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Removing Copper from Contaminated Water Using Activated Carbon Sorbent by Continuous Flow

Author(s): M.H. Salmani | M.H. Ehrampoush | S. Sheikhalishahi | M. Dehvari
Complete Evaluation of Suspended Air Particles and Their Composition in the Central Area of Yazd City

Author(s): K Naddafi | MH Ehrampoush | V Jafari | R Nabizadeh | M Younesian
Blood Lead Levels in Workers at Kooshk Lead and Zinc Mine

Author(s): MR Aminipour | A Barkhordari | MH Ehrampoush | AM Hakimian
An Investigation on Physicochemical and Microbial Water Quality of Swimming Pools in Yazd

Author(s): MT Ghaneian | MH Ehrampoush | V Dad | M Amrollahi | M Dehvari | B Jamshidi
Leachate Treatment UsingWet Air Oxidation Processes

Author(s): B karimi | M.H Ehrampoush | M Mokhtari | A Ebrahimi

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