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Reproductive phenology of the tomato frog, Dyscophus antongili, in an urban pond of Madagascar's east coast

Author(s): Ori Segev | Franco Andreone | Roberta Pala | Giulia Tessa | Miguel Vences
Longevity and body size in three populations of Dyscophus antongilii (Microhylidae, Dyscophinae), the tomato frog from north-eastern Madagascar

Author(s): Giulia Tessa | Fabio M. Guarino | Cristina Giacoma | Fabio Mattioli | Franco Andreone
A new Gephyromantis (Phylacomantis) frog species from the pinnacle karst of Bemaraha, western Madagascar

Author(s): Angelica Crottini | Frank Glaw | Maurizio Casiraghi | Richard Jenkins | Vincenzo Mercurio | Christian Randrianantoandro | Jasmin Randrianirina | Franco Andreone

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