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El trabajo interdisciplinario entre psicólogos y profesores: estudio cualitativo sobre los significados de asesores técnicos en educación respecto de su experiencia como equipo de trabajo

Author(s): Maru00EDa Julia Baltar De Andrade | Claudia Carrasco Aguilar | Dennis Jensen Bofill | Cristian Villegas Fernu00E1ndez | Nidia Tapia Rojas
Further Validation of a Portuguese Version of the Brief Pain Inventory Interference Scale

Author(s): M. Alexandra Ferreira-Valente | Josu00E9 L. Pais Ribeiro | Mark P. Jensen
SCL-90-R Symptom Profiles and Outcome of Short-Term Psychodynamic Group Therapy

Author(s): Hans Henrik Jensen | Erik L. Mortensen | Martin Lotz
Is There a Relation between Tension-Type Headache, Temporomandibular Disorders and Sleep?

Author(s): N. Caspersen | J. R. Hirsvang | L. Kroell | F. Jadidi | L. Baad-Hansen | P. Svensson | R. Jensen
Architectural Limitations in Multi-User Computer-Aided Engineering Applications

Author(s): Edward Red | Greg Jensen | Prasad Weerakoon | David French | Steven Benzley | Karl Merkley
Human papillomavirus and oropharyngeal cancer in Greenland in 1994–2010

Author(s): Magnus Balslev Avnstorp | Ramon Gordon Jensen | Emilie Garnæs | Marianne Hamilton Therkildsen | Bodil Norrild | Lena Specht | Christian von Buchwald | Preben Homøe
Toughness enhancement in hard ceramic thin films by alloy design

Author(s): H. Kindlund | D. G. Sangiovanni | L. Martínez-de-Olcoz | J. Lu | J. Jensen | J. Birch | I. Petrov | J. E. Greene | V. Chirita | L. Hultman
Community Monitoring for REDD+: International Promises and Field Realities

Author(s): Finn Danielsen | Teis Adrian | Søren Brofeldt | Meine van Noordwijk | Michael K. Poulsen | Subekti Rahayu | Ervan Rutishauser | Ida Theilade | Atiek Widayati | Ngo The. An | Tran Nguyen. Bang | Arif Budiman | Martin Enghoff | Arne E. Jensen | Yuyun Kurniawan | Qiaohong Li | Zhao Mingxu | Dietrich Schmidt-Vogt | Suoksompong Prixa | Vongvisouk Thoumtone | Zulfira Warta | Neil Burgess
Abundance of Atlantic walrus in Western Nares Strait, Baffin Bay Stock, during summer

Author(s): Robert EA Stewart | Erik W Born | Rune Dietz | Mads Peter Heide-Jørgensen | Frank Farsø Rigét | Kristin Laidre | Mikkel Villum Jensen | Lars Ø Knutsen | Sabrina Fossette | J B Dunn
Movements of walruses (Odobenus rosmarus) between Central West Greenland and Southeast Baffin Island, 2005-2008

Author(s): Rune Dietz | Erik W Born | Robert EA Stewart | Mads Peter Heide-Jørgensen | Harry Stern | Frank Rigét | Leif Toudal | Clement Lanthier | Mikkel Villum Jensen | Jonas Teilmann
Parameterization of atmosphere–surface exchange of CO2 over sea ice

Author(s): L. L. Sørensen | B. Jensen | R. N. Glud | D. F. McGinnis | M. K. Sejr | J. Sievers | D. H. Søgaard | J.-L. Tison | S. Rysgaard
Belief Revision in the GOAL Agent Programming Language

Author(s): Johannes Svante Spurkeland | Andreas Schmidt Jensen | Jørgen Villadsen
Increased Plasma Concentrations of Vitamin D Metabolites and Vitamin D Binding Protein in Women Using Hormonal Contraceptives: A Cross-Sectional Study

Author(s): Ulla K. Møller | Susanna við Streym | Lars T. Jensen | Leif Mosekilde | Inez Schoenmakers | Shailja Nigdikar | Lars Rejnmark
Routine HIV-testing policies

Author(s): Kipton Jensen
Successful sanitation promotion must recognize the use of latrine wastes in agriculture: the example of Viet Nam

Author(s): Peter Kjær Jensen | Pham Duc Phuc | Anders Dalsgaard | Flemming Konradsen
Septicemia fatal causada por Vibrio cholerae no-O1, no-O139 hemolítico en Chile: Caso clínico Non-toxigenic hemolytic Vibrio cholerae non-O1non-O139 fatal septicemia: Report of one case

Author(s): Isabel Briceño L | Claudio Puebla A | Francisco Guerra A | Daniela Jensen F | Harold Núñez B | María T Ulloa F | Carlos G Osorio A
Contaminación por helmintos en espacios públicos de la provincia de Chubut, Argentina Contamination by helminths in public places of the province of Chubut, Argentina

Author(s): Marina G. Zunino | María V. De Francesco | Jorge A. Kuruc | Nicolás Schweigmann | M. Cristina Wisnivesky-Colli | Oscar Jensen
The nature of nursing practice in rural and remote areas of Greenland

Author(s): Lise Hounsgaard | Anne Birgitte Jensen | Julie Præst Wilche | Ilone Dolmer

Author(s): Sune Tjalfe Thomsen, | Morten Jensen, | Jens Ejbye Schmidt
Managing environmental issues: a case for substantive reform

Author(s): Andrew Morton | David Jensen
Energetic measures of effectiveness

Author(s): J. F. Moxnes | T. L. Jensen | E. Unneberg
Review of Survey activities 2012: Late glacial to early Holocene development of southern Kattegat

Author(s): Bendixen, C. | J.B. Jensen | Bennike, O. | Boldreel, L.O.

Author(s): Vinicius de Souza Jensen | Vitor Hugo do Amaral Ferreira
The Occurrence of Two Species of Entomophthorales (Entomophthoromycota), Pathogens of Sitobion avenae and Myzus persicae (Hemiptera: Aphididae), in Tunisia

Author(s): Ibtissem Ben Fekih | Sonia Boukhris-Bouhachem | Jørgen Eilenberg | Mohamed Bechir Allagui | Annette Bruun Jensen

Author(s): Kristjana Ýr Jónsdóttir | Eva B. Vedel Jensen
Noni Fruit Juice May Increase Oxygen Uptake in Athletes During Exercise

Author(s): Brett J. West | Ramón Martínez | Marcelo Cano | Allan White | Afa K. Palu | C. Jarakae Jensen | Shixin Deng
Preparing design students for strategic design Preparing design students for strategic design

Author(s): Jørgen Rasmussen | Bo Schiønning Mortensen | Birgitte Geert Jensen
Angiotensin II Regulates microRNA-132/-212 in Hypertensive Rats and Humans

Author(s): Tilde V. Eskildsen | Pia L. Jeppesen | Mikael Schneider | Anne Y. Nossent | Maria B. Sandberg | Pernille B. L. Hansen | Charlotte H. Jensen | Maria L. Hansen | Niels Marcussen | Lars M. Rasmussen | Peter Bie | Ditte C. Andersen | Søren P. Sheikh
ECG is not a reliable predictor of sudden cardiac death in the general population

Author(s): Juliane Theilade | Redi Pecini | Jacob L. Marott | Gorm B. Jensen
National outbreak of Salmonella typhimuriumwith preference for infants

Author(s): Lotte Jensen | Vibeke Rosenfeldt | Jenny Dahl Knudsen
The roles of STP and LTP in synaptic encoding

Author(s): Arturas Volianskis | Graham L. Collingridge | Morten S. Jensen
Greening Public Buildings: ESCO-Contracting in Danish Municipalities

Author(s): Jesper Ole Jensen | Susanne Balslev Nielsen | Jesper Rohr Hansen
Power transmission and group delay in gain-assisted plasmon-induced transparency

Author(s): Zi-Lan Deng | Jian-Wen Dong | He-Zhou Wang | S. H. Cheng | Jensen Li
Large-Scale Oceanic Variability Associated with the Madden-Julian Oscillation during the CINDY/DYNAMO Field Campaign from Satellite Observations

Author(s): Toshiaki Shinoda | Tommy G. Jensen | Maria Flatau | Sue Chen | Weiqing Han | Chunzai Wang
Danish PhD School in Archaeology: Making Connections with the British Museum and the Institute of Archaeology

Author(s): Fay Stevens | Else Roesdahl | Leslie Webster | Helle Vandkilde | Bo Jensen
Development of a Novel Lipophilic, Magnetic Nanoparticle for in Vivo Drug Delivery

Author(s): Thomas Linemann | Louiza B. Thomsen | Kristian G. du Jardin | Jens C. Laursen | Jesper B. Jensen | Jacek Lichota | Torben Moos
Multivalent display of the antimicrobial peptides BP100 and BP143

Author(s): Imma Güell | Rafael Ferre | Kasper K. Sørensen | Esther Badosa | Iteng Ng-Choi | Emilio Montesinos | Eduard Bardají | Lidia Feliu | Knud J. Jensen | Marta Planas
Electronic Corpora as Translation Tools: A Solution in Practice

Author(s): Vigdis Jensen | Birthe Mousten | Anne-Lise Laursen
Revision: Variance Inflation in Regression

Author(s): D. R. Jensen | D. E. Ramirez
Ultrafine sea spray aerosol over the south eastern Pacific: open-ocean contributions to marine boundary layer CCN

Author(s): R. Blot | A. D. Clarke | S. Freitag | V. Kapustin | S. G. Howell | J. B. Jensen | L. M. Shank | C. S. McNaughton | V. Brekhovskikh
Structure, Function and Networks of Transcription Factors Involved in Abiotic Stress Responses

Author(s): Søren Lindemose | Charlotte O'Shea | Michael Krogh Jensen | Karen Skriver
TB or not TB? Difficulties in the diagnosis op tuberculosis in HIV-negative immigrants to Germany

Author(s): Singh DD | Vogel M | Müller-Stöver I | el Scheich T | Winzer M | Göbels S | Hüttig F | Heinrich S | MacKenzie G | Jensen B | Reuter S | Häussinger D | Richter J
Maraviroc in treatment-experienced patients with HIV-1 infection - experience from routine clinical practice

Author(s): Reuter S | Braken P | Jensen B | Sierra-Aragon S | Oette M | Balduin M | Kaiser R | Häussinger D
Primary cilia defects in the polycystic kidneys from an ovine model of Meckel Gruber syndrome

Author(s): Poole T | Stayner C | McGlashan SR | Parker K | Wiles A | Jennings M | Jensen CG | Johnstone AC | Walker RJ | Eccles MR
The primary cilium conducts chondrocyte mechanotransduction

Author(s): Wann AKT | Zuo N | Haycraft CJ | Jensen CG | Poole CA | McGlashan SR | Knight MM
Exploring the potential of low doses carbon monoxide as therapy in pregnancy complications

Author(s): El-Mousleh Tarek | Casalis Pablo A | Wollenberg Ivonne | Zenclussen Maria L | Volk Hans D | Langwisch Stefanie | Jensen Federico | Zenclussen Ana C
Absence of low back pain in patients followed weekly over one year with automated text messages

Author(s): Leboeuf-Yde Charlotte | Jensen Rikke K | Axén Iben
Inexperienced clinicians can extract pathoanatomic information from MRI narrative reports with high reproducibility for use in research/quality assurance

Author(s): Kent Peter | Briggs Andrew M | Albert Hanne B | Byrhagen Andreas | Hansen Christian | Kjaergaard Karina | Jensen Tue S
FAST: towards safe and effective subcutaneous immunotherapy of persistent life-threatening food allergies

Author(s): Zuidmeer-Jongejan Laurian | Fernandez-Rivas Montserrat | Poulsen Lars K | Neubauer Angela | Asturias Juan | Blom Lars | Boye Joyce | Bindslev-Jensen Carsten | Clausen Michael | Ferrara Rosa | Garosi Paula | Huber Hans | Jensen Bettina M | Koppelman Stef | Kowalski Marek L | Lewandowska-Polak Anna | Linhart Birgit | Maillere Bernard | Mari Adriano | Martinez Alberto | Mills Clare EN | Nicoletti Claudio | Opstelten Dirk-Jan | Papadopoulos Nikos G | Portoles Antonio | Rigby Neil | Scala Enrico | Schnoor Heidi J | Sigurdardottir Sigurveig T | Stavroulakis George | Stolz Frank | Swoboda Ines | Valenta Rudolf | van den Hout Rob | Versteeg Serge A | Witten Marianne | van Ree Ronald
O214 The FOTO study: 24-week results support the safety of a 2-day break on efavirenz-based antiretroviral therapy

Author(s): Cohen C | Colson A | Pierone G | DeJesus E | Kinder F | Elion R | Skiest D | Habel A | Jensen J | Garb J | Schrager H
Patients arriving by ambulance to the Emergency Department; vital signs and 30 day mortality

Author(s): Johansson Frida | Annerud Charlotte | Jensen Ole | Lassen Annmarie
Front-line clinical pharmacy

Author(s): Petersen Majken | Jensen Marianne | Press Anita | Berlac Peter | Tomsen Dorthe
Patients arriving by ambulance to the Emergency Department; vital signs and 30 day mortality

Author(s): Johansson Frida | Annerud Charlotte | Jensen Ole | Lassen Annmarie
Front-line clinical pharmacy

Author(s): Petersen Majken | Jensen Marianne | Press Anita | Berlac Peter | Tomsen Dorthe
Cost free medical team training

Author(s): Petersen Dan | Hansen Frank | Stæhr Peter | Jensen Anne
Systematic medication review and health-related outcome in elderly patients acutely admitted to an orthopaedic ward: a randomised controlled study

Author(s): Lisby Marianne | Bonnerup Dorthe | Brock Birgitte | Gregersen Pernille | Jensen Jørn | Rungby Jørgen
The predictive value of the foot posture index on dynamic function

Author(s): Nielsen RG | Rathleff M | Kersting UG | Simonsen O | Moelgaard C | Jensen K | Olesen CG | Lundbye-Christensen S | Kaalund S
Driving forces for changes in geographical distribution of Ixodes ricinus ticks in Europe

Author(s): Medlock Jolyon M | Hansford Kayleigh M | Bormane Antra | Derdakova Marketa | Estrada-Peña Agustín | George Jean-Claude | Golovljova Irina | Jaenson Thomas GT | Jensen Jens-Kjeld | Jensen Per M | Kazimirova Maria | Oteo José A | Papa Anna | Pfister Kurt | Plantard Olivier | Randolph Sarah E | Rizzoli Annapaola | Santos-Silva Maria Margarida | Sprong Hein | Vial Laurence | Hendrickx Guy | Zeller Herve | Van Bortel Wim
Health care for irregular migrants: pragmatism across Europe. A qualitative study

Author(s): Dauvrin Marie | Lorant Vincent | Sandhu Sima | Devillé Walter | Dia Hamidou | Dias Sónia | Gaddini Andrea | Ioannidis Elisabeth | Jensen Natasja K | Kluge Ulrike | Mertaniemi Ritva | Puigpinós i Riera Rosa | Sárváry Attila | Straßmayr Christa | Stankunas Mindaugas | Soares Joaquim JF | Welbel Marta | Priebe Stefan
Myoblasts generated by lentiviral mediated MyoD transduction of myotonic dystrophy type 1 (DM1) fibroblasts can be used for assays of therapeutic molecules

Author(s): Larsen Jan | Pettersson Olof J | Jakobsen Maria | Thomsen Rune | Pedersen Christina B | Hertz Jens M | Gregersen Niels | Corydon Thomas J | Jensen Thomas G
Analytical variables influencing the performance of a miRNA based laboratory assay for prediction of relapse in stage I non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)

Author(s): Dahlgaard Jesper | Mazin Wiktor | Jensen Thomas | Pøhl Mette | Bshara Wiam | Hansen Anker | Kanisto Eric | Hamilton-Dutoit Stephen | Hansen Olfred | Hager Henrik | Ditzel Henrik J | Yendamuri Sai | Knudsen Steen
Normal RNAi response in human fragile × fibroblasts

Author(s): Madsen Charlotte | Grønskov Karen | Brøndum-Nielsen Karen | Jensen Thomas G
Biofuels: a contested response to climate change

Author(s): Mette Jensen | Anne Holst Andersen
Mapeando las redes de investigación en ciencias básicas en la Universidad de Costa Rica

Author(s): Antonio Arellano Hernández | Henning Jensen Pennington
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