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Tocopherols and flavonoids of SOS-7 halophyte

Author(s): El-Shami, S. M. | El-Negoumy, S. I.
New trends in determining the authenticity of corn oil

Author(s): El-Mallah, M. Hassan | Mumi, T. | El-Shami, S.
HPLC evaluation of the minor lipid components of by-products resulting from edible oil processing

Author(s): EL-Mallah, Mohamed Hassan | M.Hassanein, Minar Mahmoud | EL-Shami, Safinaz Mohamed M.
Changes occurring in vegetable oils composition due to microwave heating

Author(s): Hassanein, Minar M. | El-Shami, Safinaz M. | Hassan El-Mallah, M.
Detailed studies on some lipids of Silybum marianum(L.) seed oil

Author(s): Hassan El-Mallah, M. | M. El-Shami, Safinaz | Hassanein, Minar M.
Studies on changes in lipid profiles of new varieties of rape during seed maturation

Author(s): El-Shami, Safinaz M. | Hassanein, Minar M.M. | El-Mallah, M. Hassan
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