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Bacterial colonization of psoriasis plaques. Is it relevant?

Author(s): Eva Marcus | Diana Demmler | Andreas Rudolph | Matthias Fischer
The Mental Vitality @ Work study: design of a randomized controlled trial on the effect of a workers' health surveillance mental module for nurses and allied health professionals

Author(s): Gärtner Fania | Ketelaar Sarah | Smeets Odile | Bolier Linda | Fischer Eva | van Dijk Frank | Nieuwenhuijsen Karen | Sluiter Judith
Inhibition of Oesophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma Progression by in vivo Targeting of Hyaluronan Synthesis

Author(s): Twarock Sören | Freudenberger Till | Poscher Eva | Dai Guang | Jannasch Katharina | Dullin Christian | Alves Frauke | Prenzel Klaus | Knoefel Wolfram | Stoecklein Nikolas | Savani Rashmin | Homey Bernhard | Fischer Jens
Protocol of an expertise based randomized trial comparing surgical Venae Sectio versus radiological Puncture of Vena Subclavia for insertion of Totally Implantable Access Port in oncological patients

Author(s): Knebel Philip | Fischer Lars | Cremonese Eva | Lopez-Benitez Ruben | Stampfl Ulrike | Radeleff Boris | Kauczor Hans-Ulrich | Büchler Markus | Seiler Christoph
Modulation of extracellular matrix genes reflects the magnitude of physiological adaptation to aerobic exercise training in humans

Author(s): Timmons James | Jansson Eva | Fischer Helene | Gustafsson Thomas | Greenhaff Paul | Ridden John | Rachman Jonathan | Sundberg Carl
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