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Exploiting technology in the commercial world

Author(s): Forrester Charlotte | Maguire Nicola
Proteinuria and its relation to diverse biomarkers and body mass index in chronic hemodialysis

Author(s): Trimarchi H | Muryan A | Raña MS | Paggi P | Lombi F | Forrester M | Pomeranz V | Karl A | Alonso M | Young P | Dicugno M
New directions in cardiac stem cell therapy: An update for clinicians

Author(s): Sarabjeet Singh | Mohammad Kashif | Neil Bhambi | Rajendra R. Makkar | James S. Forrester
Changes in Whole-Tree Water Use Following Live-Crown Pruning in Young Plantation-Grown Eucalyptus pilularis and Eucalyptus cloeziana

Author(s): Philip J. Alcorn | David I. Forrester | Dane S. Thomas | Ryde James | R. Geoff B. Smith | Adrienne B. Nicotra | Jürgen Bauhus
Myelopoiesis and Myeloid Leukaemogenesis in the Zebrafish

Author(s): A. Michael Forrester | Jason N. Berman | Elspeth M. Payne
Is There a Role for Mammalian Target of Rapamycin Inhibition in Renal Failure due to Mesangioproliferative Nephrotic Syndrome?

Author(s): Hernán Trimarchi | Mariano Forrester | Fernando Lombi | Vanesa Pomeranz | Romina Iriarte | María Soledad Raña | Pablo Young
Proteinuria: an ignored marker of inflammation and cardiovascular disease in chronic hemodialysis

Author(s): Trimarchi H | Muryan A | Dicugno M | Young P | Forrester M | Lombi F | Pomeranz V | Iriarte R | Raña MS | Alonso M
Short-term ankle motor performance with ankle robotics training in chronic hemiparetic stroke

Author(s): Anindo Roy, PhD | Larry W. Forrester, PhD | Richard F. Macko, MD
Cytogenetic analysis of an exposed-referent study: perchloroethylene-exposed dry cleaners compared to unexposed laundry workers

Author(s): Tucker James | Sorensen Karen | Ruder Avima | McKernan Lauralynn | Forrester Christy | Butler Mary
Use of Foscarnet Therapy for EBV Infection following Control of PTLD with Enhancement of Cellular Immunity in a Lung-Transplant Recipient

Author(s): Kamyar Afshar | A. Purush Rao | Vipul Patel | Kevin Forrester | Sivagini Ganesh
Thinking Creatively; Thinking Critically

Author(s): Julie C. FORRESTER
The Impact of the North Coast Highway on Socioeconomic Status and Family Life of Residents in Bogue Village, Jamaica

Author(s): Donovan McGrowder | Lennox Anderson Jackson | Rohan Forrester | Carla Edie | Angella Crawford | Stephen Simpson | Tazhmoye Crawford
Effects of unilateral robotic limb loading on gait characteristics in subjects with chronic stroke

Author(s): Khanna Ira | Roy Anindo | Rodgers Mary | Krebs Hermano | Macko Richard | Forrester Larry
Differentiation of neurons from neural precursors generated in floating spheres from embryonic stem cells

Author(s): Li Huawei | Liu Hong | Corrales C Eduardo | Risner Jessica | Forrester Jeff | Holt Jeffrey | Heller Stefan | Edge Albert
A genome-wide search replicates evidence of a quantitative trait locus for circulating angiotensin I-converting enzyme (ACE) unlinked to the ACE gene

Author(s): McKenzie Colin | Zhu Xiaofeng | Forrester Terrence | Luke Amy | Adeyemo Adebowale | Bouzekri Nourdine | Cooper Richard
Rapid increases in obesity in Jamaica, compared to Nigeria and the United States

Author(s): Durazo-Arvizu Ramón | Luke Amy | Cooper Richard | Cao Guichan | Dugas Lara | Adeyemo Adebowale | Boyne Michael | Forrester Terrence
Biological exposure assessment to tetrachloroethylene for workers in the dry cleaning industry

Author(s): McKernan Lauralynn | Ruder Avima | Petersen Martin | Hein Misty | Forrester Christy | Sanderson Wayne | Ashley David | Butler Mary
Universal primers that amplify RNA from all three flavivirus subgroups

Author(s): Maher-Sturgess Sheryl | Forrester Naomi | Wayper Paul | Gould Ernest | Hall Roy | Barnard Ross | Gibbs Mark
Factors affecting study efficiency and item non-response in health surveys in developing countries: the Jamaica national healthy lifestyle survey

Author(s): Wilks Rainford | Younger Novie | Mullings Jasneth | Zohoori Namvar | Figueroa Peter | Tulloch-Reid Marshall | Ferguson Trevor | Walters Christine | Bennett Franklyn | Forrester Terrence | Ward Elizabeth | Ashley Deanna
The roles of calcium signaling and ERK1/2 phosphorylation in a Pax6+/- mouse model of epithelial wound-healing delay

Author(s): Leiper Lucy | Walczysko Petr | Kucerova Romana | Ou Jingxing | Shanley Lynne | Lawson Diane | Forrester John | McCaig Colin | Zhao Min | Collinson J Martin
A murine specific expansion of the Rhox cluster involved in embryonic stem cell biology is under natural selection

Author(s): Jackson Melany | Watt Alistair | Gautier Philippe | Gilchrist Derek | Driehaus Johanna | Graham Gerard | Keebler Jon | Prugnolle Franck | Awadalla Philip | Forrester Lesley
Asymptomatic bacteriuria in sickle cell disease: a cross-sectional study

Author(s): Cumming Vanessa | Ali Susanna | Forrester Terrence | Roye-Green Karen | Reid Marvin
An international comparative study of blood pressure in populations of European vs. African descent

Author(s): Cooper Richard | Wolf-Maier Katharina | Luke Amy | Adeyemo Adebowale | Banegas José | Forrester Terrence | Giampaoli Simona | Joffres Michel | Kastarinen Mika | Primatesta Paola | Stegmayr Birgitta | Thamm Michael
Lymph node removal enhances corneal graft survival in mice at high risk of rejection

Author(s): Plšková Jarmila | Holáň Vladimír | Filipec Martin | Forrester John
Management of diabetes mellitus in three settings in Jamaica

Author(s): Wilks Rainford J. | Sargeant Lincoln A. | Gulliford Martin C. | Reid Marvin E. | Forrester Terrence E.

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