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The effect of some metal complexes of oxime ligands on proteolytic activity of Fusarium gibbosum CNMN FD 12 strain

Author(s): Steliana CLAPCO | Cezara BIVOL | Alexandra CILOCI | Maria STRATAN | Eduard COROPCEANU | Janeta TIURIN | Andrei RIJA | Svetlana LABLIUC | Ion BULHAC
Diaquabis(pyridine-2-carboxylato-κ2N,O)zinc dimethylformamide hemisolvate

Author(s): Lilia Croitor | Diana Chisca | Eduard B. Coropceanu | Marina S. Fonari
The effect of [Co(DH)2(An)2]2[TiF6]∙3H2O coordination compound on polypeptide spectrum of amylolytic preparation from Aspergillus niger 33-19 CNMN FD 02A strain

Author(s): Alexandra CILOCI | Cezara BIVOL | Maria STRATAN | Veaceslav REVA | Steliana CLAPCO | Janeta TIURIN | Andrei RIJA | Eduard COROPCEANU
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