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On the genus Schizaea in Peru Sobre el género Schizaea (Schizaeaceae) en el Perú

Author(s): Blanca León | Hamilton Beltrán | Paul Fine
Leprosy: what is being "eliminated"?

Author(s): Paul E M Fine
Multimodality Imaging of a Giant Aortic Valve Papillary Fibroelastoma

Author(s): Nowell M. Fine | David A. Foley | Jerome F. Breen | Joseph J. Maleszewski
Faithful real representations of cyclically pinched one-relator groups

Author(s): Benjamin Fine | Martin Kreuzer | Gerhard Rosenberger
Fracture of Ceramic Bearing Surfaces following Total Hip Replacement: A Systematic Review

Author(s): Francesco Traina | Marcello De Fine | Alberto Di Martino | Cesare Faldini
Human Acellular Dermis versus Submuscular Tissue Expander Breast Reconstruction: A Multivariate Analysis of Short-Term Complications

Author(s): Armando A. Davila | Akhil K. Seth | Edward Wang | Philip Hanwright | Karl Bilimoria | Neil Fine | John YS Kim
A pilot safety-feasibility dietary trial targeting insulin inhibition in ten patients with advanced cancer

Author(s): Fine Eugene J | Segal-Isaacson C | Herzkopf Silvia | Sparano Joseph | Romano Maria | Feinman Richard | Tomuta Nora | Bontempo Amanda
Ocean acidification increases photosynthate translocation in a coral–dinoflagellates symbiosis

Author(s): P. Tremblay | M. Fine | J. F. Maguer | R. Grover | C. Ferrier-Pagès
Physical, Cognitive, and Psychosocial Predictors of Functional Disability and Health-Related Quality of Life in Adolescents with Neurofibromatosis-1

Author(s): Molly M. Garwood | Jessica M. Bernacki | Kathi M. Fine | Keri R. Hainsworth | W. Hobart Davies | Bonita P. Klein-Tasman
A comparison of two common flight interception traps to survey tropical arthropods

Author(s): Greg Lamarre | Quentin Molto | Paul Fine | Christopher Baraloto
Integration Innovation: Launching the Library into a Course Management System

Author(s): Jon Jeffryes | Kate Peterson | Stephanie H. Crowe | Elizabeth Fine | Elena Carrillo
Relação solos/vegetação em area natural no Parque Estadual de Porto Ferreira, São Paulo. Soil-native vegetation relationships at Porto Ferreira State Park, São Paulo, Brazil.

Author(s): Marcio ROSSI | Isabel Fernandes de Aguiar MATTOS | Ricardo Marques COELHO | João Roberto Ferreira MENK | Finê Thomaz ROCHA | Rui Marconi PFEIFER | Isabella Clerice DeMARIA
Discriminative Feature Selection via Multiclass Variable Memory Markov Model

Author(s): Slonim Noam | Bejerano Gill | Fine Shai | Tishby Naftali
Conscious or unconscious: The impact of sedation choice on colon adenoma detection

Author(s): Mark Metwally | Nicholas Agresti | William B Hale | Victor Ciofoaia | Ryan O'Connor | Michael B Wallace | Jonathan Fine | Yun Wang | Seth A Gross
Risk of infection in patients with lymphoma receiving rituximab: systematic review and meta-analysis

Author(s): Lanini Simone | Molloy Aoife | Fine Paul | Prentice Archibald | Ippolito Giuseppe | Kibbler Christopher
Carbonate system in the water masses of the Southeast Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean during February and March 2008

Author(s): M. González-Dávila | J. M. Santana-Casiano | R. A. Fine | J. Happell | B. Delille | S. Speich
A Study of the Persistence of Mycobacterium bovis in the Environment under Natural Weather Conditions in Michigan, USA

Author(s): Amanda E. Fine | Carole A. Bolin | Joseph C. Gardiner | John B. Kaneene
Inflammatory Signals shift from adipose to liver during high fat feeding and influence the development of steatohepatitis in mice

Author(s): Stanton Michaela | Chen Shu-Cheng | Jackson James | Rojas-Triana Alberto | Kinsley David | Cui Long | Fine Jay | Greenfeder Scott | Bober Loretta | Jenh Chung-Her
Factors associated with time to laparoscopic cholecystectomy for acute cholecystitis

Author(s): Chris N Daniak, David Peretz, Jonathan M Fine, Yun Wang, Alan K Meinke, William B Hale
Carbonate system buffering in the water masses of the Southwest Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean during February–March 2008

Author(s): M. González-Dávila | J. M. Santana-Casiano | R. A. Fine | J. Happell | B. Delille | S. Speich
Abnormal intra-thoracic fat distribution in patients with metabolic syndrome with and without myocardial infarction

Author(s): Jolly Umjeet | Brymer Matthew | Fine Nowell | McKenzie Charles | Joy Tisha | Drangova Maria | White James
Paced segment characteristics predict clinical response to cardiac resynchronization therapy: results from the multimodality imaging assessment of pacing intervention in heart failure (MAPIT-HF) study

Author(s): Wong Jorge | Scholl David | Yee Raymond | Stirrat John | Carter Kris | McCarty David | Fine Nowell | Krahn Andrew | Gula Lorne | Skanes Allan | Leong-Sit Peter | Klein George | Drangova Maria | White James
Primary treatment of diabetic macular edema

Author(s): Tushar M Ranchod | Stuart L Fine
What happens to ART-eligible patients who do not start ART? Dropout between screening and ART initiation: a cohort study in Karonga, Malawi

Author(s): McGrath Nuala | Glynn Judith | Saul Jacqueline | Kranzer Katharina | Jahn Andreas | Mwaungulu Frank | Ngwira Msenga | Mvula Hazzie | Munthali Fipson | Mwinuka Venance | Mwaungulu Lorren | Fine Paul | Crampin Amelia
GliomaPredict: a clinically useful tool for assigning glioma patients to specific molecular subtypes

Author(s): Li Aiguo | Bozdag Serdar | Kotliarov Yuri | Fine Howard
Metal Oxide Semi-Conductor Gas Sensors in Environmental Monitoring

Author(s): George F. Fine | Leon M. Cavanagh | Ayo Afonja | Russell Binions
Inherited epidermolysis bullosa

Author(s): Fine Jo-David
Disparities of Care for African-Americans and Caucasians with Community-Acquired Pneumonia: A Retrospective Cohort Study

Author(s): Frei Christopher | Mortensen Eric | Copeland Laurel | Attridge Russell | Pugh Mary | Restrepo Marcos | Anzueto Antonio | Nakashima Brandy | Fine Michael
CNAReporter: a GenePattern pipeline for the generation of clinical reports of genomic alterations

Author(s): Kotliarov Yuri | Bozdag Serdar | Cheng Hangjiong | Wuchty Stefan | Zenklusen Jean-Claude | Fine Howard
Kinetic Assessment and Therapeutic Modulation of Metabolic and Inflammatory Profiles in Mice on a High-Fat and Cholesterol Diet

Author(s): Laura W. Engstrom | Loretta Bober | Shu-Cheng Chen | Jay S. Fine | Ying Li | Michaela C. Stanton | David Kinsley | Long Cui | James V. Jackson | Alberto Rojas-Triana | Daniel Lundell | Maureen Laverty | Eric L. Gustafson | Chung-Her Jenh | Timothy J. Kowalski | Denise J. Manfra
Spin-Lattice Coupling and Superconductivity in Fe Pnictides

Author(s): T. Egami | B. V. Fine | D. Parshall | A. Subedi | D. J. Singh
Utility of cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging in patients with malignant ventricular arrhythmias

Author(s): Warren Heather | Krahn Andrew | Gula Lorne | Fine Nowell | Yee Raymond | Skanes Allan | Klein George | MacDonald Anna | Drangova Maria | White James
Comparison of myocardial scar quantification using phase sensitive inversion recovery (PSIR) versus conventional IR-tLF techniques in patients with ischemic and non-ischemic cardiomyopathy

Author(s): Warren Heather | Fine Nowell | Brymer Matthew | MacDonald Anna | Thompson Terry | Prato Frank | Drangova Maria | White James
Fused 3-dimensional whole-heart coronary artery, coronary vein and myocardial scar imaging at 3 T: Feasibility in patients with ischemic and non-ischemic cardiomyopathy

Author(s): White James | Fine Nowell | Gula Lorne | Yee Raymond | Al-Admawi Mohammed | MacDonald Anna | Zhang Qi | Peters Terry | Drangova Maria
16-year excess all-cause mortality of newly diagnosed type 2 diabetic patients: a cohort study

Author(s): Hansen Lars | de Fine Olivarius Niels | Siersma Volkert
CCR2 and CXCR4 regulate peripheral blood monocyte pharmacodynamics and link to efficacy in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis

Author(s): Wang Yuanfan | Cui Long | Gonsiorek Waldemar | Min Soo-Hong | Anilkumar Gopinadhan | Rosenblum Stuart | Kozlowski Joseph | Lundell Daniel | Fine Jay | Grant Ethan
Development of a microarray platform for FFPET profiling: application to the classification of human tumors

Author(s): Duenwald Sven | Zhou Mingjie | Wang Yanqun | Lejnine Serguei | Kulkarni Amit | Graves Jaime | Smith Ryan | Castle John | Tokiwa George | Fine Bernard | Dai Hongyue | Fare Thomas | Marton Matthew
Near-source observations and modeling of the Kuril Islands tsunamis of 15 November 2006 and 13 January 2007

Author(s): A. B. Rabinovich | L. I. Lobkovsky | I. V. Fine | R. E. Thomson | T. N. Ivelskaya | E. A. Kulikov
Acetoacetate reduces growth and ATP concentration in cancer cell lines which over-express uncoupling protein 2

Author(s): Fine Eugene | Miller Anna | Quadros Edward | Sequeira Jeffrey | Feinman Richard
Diurnal variation of the human adipose transcriptome and the link to metabolic disease

Author(s): Loboda Andrey | Kraft Walter | Fine Bernard | Joseph Jeffrey | Nebozhyn Michael | Zhang Chunsheng | He Yudong | Yang Xia | Wright Christopher | Morris Mark | Chalikonda Ira | Ferguson Mark | Emilsson Valur | Leonardson Amy | Lamb John | Dai Hongyue | Schadt Eric | Greenberg Howard | Lum Pek
Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) potentiates hydrogen peroxide toxicity in T98G astrocytoma cells by suppression of anti-oxidative and growth factor gene expression

Author(s): Yue Gang | Shi Guanfang | Azaro Marco | Yang Qifeng | Hu Guohong | Luo Minjie | Yin Kingsley | Nagele Robert | Fine Daniel | Yang Jin-Ming | Li Honghua
Differences between naive and memory T cell phenotype in Malawian and UK adolescents: a role for Cytomegalovirus?

Author(s): Ben-Smith Anne | Gorak-Stolinska Patricia | Floyd Sian | Weir Rosemary | Lalor Maeve | Mvula Hazzie | Crampin Amelia | Wallace Diana | Beverley Peter | Fine Paul | Dockrell Hazel
Evaluation of a village-informant driven demographic surveillance system in Karonga, Northern Malawi

Author(s): Andreas Jahn | Keith Branson | Amelia C. Crampin | Paul EM Fine | Judith R. Glynn | Nuala McGrath | Johnbosco Mwafilaso | Elenaus Mwaiyeghele | Venance Mwinuka | Basia Zaba
Discriminative Feature Selection via Multiclass Variable Memory Markov Model

Author(s): Naftali Tishby | Shai Fine | Gill Bejerano | Noam Slonim
Dietary carbohydrate restriction in type 2 diabetes mellitus and metabolic syndrome: time for a critical appraisal

Author(s): Accurso Anthony | Bernstein Richard | Dahlqvist Annika | Draznin Boris | Feinman Richard | Fine Eugene | Gleed Amy | Jacobs David | Larson Gabriel | Lustig Robert | Manninen Anssi | McFarlane Samy | Morrison Katharine | Nielsen Jørgen | Ravnskov Uffe | Roth Karl | Silvestre Ricardo | Sowers James | Sundberg Ralf | Volek Jeff | Westman Eric | Wood Richard | Wortman Jay | Vernon Mary
Persistence of the immune response induced by BCG vaccination

Author(s): Weir Rosemary | Gorak-Stolinska Patricia | Floyd Sian | Lalor Maeve | Stenson Sally | Branson Keith | Blitz Rose | Ben-Smith Anne | Fine Paul | Dockrell Hazel
Patterns of interaction specificity of fungus-growing termites and Termitomyces symbionts in South Africa

Author(s): Aanen Duur | Ros Vera | de Fine Licht Henrik | Mitchell Jannette | de Beer Z Wilhelm | Slippers Bernard | Rouland-LeFèvre Corinne | Boomsma Jacobus
Health Care Charges Associated With Physical Inactivity, Overweight, and Obesity

Author(s): Louise H. Anderson, MS | Brian C. Martinson, PhD | A. Lauren Crain, PhD | Nicolaas P. Pronk, PhD | Robin R. Whitebird, PhD | Lawrence J. Fine, MD, DrPH | Patrick J. O’Connor, MD, MPH
Thermodynamics of weight loss diets

Author(s): Fine Eugene | Feinman Richard
Cotrimoxazole prophylaxis reduces mortality in human immunodeficiency virus-positive tuberculosis patients in Karonga District, Malawi

Author(s): Mwaungulu Frank B.D. | Floyd Sian | Crampin Amelia C. | Kasimba Simplex | Malema Simon | Kanyongoloka Huxley | Harries Anthony D. | Glynn Judith R. | Fine Paul E.M.
Polio control after certification: major issues outstanding

Author(s): Fine Paul E.M. | Oblapenko George | Sutter Roland W.

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