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Studying gaze abnormalities in autism: Which type of stimulus to use?

Author(s): Ana Saitovitch | Anne Bargiacchi | Nadia Chabane | Anne Phillipe | Francis Brunelle | Nathalie Boddaert | Yves Samson | Monica Zilbovicius
Autism, social cognition and superior temporal sulcus

Author(s): Monica Zilbovicius | Ana Saitovitch | Traian Popa | Elza Rechtman | Nadia Chabane | Francis Brunelle | Yves Samson | Nathalie Boddaert | Lafina Diamandis
Congenital hyperinsulinism: current trends in diagnosis and therapy

Author(s): Arnoux Jean-Baptiste | Verkarre Virginie | Saint-Martin Cécile | Montravers Françoise | Brassier Anaïs | Valayannopoulos Vassili | Brunelle Francis | Fournet Jean-Christophe | Robert Jean-Jacques | Aigrain Yves | Bellanné-Chantelot Christine | de Lonlay Pascale
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