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The reaction zone is a unique plant defense found in trees: differentially expressed genes and cell wall changes

Author(s): Fossdal Carl | Nagy Nina | Ari Hietala | Yakovlev Igor | Solheim Halvor
Local and systemic defense response in Aspen clones: contrasting defense response to biotrophic and necrotrophic pathogens

Author(s): Fossdal Carl | Yaqoob Nadeem | Solheim Halvor | Karlsson Jan | Albrectsen Benedicte
Molecular dissection of an adaptive epigenetic memory mechanism in norway spruce

Author(s): Yakovlev Igor | Lee YeonKyeong | Rotter Björn | Skrøppa Tore | Olsen Jorunn | Johnsen Øystein | Fossdal Carl
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