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Effect of Dietary Supplementation With Fibrolytic Enzymes on the Productive Performance of Early Lactating Dairy Cows

Author(s): Dyaa El-Din A. Mohamed | Borhami E. Borhami | Khaled A. El-Shazly | Sobhy M. Abdallah Sallam
Pharmacodynamics of mefloquine and praziquantel combination therapy in mice harbouring juvenile and adult Schistosoma mansoni

Author(s): Naglaa Mohamed El-Lakkany | Sayed Hassan Seif el-Din | Abdel-Nasser Abdel-Aal Sabra | Olfat Ali Hammam
Optimum Barrier Height for SiC Schottky Barrier Diode

Author(s): Alaa El-Din Sayed Hafez | Mohamed Abd El-Latif
The expanded clinical profile and the efficacy of colchicine therapy in Egyptian children suffering from familial mediterranean fever: a descriptive study

Author(s): Talaat Hala Salah El-Din | Mohamed Mohamed Farouk | El Rifai Nihal Mohamed | Gomaa Mohamed Ali
Analysis of FAME for two species of earthworms Allolobophora caliginosa Savigny and Pheretima hawayana Rosa (Annelida-Oligochaeta)

Author(s): Hossam El-Din Mohamed Omar | Zedan Z. Ibraheim | Nasser A. El-Shimy | Rouwaida S. Ali
Hepatoprotective effects of vitamin C, DPPD, and L-cysteine against cisplatin-induced oxidative stress in male rats

Author(s): Hossam El-Din Mohamed Omar | Emad A. Ahmed | Sarry Abdel-Ghafar | Sohair Mohammed | Ahmed Y. Nasser
Anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and antioxidant activities of the earthworms extract

Author(s): Hossam El-Din Mohamed Omar | Zedan Z. Ibraheim | Nasser A. El-Shimy | Rouwaida S. Ali
Physiological response of Moringa oleifera to stigmasterol and chelated zinc

Hardware Implementation of Multimedia Encryption Techniques Using FPGA

Author(s): M.A. Mohamed | M.E. Abou-Elsoud | W.M. Kamal El-Din
Heme Oxygenase-1 mRNA Expression in Egyptian Patients With Chronic Liver Disease

Author(s): Sahar Saad El-Din Bessa | Ehab Mostafa Mohamed Ali | Abeer El-Sayed Abd El-Wahab | Sherif Abd El-Monem Nor El-Din
Determination of Fenofibrate and the Degradation Product Using Simultaneous UV-Derivative Spectrometric Method and HPLC

Author(s): Fathy M. M. Salamaa | Mohamed W. I. Nassar | Mohie M. K. Sharaf El-Din | Khalid A. M. Attia | Mohamed Yousri Kaddah
Template Match Object Detection for Inertial Navigation Systems

Author(s): Wiedo Hu | Ahmed Mohamed Gharuib | Alaa El-Din Sayed Hafez
Characterization of Human Erythrocytes as Potential Carrier for Pravastatin: An In Vitro Study

Author(s): Gamal El-din I. Harisa, Mohamed F. Ibrahim, Fars K. Alanazi
Validation of an arabic translation of the zung self-rating depression scale.

Author(s): Kirkby Russel | Al Saif Abdulaziz | el-din Mohamed Gamal
Synthesis and preliminary biological screening of certain 5-aralkyl pyrrolidine-3-carboxylic acids as anticonvulsants

Author(s): Mohamed Nabil Aboul-Enein | Aida Abd El-Sattar El-Azzouny | Ola Ahmed Saleh | Mahmoud Abd El-Moien Nawwar | Mohamed Abd El-Hamid Ismail | Mahmoud Gamal El-Din Elsedeek | Yousreya Aly Maklad
Clinical outcome of breast cancer occurring after treatment for Hodgkin's lymphoma: case-control analysis

Author(s): El-Din Mohamed | Hughes Kevin | Raad Rita | Goldberg Saveli | Aisenberg Alan | Niemierko Andrzej | Taghian Alphonse
Detection and Characterization of Nocardia from Patients Diagnosed as Tuberculosis in Egypt

Author(s): Zeinab H. Helal | Mazhar I. Khan | Mohamed Seif El-Din Ashour | Somaia A. Eissa
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