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Coping Styles in Patients with Anxiety and Depression

Author(s): Pashtoon Murtaza Kasi | Haider Ali Naqvi | Abaseen Khan Afghan | Talha Khawar | Farooq Hasan Khan | Umber Zaheer Khan | Urooj Bakht Khuwaja | Jawad Kiani | Hadi Mohammad Khan
Effect of Communication Range with Node Coop-eration in Wireless Passive Sensor Networks

Author(s): Farman Ullah | Aamir Khan | Imdad Ullah | Hasan Farooq
Effect of Channel Coding With Node Cooperation for Wireless Passive Sensor Networks

Author(s): FarmanUllah | Aamir Khan | Hasan Farooq | Imdad Ullah
Prevalence of Warble Fly Infestation in Buffalo in Chakwal, Punjab

Author(s): M. Hasan | M.N. Khan | M. Mushtaq | Z. Iqbal | A.A. Farooq | M.S. Sajid | H.M. Waheed

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