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The Simultaneous Effects of Spatial and Social Networks on Cholera Transmission

Author(s): Sophia Giebultowicz | Mohammad Ali | Mohammad Yunus | Michael Emch
Diarrheal disease risk in rural Bangladesh decreases as tubewell density increases: a zero-inflated and geographically weighted analysis

Author(s): Carrel Margaret | Escamilla Veronica | Messina Jane | Giebultowicz Sophia | Winston Jennifer | Yunus Mohammad | Streatfield P Kim | Emch Michael
Population, behavioural and environmental drivers of malaria prevalence in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Author(s): Messina Jane | Taylor Steve | Meshnick Steven | Linke Andrew | Tshefu Antoinette | Atua Benjamin | Mwandagalirwa Kashamuka | Emch Michael
Protection from annual flooding is correlated with increased cholera prevalence in Bangladesh: a zero-inflated regression analysis

Author(s): Carrel Margaret | Voss Paul | Streatfield Peter | Yunus Mohammad | Emch Michael
Spatial clustering in the spatio-temporal dynamics of endemic cholera

Author(s): Ruiz-Moreno Diego | Pascual Mercedes | Emch Michael | Yunus Mohammad
Local population and regional environmental drivers of cholera in Bangladesh

Author(s): Emch Michael | Yunus Mohammad | Escamilla Veronica | Feldacker Caryl | Ali Mohammad
Enhancing spatial detection accuracy for syndromic surveillance with street level incidence data

Author(s): Savory David | Cox Kenneth | Emch Michael | Alemi Farrokh | Pattie David
Seasonality of cholera from 1974 to 2005: a review of global patterns

Author(s): Emch Michael | Feldacker Caryl | Islam M Sirajul | Ali Mohammad
Application of Poisson kriging to the mapping of cholera and dysentery incidence in an endemic area of Bangladesh

Author(s): Ali Mohammad | Goovaerts Pierre | Nazia Nushrat | Haq M Zahirul | Yunus Mohammad | Emch Michael
Neighborhood size and local geographic variation of health and social determinants

Author(s): Ali Mohammad | Park Jin-Kyung | Thiem Vu | Canh Do | Emch Michael | Clemens John

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