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A Comparative Case Study on Active Transport to and From School

Author(s): Carrie E. Fesperman, MPH, MRP | Kelly R. Evenson, PhD | Daniel A. Rodríguez, PhD | David Salvesen, PhD
Association Between Physical Activity and Proximity to Physical Activity Resources Among Low-Income, Midlife Women

Author(s): Stephanie B. Jilcott, PhD | Kelly R. Evenson, PhD | Barbara A. Laraia, PhD, MPH, RD | Alice S. Ammerman, DrPH, RD
The Relationship between Changes in Weight Status and Insulin Resistance in Youth

Author(s): Ondrak KristinS | McMurray RobertG | Battaglini ClaudioL | Evenson Kelly | Harrell JoanneS
Reliability and validity of the Safe Routes to school parent and student surveys

Author(s): McDonald Noreen | Dwelley Amanda | Combs Tabitha | Evenson Kelly | Winters Richard
A systematic review of interventions for promoting active transportation to school

Author(s): Chillón Palma | Evenson Kelly | Vaughn Amber | Ward Dianne
Built and socioeconomic environments: patterning and associations with physical activity in U.S. adolescents

Author(s): Boone-Heinonen Janne | Evenson Kelly | Song Yan | Gordon-Larsen Penny
Comparing objective measures of environmental supports for pedestrian travel in adults

Author(s): Shay Elizabeth | Rodriguez Daniel | Cho Gihyoug | Clifton Kelly | Evenson Kelly
Physical activity patterns during pregnancy through postpartum

Author(s): Borodulin Katja | Evenson Kelly | Herring Amy
Assessing urban and rural neighborhood characteristics using audit and GIS data: derivation and reliability of constructs

Author(s): Evenson Kelly | Sotres-Alvarez Daniela | Herring Amy | Messer Lynne | Laraia Barbara | Rodríguez Daniel
The importance of accurate road data for spatial applications in public health: customizing a road network

Author(s): Frizzelle Brian | Evenson Kelly | Rodriguez Daniel | Laraia Barbara
The Relationship between Changes in Weight Status and Insulin Resistance in Youth

Author(s): Kristin S. Ondrak | Robert G. McMurray | Claudio L. Battaglini | Kelly R. Evenson | Joanne S. Harrell
Television, physical activity, diet, and body weight status: the ARIC cohort

Author(s): Meyer Anne-Marie | Evenson Kelly | Couper David | Stevens June | Pereria Mark | Heiss Gerardo
Girls' perception of physical environmental factors and transportation: reliability and association with physical activity and active transport to school

Author(s): Evenson Kelly | Birnbaum Amanda | Bedimo-Rung Ariane | Sallis James | Voorhees Carolyn | Ring Kimberly | Elder John
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