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Effects of Climate Change on Litter Production in a Quercetum petraeae-cerris Forest in Hungary

Author(s): KOTROCZÓ, Zsolt | VERES, Zsuzsa | FEKETE, István | PAPP, Mária | TÓTH, János Attila
The Effects of Detritus Input on Soil Organic Matter Content and Carbon Dioxide Emission in a Central European Deciduous Forest

Author(s): FEKETE, István | KOTROCZÓ, Zsolt | VARGA, Csaba | VERES, Zsuzsa | TÓTH, János Attila
Effect of Litter Fall on Soil Nutrient Content and pH, and its Consequences in View of Climate Change (Síkf

Author(s): TÓTH, János Attila | NAGY, Péter Tamás | KRAKOMPERGER, Zsolt | VERES, Zsuzsa | KOTROCZÓ, Zsolt | KINCSES, Sándorné | FEKETE, István | PAPP, Mária | LAJTHA, Kate
GIS Education and Research at Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Informatics

Author(s): Roberto Giachetta | István László | István Elek | István Fekete | Dávid Ákos Gera
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