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Insertion of the human sodium iodide symporter to facilitate deep tissue imaging does not alter oncolytic or replication capability of a novel vaccinia virus

Author(s): Haddad Dana | Chen Nanhai | Zhang Qian | Chen Chun-Hao | Yu Yong | Gonzalez Lorena | Carpenter Susanne | Carson Joshua | Au Joyce | Mittra Arjun | Gonen Mithat | Zanzonico Pat | Fong Yuman | Szalay Aladar
Oncolytic vaccinia therapy of squamous cell carcinoma

Author(s): Yu Zhenkun | Li Sen | Brader Peter | Chen Nanhai | Yu Yong | Zhang Qian | Szalay Aladar | Fong Yuman | Wong Richard
Genome wide analysis and clinical correlation of chromosomal and transcriptional mutations in cancers of the biliary tract

Author(s): Miller George | Socci Nicholas | Dhall Deepti | D'Angelica Michael | DeMatteo Ronald | Allen Peter | Singh Bhuvanesh | Fong Yuman | Blumgart Leslie | Klimstra David | Jarnagin William
Portable PET probes are a novel tool for intraoperative localization of tumor deposits

Author(s): Strong Vivian | Galanis Charles | Riedl Christopher | Longo Valerie | Daghighian Farhad | Humm John | Larson Steven | Fong Yuman
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