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Polymethylmethacrylate bone cements and additives: A review of the literature

Author(s): Manit Arora | Edward KS Chan | Sunil Gupta | Ashish D Diwan
Male gender predicts mortality in a large cohort of patients receiving antiretroviral therapy in Uganda

Author(s): Mills Edward J | Bakanda Celestin | Birungi Josephine | Chan Keith | Hogg Robert S | Ford Nathan | Nachega Jean B | Cooper Curtis L
Tuberculous Meningitis: Diagnosis and Treatment Overview

Author(s): Grace E. Marx | Edward D. Chan
Smoking reduces surfactant protein D and phospholipids in patients with and without chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Author(s): Moré Jayaji | Voelker Dennis | Silveira Lori | Edwards Michael | Chan Edward | Bowler Russell
An Efficient Approach for Generalized Load Balancing in Multipath Packet Switched Networks

Author(s): G. G. Md. Nawaz Ali | Rajib Chakraborty | Md. Shihabul Alam | Edward Chan
Design, analysis, and presentation of crossover trials

Author(s): Mills Edward | Chan An-Wen | Wu Ping | Vail Andy | Guyatt Gordon | Altman Douglas
DataBiNS-Viz: A Web-Based Tool for Visualization of Non-Synonymous SNP Data

Author(s): Fong Chun Chan | Edward A. Kawas | Mark D. Wilkinson | Mark D. Wilkinson | Scott J. Tebbutt
Strategies to improve global influenza surveillance: A decision tool for policymakers

Author(s): Moore Melinda | Chan Edward | Lurie Nicole | Schaefer Agnes | Varda Danielle | Zambrano John
Development of a Continuous Kinetic Model for Catalytic Hydrodesulfurization of Bitumen

Author(s): Farhad Khorasheh | Edward C. Chan | Murray R. Gray
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