harry | Fitzgerald Katherine | O'Neill Luke | Higgins Desmond
eHive: An Artificial Intelligence workflow system for genomic analysis

Author(s): Severin Jessica | Beal Kathryn | Vilella Albert | Fitzgerald Stephen | Schuster Michael | Gordon Leo | Ureta-Vidal Abel | Flicek Paul | Herrero Javier
Epigenetic regulator MLL2 shows altered expression in cancer cell lines and tumors from human breast and colon

Author(s): Natarajan Thanemozhi | Kallakury Bhaskar | Sheehan Christine | Bartlett Margaret | Ganesan Natarajan | Preet Anju | Ross Jeffrey | FitzGerald Kevin
Community participation for malaria elimination in Tafea Province, Vanuatu: Part I. Maintaining motivation for prevention practices in the context of disappearing disease

Author(s): Atkinson Jo-An | Fitzgerald Lisa | Toaliu Hilson | Taleo George | Tynan Anna | Whittaker Maxine | Riley Ian | Vallely Andrew
Proteomics Strategy for Identifying Candidate Bioactive Proteins in Complex Mixtures: Application to the Platelet Releasate

Author(s): Roisin O'Connor | Lorna M. Cryan | Kieran Wynne | Andreas de Stefani | Desmond Fitzgerald | Colm O'Brien | Gerard Cagney
Trends in publications regarding evidence-practice gaps: A literature review

Author(s): Evensen Ann | Sanson-Fisher Rob | D'Este Catherine | Fitzgerald Michael
Assessing the Vulnerability of Eco-Environmental Health to Climate Change

Author(s): Shilu Tong | Peter Mather | Gerry Fitzgerald | David McRae | Ken Verrall | Dylan Walker
Methods for Monitoring Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress and the Unfolded Protein Response

Author(s): Afshin Samali | Una FitzGerald | Shane Deegan | Sanjeev Gupta
Common Representation of Information Flows for Dynamic Coalitions

Author(s): Igor Mozolevsky | John Fitzgerald
Effectiveness of IT-based diabetes management interventions: a review of the literature

Author(s): Costa Beth | Fitzgerald Kristine | Jones Kay | Dunning AM Trisha
Asthma guidelines: Global to local

Author(s): FitzGerald J
Chemical Interactions and Their Role in the Microphase Separation of Block Copolymer Thin Films

Author(s): Richard A. Farrell | Thomas G. Fitzgerald | Dipu Borah | Justin D. Holmes | Michael A. Morris
Proneoplastic effects of PGE2 mediated by EP4 receptor in colorectal cancer

Author(s): Doherty Glen | Byrne Sinead | Molloy Eamonn | Malhotra Vikrum | Austin Sandra | Kay Elaine | Murray Frank | Fitzgerald Desmond
Economic burden of asthma: a systematic review

Author(s): Bahadori Katayoun | Doyle-Waters Mary | Marra Carlo | Lynd Larry | Alasaly Kadria | Swiston John | FitzGerald J Mark
A qualitative study on the acceptability and preference of three types of long-lasting insecticide-treated bed nets in Solomon Islands: implications for malaria elimination

Author(s): Atkinson Jo-An | Bobogare Albino | Fitzgerald Lisa | Boaz Leonard | Appleyard Bridget | Toaliu Hilson | Vallely Andrew
Functional interleukin-17 receptor A is expressed in central nervous system glia and upregulated in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis

Author(s): Sarma Jayasri | Ciric Bogoljub | Marek Ryan | Sadhukhan Sanjoy | Caruso Michael | Shafagh Jasmine | Fitzgerald Denise | Shindler Kenneth | Rostami AM
Siete alternativas a la medicina basada en la evidencia

Author(s): Fitzgerald D. | Isaac D.
Comparative genomics of lactic acid bacteria reveals a niche-specific gene set

Author(s): O'Sullivan Orla | O'Callaghan John | Sangrador-Vegas Amaia | McAuliffe Olivia | Slattery Lydia | Kaleta Pawel | Callanan Michael | Fitzgerald Gerald | Ross R Paul | Beresford Tom
Operating theatre related syncope in medical students: a cross sectional study

Author(s): Jamjoom AAB | Nikkar-Esfahani A | Fitzgerald JEF

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