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Improving identification and management of partner violence: examining the process of academic detailing: a qualitative study

Author(s): Edwardsen Elizabeth | Horwitz Susan | Pless Naomi | le Roux Helena | Fiscella Kevin
Contraceptive methods and use by women aged 35 and over: A qualitative study of perspectives

Author(s): Godfrey Emily | Chin Nancy | Fielding Stephen | Fiscella Kevin | Dozier Ann
Study Protocol: A randomized controlled trial of patient navigation-activation to reduce cancer health disparities

Author(s): Hendren Samantha | Griggs Jennifer | Epstein Ronald | Humiston Sharon | Rousseau Sally | Jean-Pierre Pascal | Carroll Jennifer | Yosha Amanat | Loader Starlene | Fiscella Kevin
Get screened: a pragmatic randomized controlled trial to increase mammography and colorectal cancer screening in a large, safety net practice

Author(s): Fiscella Kevin | Yosha Amanat | Hendren Samantha | Humiston Sharon | Winters Paul | Ford Pat | Loader Starlene | Specht Raymond | Pope Shirley | Adris Amna | Marcus Steven
Cholesterol treatment with statins: Who is left out and who makes it to goal?

Author(s): Franks Peter | Tancredi Daniel | Winters Paul | Fiscella Kevin
Disparities in preventive procedures: comparisons of self-report and Medicare claims data

Author(s): Fiscella Kevin | Holt Kathleen | Meldrum Sean | Franks Peter
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