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Author(s): Ukekwe Ikechukwu Francis | Akah Peter Achunike | Ezike Adaobi Chioma | Okoli Charles Ogbonnaya
Superstorm Sandy: A Series of Unfortunate Events?

Author(s): Charles H. Greene | Jennifer A. Francis | Bruce C. Monger
Hematopoietic-Prostaglandin D2 synthase through PGD2 production is involved in the adult ovarian physiology

Author(s): Farhat Andalib | Philibert Pascal | Sultan Charles | Poulat Francis | Boizet-Bonhoure Brigitte
Magnitude and energy of earthquakes

Author(s): Beno Gutenberg | Charles Francis Richter
Towards Responsible Action through Agroecological Education

Author(s): Geir Lieblein | Charles Francis
Evidence of Peste Des Petits Ruminants Virus Antibodies in Small Ruminants in Amuru and Gulu Districts, Uganda

Author(s): Robert Sande, Chrisostom Ayebazibwe1*, Charles Waiswa2, Francis Ejobi2, Frank Norbert Mwiine2, William Olaho-Mukani1
Preclinical Testing of Erlotinib in a Transgenic Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma Mouse Model

Author(s): Jinu Abraham | Laura D. Nelon | Courtney B. Kubicek | Aoife Kilcoyne | Sheila T. Hampton | Lee Ann Zarzabal | Francis J. Giles | Joel E. Michalek | Brian P. Rubin | Charles Keller
Transcription factor PDX-1 in human colorectal adenocarcinoma: A potential tumor marker?

Author(s): Nikiforos Ballian, Shi-He Liu, Francis Charles Brunicardi
Perception, attitude and practices of women towards pelvic examination and pap smear in Jamaica

Author(s): Paul A. Bourne | Christopher A.D. Charles | Cynthia G. Francis | Neva South-Bourne | Racquel Peters
Applications of Satellite-Derived Ocean Measurements to Tropical Cyclone Intensity Forecasting

Author(s): Gustavo Goni | Mark DeMaria | John Knaff | Charles Sampson | Isaac Ginis | Francis Bringas | Alberto Mavume | Chris Lauer | I.-I. Lin | M.M. Ali | Paul Sandery | Silvana Ramos Buarque | KiRyong Kang | Avichal Mehra | Eric Chassignet | George Halliwell
The image of health status and quality of life in a Caribbean society

Author(s): Paul A. Bourne | Donovan A. McGrowder | Christopher A.D. Charles | Cynthia G. Francis
Organizational factors and depression management in community-based primary care settings

Author(s): Post Edward | Kilbourne Amy | Bremer Robert | Solano Francis | Pincus Harold | Reynolds Charles
The effect of AIDS defining conditions on immunological recovery among patients initiating antiretroviral therapy at Joint Clinical Research Centre, Uganda

Author(s): Kigozi Brian | Sumba Samwel | Mudyope Peter | Namuddu Betty | Kalyango Joan | Karamagi Charles | Odere Mathew | Katabira Elly | Mugyenyi Peter | Ssali Francis
A phase II experience with neoadjuvant irinotecan (CPT-11), 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) and leucovorin (LV) for colorectal liver metastases

Author(s): Bathe Oliver | Ernst Scott | Sutherland Francis | Dixon Elijah | Butts Charles | Bigam David | Holland David | Porter Geoffrey | Koppel Jennifer | Dowden Scot
Robust physical methods that enrich genomic regions identical by descent for linkage studies: confirmation of a locus for osteogenesis imperfecta

Author(s): Brooks Peter | Marcaillou Charles | Vanpeene Maud | Saraiva Jean-Paul | Stockholm Daniel | Francke Stephan | Favis Reyna | Cohen Nadine | Rousseau Francis | Tores Frédéric | Lindenbaum Pierre | Hager Jörg | Philippi Anne
A compact VEGF signature associated with distant metastases and poor outcomes

Author(s): Hu Zhiyuan | Fan Cheng | Livasy Chad | He Xiaping | Oh Daniel | Ewend Matthew | Carey Lisa | Subramanian Subbaya | West Robert | Ikpatt Francis | Olopade Olufunmilayo | van de Rijn Matt | Perou Charles
Voluntary HIV counselling and testing among men in rural western Uganda: Implications for HIV prevention

Author(s): Bwambale Francis | Ssali Sarah | Byaruhanga Simon | Kalyango Joan | Karamagi Charles
Risk maps for range expansion of the Lyme disease vector, Ixodes scapularis, in Canada now and with climate change

Author(s): Ogden Nicholas | St-Onge Laurie | Barker Ian | Brazeau Stéphanie | Bigras-Poulin Michel | Charron Dominique | Francis Charles | Heagy Audrey | Lindsay L Robbin | Maarouf Abdel | Michel Pascal | Milord François | O'Callaghan Christopher | Trudel Louise | Thompson R Alex
A HIF1alpha Regulatory Loop Links Hypoxia and Mitochondrial Signals in Pheochromocytomas.

Author(s): Dahia Patricia L M | Ross Ken N | Wright Matthew E | Hayashida César Y | Santagata Sandro | Barontini Marta | Kung Andrew L | Sanso Gabriela | Powers James F | Tischler Arthur S | Hodin Richard | Heitritter Shannon | Moore Francis | Dluhy Robert | Sosa Julie Ann | Ocal I Tolgay | Benn Diana E | Marsh Deborah J | Robinson Bruce G | Schneider Katherine | Garber Judy | Arum Seth M | Korbonits Márta | Grossman Ashley | Pigny Pascal | Toledo Sérgio P A | Nosé Vania | Li Cheng | Stiles Charles D
Human resources for the control of road traffic injury

Author(s): Mock Charles | Kobusingye Olive | Anh Le Vu | Afukaar Francis | Arreola-Risa Carlos
GAD2 on Chromosome 10p12 Is a Candidate Gene for Human Obesity

Author(s): Boutin Philippe | Dina Christian | Vasseur Francis | Dubois Séverine | Corset Laetitia | Séron Karin | Bekris Lynn | Cabellon Janice | Neve Bernadette | Vasseur-Delannoy Valérie | Chikri Mohamed | Charles M. Aline | Clement Karine | Lernmark Ake | Froguel Philippe
Identification of Birds through DNA Barcodes

Author(s): Hebert Paul D. N | Stoeckle Mark Y | Zemlak Tyler S | Francis Charles M
Phase II study of neoadjuvant 5-FU + leucovorin + CPT-11 in patients with resectable liver metastases from colorectal adenocarcinoma

Author(s): Bathe Oliver | Dowden Scot | Sutherland Francis | Dixon Elijah | Butts Charles | Bigam David | Walley Barb | Ruether Dean | Ernst Scott
Congenital Short QT Syndrome

Author(s): Charles Antzelevitch | Johnson Francis
Brugada-Like Electrocardiographic Pattern

Author(s): Johnson Francis | Charles Antzelevitch
Using mortuary statistics in the development of an injury surveillance system in Ghana

Author(s): London Jason | Mock Charles | Abantanga Francis A. | Quansah Robert E. | Boateng K.A.

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