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Gypsum-carbonate speleothems from Cueva de las Espadas (Naica mine, Mexico): mineralogy and palaeohydrogeological implications

Author(s): Gázquez Fernando | Calaforra José Maria | Forti Paolo | Rull Fernando | Martínez-Frías Jesús
Organic matter of fossil origin in the amberine speleothems from El Soplao Cave (Cantabria, Northern Spain)

Author(s): Gázquez Fernando | Calaforra José Maria | Rull Fernando | Forti Paolo | García-Casco Antonio
The present day genesis and evolution of cave minerals inside the Ojo de la Reina Cave (Naica Mine, Mexico)

Author(s): Badino Giovanni | Calaforra José Maria | Forti Paolo | Garofalo Paolo | Sanna Laura
Microembolic signals and strategy to prevent gas embolism during extracorporeal membrane oxygenation

Author(s): Zanatta Paolo | Forti Alessandro | Bosco Enrico | Salvador Loris | Borsato Maurizio | Baldanzi Fabrizio | Longo Carolina | Sorbara Carlo | longatti Pierluigi | Valfrè Carlo
Uranium-series dating of gypsum speleothems: methodology and examples.

Author(s): Sanna Laura | Saez Francisco | Simonsen Siri | Constantin Silviu | Calaforra José Maria | Forti Paolo | Lauritzen Stein-Erik
Chemical deposits in volcanic caves of Argentina

Author(s): Carlos Benedetto | Paolo Forti | Ermanno Galli | Antonio Rossi
The vulnerability of complex karst hydrostructures: Problems and perspectives

Author(s): Franco Cucchi | Paolo Forti | Luca Zini
The polygenetic caves of Cuatro Ciénegas (Coahuila, Mexico): morphology and speleogenesis.

Author(s): Leonardo Piccini | Paolo Forti | Italo Giulivo | Marco Mecchia
Verification of the causes of glaciations and sea level changes using the records of calcite speleothems.

Author(s): Shopov Yavor Y. | Stoykova Diana | Tsankov Ludmil | Sanabria Michael | Lundberg Joyce | Georgiev Leonid | Forti Paolo | Georgieva Desislava
Biogenic speleothems: an overview.

Author(s): Forti Paolo
Minerogenesis of volcanic caves of Kenya.

Author(s): Forti Paolo | Galli Ermanno | Rossi Antonio
Sails: a new gypsum speleothem from Naica, Chihuahua, Mexico

Author(s): Forti Paolo | Bernabei Tullio | Villasuso Roberto
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