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Ostracods of Lake Nam Co, southern Tibet, as indicators of Holocene monsoon variability

Author(s): Wrozyna Claudia | Frenzel Peter | Schwalb Antje
Distribution of Cyprideis torosa (JONES, 1850) in Quaternary lakes of Central Germany

Author(s): Pint Anna | Frenzel Peter | Scharf Burkhard | Wennrich Volker
Sieve-pore analyses of Cyprideis torosa (JONES, 1850) of three archaeological sites in Saudi-Arabia

Author(s): Pint Anna | Behrendt Isa | Brückner Helmut | Engel Max | Frenzel Peter | Ginau Andreas | Klasen Nicole | Rosenberg Thomas | Schwalb Antje
Water depth related Ostracods distribution in Pumayum Co, Southern Tibetan Plateau

Author(s): Peng Ping | Zhu Liping | Frenzel Peter | Ju Jianting | Wrozyna Claudia
The Recent Ostracoda of Npen Co, Tibetan Plateau

Author(s): Henkel Karoline | Frenzel Peter
Salinity dependant morphological variation in Cyprideis torosa

Author(s): Frenzel Peter | Schulze Isabel | Pint Anna | Boomer Ian | Feike Martin
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