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Biomechanics of pelvic system: Towards a definition of the required mechanical properties of implants

Author(s): Brieu M. | Cosson M. | Lecomte-Grosbras P. | Rubod C. | Witz J.-F.
Inhibition of Trypanosoma cruzi proline racemase affects host-parasite interactions and the outcome of in vitro infection

Author(s): Leticia Coutinho | Marcelo Alves Ferreira | Alain Cosson | Marcos Meuser Batista | Denise da Gama Jaén Batista | Paola Minoprio | Wim M Degrave | Armand Berneman | Maria de Nazaré Correia Soeiro
Hantaviruses and the dilution effect in Southeast Asia

Author(s): Blasdell KR | Morand S | Chaval Y | Herbreteau V | Douangboupha B | Jittapalapong S | Cosson JF | Buchy P
Les travailleurs de la nature : une professionnalisation en tension

Author(s): Céline Granjou | Isabelle Mauz | Arnaud Cosson
Patterns of Speciation and Adaptive Radiation in Parnassius Butterflies

Author(s): C. Rebourg | F. Petenian | E. Cosson | E. Faure
Revisiting the taxonomy of the Rattini tribe: a phylogeny-based delimitation of species boundaries

Author(s): Pagès Marie | Chaval Yannick | Herbreteau Vincent | Waengsothorn Surachit | Cosson Jean-François | Hugot Jean-Pierre | Morand Serge | Michaux Johan
A 454 multiplex sequencing method for rapid and reliable genotyping of highly polymorphic genes in large-scale studies

Author(s): Galan Maxime | Guivier Emmanuel | Caraux Gilles | Charbonnel Nathalie | Cosson Jean-François
An Italian functional genomic resource for Medicago truncatula

Author(s): Porceddu Andrea | Panara Francesco | Calderini Ornella | Molinari Lorna | Taviani Paola | Lanfaloni Luisa | Scotti Carla | Carelli Maria | Scaramelli Laura | Bruschi Gianluca | Cosson Viviane | Ratet Pascal | de Larembergue Henri | Duc Gerard | Piano Efisio | Arcioni Sergio
A measure of endosomal pH by flow cytometry in Dictyostelium

Author(s): Marchetti Anna | Lelong Emmanuelle | Cosson Pierre
A rare localization in right-sided endocarditis diagnosed by echocardiography: A case report

Author(s): Cosson Stéphane | Kevorkian Jean-Philippe | Milliez Paul | Beaufils Philippe | Cohen Ariel
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