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Immune complexes in blood serum of calves with clinical symptoms of bronchopneumonia

Author(s): Fratrić Natalija | Gvozdić Dragan | Savić Olivera | Jagličić Ivana | Ilić Vesna
Determination of NABE in urine of high-yield dairy cows in early lactation in conditions of moderate heat stress

Author(s): Fratrić Natalija | Vujanac Ivan | Šamanc Horea | Kirovski Danijela | Gvozdić Dragan | Adamović Milan
Concentration of cortisol, insulin-like growth factor-I and immunoglobulin G class in blood of neonatal calves of different body mass at birth

Author(s): Kirovski Danijela | Šamanc Horea | Fratrić Natalija | Gvozdić Dragan | Hristov Slavča | Sladojević Željko | Mircu Calin | Tulcan Camelia
Effect of natural zeolite on biochemical and hematological parameters in blood, body mass and growth of calves

Author(s): Šamanc Horea | Kirovski Danijela | Adamović Milan | Vujanac Ivan | Fratrić Natalija | Prodanović Radiša
Biologically active compounds in colostrum: Significance and possibilities for increasing their resorption

Author(s): Gvozdić Dragan | Stojić Velibor | Šamanc Horea | Fratrić Natalija | Vujanac I.
Blood serum free amino acids pattern in newborn calves on colostral diet and orally treated with zeolite

Author(s): Gvozdić Dragan | Aleksić Jelena | Fratrić Natalija | Jakić-Dimić Dobrila | Stojić V. | Pavlović V. | Pavlović M. | Vakanjac Slobodanka
Microsatellite DNA polymorphism and its usefulness for pedigree verification in Simmental cattle from Serbia

Author(s): Stevanović Jevrosima | Stanimirović Z. | Dimitrijević V. | Stojić V. | Fratrić Natalija | Lazarević M.
Apparent efficiency of immunoglobulin absorption in newborn calves orally treated with zeolite

Author(s): Gvozdić Dragan | Stojić V. | Šamanc H. | Fratrić Natalija | Daković Aleksandra
The effect of mineral adsorbent in calf diet colostrum on the levels of serum immunoglobulin G, protein and glucose

Author(s): Fratrić Natalija | Stojić V. | Rajčić S. | Radojičić Biljana
The levels of immune complexes in the blood sera of calves in the neonatal period and in adult cattle

Author(s): Fratrić Natalija | Jovčić-Milošević Nadežda | Ilić Vesna | Stojić V.
Thyroid gland hormones in newborn calves treated with clinoptilolite receiving different amounts of colostrum

Author(s): Stojić Velibor | Gvozdić Dragan | Šamanc Horea | Jovanović Ivan 1 | Fratrić Natalija
The presence of naturally occurring antisperm antibodies in the sera of prepubertal calves

Author(s): Lazarević Miodrag | Kirovski Danijela | Fratrić Natalija | Milanović Svetlana | Jakovljević G. | Milovanović Aleksandar
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